How to change page size in Google Docs

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If you’ve been searching the web for information on how to change page size in Google Docs, stay with us as we’ll be discussing that.

It’s difficult to calculate how many times we have wanted to throw our computer out of the window because of the wrong paper size or the page setup. What would look perfect on the screen would print with different margin sizes or the entire document would look off.

That was until Google Docs came along. Google Document is a part of Google’s suite of task-orientated products. You also have, for example, Google Sheet and Google Slide. Many find Google Docs better than Microsoft Word thanks to its ease of use and sharing capabilities.

When it comes to paper size, most of us are familiar with the standard A4 sheets that we print our documents on. However, there will be times when you need to change the page setup. You might want to print photos or on envelopes.

You also might want to change the margin size of the entire document or just parts of the text. You may want to even change the way the text appears on the page.

In this article, we will look at the simplest way to change your Google document so that it appears as you need it to.

How to change page size in Google Docs

Adjust the page margins

The quickest method to change the page doesn’t require any drop-down menu. At the top of the Google Doc, there is a bar marked in gray and white. You will see the same bar to the left of the document too. If you place your arrow on the section where the gray meets the white, you can click and drag to adjust the page.

How to change page size in Google Docs

Be careful not to drag the blue arrows as this will only move the sentence where your cursor is and not the whole page.

Using Page setup

The first method we mentioned is the fastest way, but it might not be the most accurate. Also, if you are preparing a specific document, you may have to follow guidelines that tell you which paper size you must use. In this case, you should use the Page setup.

  • Begin by clicking on “File” from the menu bar in the top left-hand corner;
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Page setup”;

How to change page size in Google Docs

From here, a new window will open. You have the option to apply your changes to the whole document, or parts of the page with selected texts. You can also change from portrait orientation to landscape origination. When you click on paper size, you can see your different options.

How to change page size in Google Docs

If you prefer, you can add the measurements into the page margins section. We only recommend this if you know the exact measurements you need for your page.

What is a default page setting?

A default setting occurs naturally, it automatically sets itself to this setting. For example, the default setting is always portrait orientation, and the font size is set to 11.

A Google Docs document, by default, is set at Letter (8.5″ x 11″). If you want to change the default page setting, choose the paper size you want and click on “Save as default” and then “Ok”.

How to change page size in Google Docs

Changing the paper size from Google Docs mobile app

Google Docs mobile app is handy for working on the go. It is a more simplified version of the desktop app. It’s easy to change the font style and text size. Changing margins isn’t possible. You can change the page size when you choose to print your document.

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen;
  • Choose “Share and Export” followed by “Print”.

This will take you to your printer setting where you can change the page size. If you want to set page margins, you will need to use your computer. If you want to change the default paper size, you have to do it from your desktop too.

The Google Docs mobile app is also required if you want to create a document from your tablet or iPad. And because it is the same app that you download for your mobile phone, the process is similar. You will need to go into your print settings to change the paper size.

How to change paper size in Google Sheets

The process is very similar to Google Docs. The main difference is that if you change the margin size you normally change the right margin or left margin of the cell and not the entire page.

  • To change the page setup or page orientation, begin by clicking on “File”;
  • Scroll down to “Print” and click there;

How to change page size in Google Docs

  • This will open a new print window with the same page sizes as in Google Docs but with a bonus “Custom Size” option;

How to change page size in Google Docs

  • Once you have chosen the page size you require, click on next to continue the printing process.

How to change the paper size in Google Slides

If you want to change the page in a Google Slides document it gets a little tricker but it’s not impossible. Again, we have two methods. The first, we have seen with Google Docs. Go up to “File” and click on “Page setup”.

How to change page size in Google Docs

What you will notice is that you need to know the measurements of the page that you want to set. You can change to inches or centimeters.

Quick tip: If you look in Google Docs and the paper size options, it gives you the measurements.

Alternatively, you can click on “Print”. This will automatically download your Slide presentation and open it in Preview. By opening the print options in Preview, you have lots of page formats to choose from and all of the measurements to choose from.

How to change page size in Google Docs

Wrap Up

Sometimes you need to change the page setup in your Google document as it is a requirement for a specific work. University papers, dissertations, and legal contracts all require a specific font size, page orientation, and paper size.

The other good reason to change the page size is that you don’t always need things to be printed in A4. You can save money and help the environment by reducing the entire document.

Using the page margins is the quickest way but not always the most accurate. The simplest and most effective way is to use “Page setup” or even your “Printer settings”. This way you know that your end result will look exactly how it should on the page size you need.