Is Tesla Apple CarPlay a thing? Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay?

Is Tesla Model 3 Apple CarPlay a thing

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay? Tesla means advanced technology and the Tesla Model 3 is no exception. With a bunch of wide-angle exterior cameras, a 322-mile driving range, and 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds, this electric car is testing the boundaries of modern driving. There’s much more, actually; they use … Read more

Is the Tesla Model S Android Auto and CarPlay capable? What about the Model X?

tesla model s android auto

Is it possible to have a Tesla Model X or a Tesla Model S Android Auto capable? Breaking grounds by electrification of an automobile, Tesla is the car of the 21st century. With cutting-edge technology, electric powertrain, and the most extended range, numerous features make Tesla one of its kind. While the exterior design catches … Read more