Is Tesla Apple CarPlay a thing? Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay?

Is Tesla Model 3 Apple CarPlay a thing

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay? Tesla means advanced technology and the Tesla Model 3 is no exception.

With a bunch of wide-angle exterior cameras, a 322-mile driving range, and 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds, this electric car is testing the boundaries of modern driving.

There’s much more, actually; they use a fantastic adaptive cruise control which they call Autopilot. Blind spot monitoring to keep you safe? Yes, that too.

It also has regenerate braking, single or dual electric motor, a large battery pack, a pretty considerable cargo space, an amazing Tesla app, great 0 to 60 mph times, and an awesome steering wheel for spirited driving.

If it’s cold and you’re relaxing, turn on the heated seats and place your arm on the armrest of the center console. Even in the base model the Model 3 is a fantastic sedan. No internal combustion engines here.

But what about the infotainment system? With a 15-inch display screen, we would hope that the company with some of the best auto-tech in the world would include support for Apple CarPlay.

Tesla has its own app which allows you to control your car. Aside from very cool features like using your phone as a key and getting your car to come to you, we wanted to know how we could link our iPhone to the Model 3 so that we could use our favorite apps while driving this stunning vehicle.

By the way, if you’re wondering if this applies to the Tesla Model Y, yes, it does. Both cars are closely related sharing a significant number of components.

Is Tesla Apple CarPlay a thing? Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay?

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

The simple answer is no. The Tesla automaker supports neither CarPlay nor Android Auto. If you’re a Tesla owner it doesn’t matter if you have the Standard Range Plus, the Long Range model, or even the Performance model; unfortunately, the answer is still no.

Although we’re not Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, we can tell you there are a few theories. Tesla might prefer users to only use their proprietary software, or it might be that the comparatively cumbersome mobile software from Apple and Google could slow down the software in the Model 3.

It is also probable that the company is looking at more sophisticated and developed ways to allow for iPhone integration for Tesla vehicle software.

Another very logical reason to not have Tesla Model 3 Apple CarPlay is that with the intricate advanced autopilot, it makes sense that Tesla electric vehicle wants its drivers to use the built-in navigation system that has been designed for autopilot driving.

The hardware in the Model 3 is set up ready for a future of complete self-driving, and again, it could be that Tesla would prefer to use its software and apps rather than Apple Maps.

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  1. Is Tesla Apple CarPlay a thing? Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay?
  2. What can you do with the Tesla interface?
    1. Navigation
    2. Music
    3. Videos
    4. Karaoke
  3. Can I connect my iPhone to the Tesla Model 3?
  4. What can CarPlay do that Tesla can’t?
  5. Is there a future for Tesla Model 3 with CarPlay?
  6. Wrap Up

What can you do with the Tesla interface?

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

Let’s go back to that 15-inch touchscreen. Remember the days when a 9-inch screen was big? This screen has to be able to do more than show you the way on your journey. And of course, it does!

The Model 3 doesn’t have an additional instrument panel, so the infotainment system also shows a 3D image of your car on the road in relation to other traffic, your map, and things like your electrical use along with all the driving-related info.

The Tesla Model 3 uses satellite imagery from Google Maps. The handy thing is that the navigation system shows every Tesla Supercharger location. When you tap on one station, you will get information about charging costs, how many chargers are at the station, and even how many are available.

Needless to say, the Tesla interface supports voice commands. And Tesla has taken “Ok Google” and “Hi Siri” as examples. The voice command “I’m feeling hungry” will bring up information about nearby restaurants and “I’m feeling lucky” will bring up points of interest that you might want to go and explore.

You can even be away from your car using Google Maps on your phone and you can share your destination with the Tesla app. When you enter your car it will be ready to navigate there already.


Spotify is now available in all Tesla vehicles. We do like how you can choose how much of the screen can be designated to the music app. You have it as two-thirds of the touchscreen, half of the screen, or just like a horizontal bar. This way, you still always see the map.


Tesla may be a little behind in some areas of app compatibility as you won’t be able to download the apps you want. It is up to Tesla to add new apps with their software updates.

However, the one thing that they have mastered is YouTube and Netflix. CarPlay won’t allow you to play videos as it is considered a distraction for the driver.

The Model 3 will let you watch videos on both YouTube and Netflix once you have signed into your account. Being as smart as Tesla, you can only watch videos when the car is in parked mode to ensure safety.


For a bit of entertainment for every family member, or even to motivate you while you’re stuck in traffic, Tesla has released Karaoke with the latest 10.0 software update. You will see the large lyrics to songs up on the touchscreen and you can sing along to your heart’s content.

Can I connect my iPhone to the Tesla Model 3?

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

There is a permanent 4G connection with the Tesla Model 3 and you can connect via Bluetooth. Once you download the app and enter your Tesla account on your iPhone you can access loads of features, such as answering and making phone calls and listening to your saved music and audiobooks.

The fun side of the app includes flashing your lights and beeping the horn from your phone. You can also access climate control.

What can CarPlay do that Tesla can’t?

While driving around in what really is a luxury car, we only really missed one thing but it was quite a big issue.

Text messaging is still a huge part of most of our smartphone use. And CarPlay has the advantage of being able to read out your text messages and with a voice command or two, you can reply with your voice rather than typing.

We missed this with the Tesla interface and it meant that you were still tempted to reach for your phone when you heard a message come through.

Is there a future for Tesla Model 3 with CarPlay?

It doesn’t seem likely. The differences in Apple technology and Tesla technology are somewhat like chalk and cheese. What we can appreciate is that Tesla is very open to suggestions.

After floods of community messages, the Tesla Model 3 now comes with Siri integration and you can control your car windows with your iPhone, again, because of user requests.

In 2016, Tesla was discussing the possibility of being able to project apps from your smartphone onto the Tesla interface. Nothing came of it but you never know what original idea the company will come up with.

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

Wrap Up

Sometimes, a company should just stick to what they do best. Apple makes some of the world’s best electronic devices. Tesla makes some of the world’s most technologically advanced eco-friendly cars.

In many ways, it combines the best of both worlds. It’s economical yet powerful. It’s certainly not as versatile as an electric SUV like the Kia Niro EV or the Tesla Model X but it has more than decent cargo capacity and it’s sporty at the same time.

As fast as technology advances, when talking about the future of self-driving cars, safety must come first, and the infotainment system will, for now, have to take a back seat.

For now, although it is a shame that Tesla Model 3 Apple CarPlay doesn’t exist, it’s not the end of the world.

This car is equipped with an amazing touchscreen and infotainment system, cruise control, and apart from text message support, everything you need to be able to drive safely.

Unfortunately, the larger and more expensive Model S and Model X also do not feature Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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