Is the Tesla Model S Android Auto and CarPlay capable? What about the Model X?

tesla model s android auto

Is it possible to have a Tesla Model X or a Tesla Model S Android Auto capable? Breaking grounds by electrification of an automobile, Tesla is the car of the 21st century. With cutting-edge technology, electric powertrain, and the most extended range, numerous features make Tesla one of its kind. While the exterior design catches … Read more

Best Android Auto BMW F30 retrofit head unit

Best Android Auto BMW F30 head unit

What is the best Android Auto BMW F30 retrofit head unit? 3-Series (F30/F31/F34/F35) and 4-Series (F32/F33/F36) are still recent vehicles and all of those models era equipped with infotainment screens. While top-end specced ones feature more advanced units with bigger displays and a better role of functions, lower-end models just have a smaller display with … Read more

Best cheap Android Auto stereo head units reviews

Best cheap Android Auto stereo head units

What are the best cheap Android Auto stereo head units? Android Auto has been available for some years, and nowadays most newer cars come equipped with it from the factory. The advantages of Android Auto are countless! It mirrors your phone data into your car’s infotainment screen granting a more convenient and, especially, safer driving … Read more

Amazing Cheapest Car with Android Auto

Top 10 Cheapest Cars with Android Auto

Are you looking for the cheapest car with Android Auto? This article lists some of them, selling as low as $14,000. Android Auto provides an opportunity for vehicle enthusiasts to integrate their smartphones with their vehicles. A lot of car manufacturers are quickly adopting this technology to provide an interactive driving experience to their customers. … Read more

Installing Android Auto In A Car

How to Install Android Auto in a Car

Google took their inventions a notch higher by creating the Android Auto, an application that mirrors your Android device on the display of your car. This article provides guidelines for installing Android Auto in your car. This allows access to different apps available on the smartphone in a convenient and straightforward way. The application requires … Read more

How to Add Apps to Android Auto

How to Add Apps to Android Auto

Android Auto offers a classy and convenient way to access your smartphone applications on the display of your vehicle. In this article, you’ll have an insight on how to add apps to Android Auto. Android Auto provides a wide range of applications that you can use conveniently while in your car. Installing apps on the … Read more