The best heated clothes airer

The best heated clothes airer
Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing which is the best heated clothes airer for your usage. Washing clothes is quite possibly one of the worst household chores. It is never-ending! By the time one load of laundry is folded and put away, the next load of washing is piling up. And there is nothing worse than the smell of damp clothes. But let’s face it, drying clothes indoors takes up a lot of space. What’s more, as the world news keeps reminding us, with the rising of energy costs, your tumble dryer is going to be expensive. A heated clothes airer can make laundry almost enjoyable. In a hurry? Here’s our best tip: Our best heated airer is the KASYDoFF electric dryer. It is the more expensive of the four but the extra few dollars are well worth it for the intelligent heat technology and the fact that it’s a 3-tier heated airer with extra power, anion sterilizing, and so much quieter than a tumble dryer.

The best heated clothes airer

We have chosen three pod-style clothes airers and have considered their best features, value for money, and pros and cons of each. Before going into detail on these heated clothes airers, here is a summary of each:
KOFOHON237º or 75ºCYesStainless steel
Nekithia250º to 70ºCYesHeavy-duty steel
XIAQING2Not statedYesStainless steel
KASYDoFF350º to 70ºCYesStainless steel


Key features:
  • 4-hour timer
  • Foldable design
  • Remote control
  • Breeze feature
Our first clothes airer is 27.5 x 19.7 x 59 inches. It’s a 2-tier heated airer. There are three racks on each tier that have 27 inches of space between them. The handy foldable design allows you to save space when you get a break from washing laundry. When folded, the airer is just 27.5 x 5.9 x 69 inches. It doesn’t have to be dismantled to fold. The drying rack is made from stainless steel tubes. Each heating element can hold an impressive 15 kilos of wet clothes. On the bottom of the airer, there are 4 durable wheels with brakes. There is a choice of dark red or gray cover cloths to go over the airer. The covers are waterproof and dustproof. The high-quality material makes this airer excellent for the home and for camping. The covers are also flame resistant. This heated airer has a 1500W power rating and 110V. It comes with 360º convection heat so that clothes are dried at a uniform temperature. You can set the fan to low speed and 37º or high speed at 75º. The breeze feature is a nice extra which doesn’t use heat. You can set the timer for up to 4 hours, which is one of the longest timers on the market for a heated airer. Dry clothes are much easier to iron compared with tumble dried. For safety, the clothes airer has dual temperature control. The thermostat will cut the power to the airer if the temperature goes over a set value. There is also a temperature fuse that will cut the power if the current is too high. The clothes airer has a panel to choose your settings and for convenience, it comes with a remote control too. Pros:
  • It’s incredibly quiet compared with a tumble dryer
  • It heats up very quickly and can even help keep a room warm
  • Impressive and fast drying process
  • The instructions could be clearer


Key features:
  • 3-hour timer
  • Antibacterial drying process
  • Noise reduction design
  • Waterproof fan
In terms of size, this heated clothes airer is similar at 28 x 18 x 59 inches. However, it’s not foldable so you should consider your floor space. It’s a 2-tier heated airer with two racks on each tier. On the one hand, there is less drying space for your wet clothes. On the other hand, there is more space for heat circulation. The drying rack is made out of thickened stainless steel with strong ABS connectors. It has a 15-kilo capacity but bear in mind this is the weight capacity of dry clothes. The swivel wheels make it easy to move from one place to the next. The wheels also have brakes. This brand of heated clothes airers has focused on the quality of the cover cloth. It is waterproof and moisture-proof while keeping out dust and pollen. The high-density Oxford cloth is double-stitched to keep heat in. The airer cover comes in dark blue. The drying process is also improved. It has a 360º convection cycle for three-dimensional clothes drying. The temperature can be set from 50 to 70º, giving you a greater range of heat control. This clothes dryer design enables sterilization efficiency of over 99%. The fan is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about drips from wet clothes. You can set the timer for up to 3 hours. Clothes will dry less wrinkled than in your tumble dryer. It has a power rating of 1000W and 110V with a shutdown system in case of overheating. Another safety feature is that the cover is flame-retardant. There are also cooling holes on the base of the fan to prevent overheating. Pros:
  • Clothes smell fresh with this dryer
  • It is more effective on denim and towels than some laundromat dryers
  • Very simple operation with a push button and dial
  • The materials of this clothes airer aren’t the best quality


Key features:
  • 3-hour timer
  • Consistent heat temperature
  • Wrinkle-free clothes
  • Doubles up as a wardrobe
The size of this heated airer is a little smaller at 24 x 17.3 x 55 inches. This does make it somewhat more practical if you plan on taking your airer on the road. The smaller size also helps considering it’s not portable. It’s another 2-tier heated airer but there are three racks on each tier. This is probably why the company has emphasized the use for storing clothes when not being used as a heated airer. The heated rails are made of high-quality stainless steel with a capacity of 15 kilos. The wheels can swivel and have brakes too. The bright blue Oxford cloth cover has precise stitching for strength and durability. This heated clothes airer doesn’t have adjustable heat. Instead, the 360º convection fan provides a constant temperature. It uses a PTC high-efficiency heating plate to dry clothes quickly and without wrinkles, just like out of a tumble dryer. This also helps to keep clothes undamaged and feeling soft. The fan is waterproof, and the dryer comes with a 3-hour timer. Safety measures with this heated airer include flame retardant materials and automatic shutoff to prevent overheating. There is also intelligent temperature maintenance. Pros:
  • The dryer comes with a bonus towel rack
  • Shirts take as little as an hour to dry
  • It’s cost-effective in terms of price and running the dryer
  • It’s not the sturdiest of heated airers


Key features:
  • 4-hour timer
  • Intelligent clothes airer
  • Compact size and foldable
  • Half the noise as a tumble dryer
Despite the dimensions not being listed, this clothes airer will hold a decent amount of clothes. As a 3 tier heated airer, you get an additional layer to your dryer and there are 3 racks on each tier. The weight capacity is still 15 kilos but there is so much more room for clothes. The materials are similar to the other heated clothes airers. The tubes are made of stainless steel and the connectors are high-quality ABS. The bonus is that the connectors on this dryer are designed so you can fold it almost flat, saving a ton of space. The high-density Oxford cover has 6 air vent holes in the top. The wheels are also high-quality with brakes. This dryer is great for those who like a smart home. With its intelligent heating system, the thermostat will cut the power when the dryer reaches 70º and restart when it falls below 50º. With 1500W of power, your washing will be dry in no time! There are two modes, quick dry and efficient mode, and a timer for up to 4 hours. All this can be controlled by the intelligent touch control on the waterproof screen. There are a few other features that stand out about this heated clothes airer. First off, it is an anion sterilize clothes dryer using negative ions to sanitize clothes, preventing mold, spores, odors, and bacteria. The grille on the fan has a filter to stop dust from getting inside. There is a remote control for the dryer and a towel rack. This airer runs at 40db whereas the average tumble dryer runs at 80db. Pros:
  • Free airer replacement parts for one year
  • Washing can be dry in 2 hours, even towels
  • It’s a perfect dryer for delicate laundry
  • You need to make sure you don’t overstuff it

What is a heated clothes airer?

There are two main types of heated clothes airer. The first is similar to a traditional clothes rack with an electrical outlet. The heated clothes airers that we are going to look at are enclosed in a pod-style. A pod-style heated clothes airier is an airer with a piece of outer fabric. Rather than just heating the racks of an airer, a fan pushes heat around the enclosed space. The end result is that you have dry clothes faster than a non-electric airer and other heated airers.

Why buy a heated clothes airer?

The first and foremost reason is the cost of drying wet clothes. A tumble dryer can cost anywhere from $0.64 with smart home appliances to $1.62 per hour. A heated airer can run on as little as $0.46 per hour. Washer-dryers seem like a wise initial investment but again, the cost of running a washer-dryer is more. Plus, if a washer-dryer breaks down, you can’t do laundry or dry clothes! With a fan that pushes warm air around the inside of the heated airer, clothes dry faster than with a traditional airer. With multiple racks, you know you will have space for all your laundry. The designs of our best heated clothes airers are vertical to save floor space. They are also portable so you can keep them next to your washing machine or move the airer to somewhere other than the laundry room. A clothes airer with this design is going to save you time and money. Both of these could be put to better use than washing laundry!

Buying Guide

Naturally, if you are going to buy a heated clothes airer, you want to make sure it has the ability to dry clothes. All the heated airers in our list have the power and technology to dry different types of washing from shirts to heavier fabrics. It’s also nice to have a clothes airer that reduces bacteria and odors from wet clothes. Even if you do have to iron clothes, it won’t take the same effort when you use an electric airer. When looking for a clothes airer one of the most important things to look at is the space that it will take up. The vertical designs of these heated airers mean none of them takes up a lot of floor space and it’s even more useful if they can be folded. Aside from the space they take up, it’s necessary to consider the space they have for clothes. Having 3 racks on a tier offers more hanging space and of course, a 3 tier heated airer provides an extra tier for hanging underwear. The noise and efficiency are things to consider. Both washing machines and tumble dryers tend to be quite loud. A heated clothes air should make less noise. While the best thing for efficiency is to choose a smart home washing machine but clothes airers can save a fortune in running costs over a tumble dryer. Our best heated clothes airers are priced between $70 and $95. We feel they are great value for money when you compare this to how much you can save. Added value comes with heated airers that have remote controls and towel racks.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Can you put clothes straight on the electric dryer from the washing machine?

Yes, the fans are waterproof in case of any drips. However, wet clothes will dry better if they have been spun in the washing machine.

Can you dry sheets and blankets in a heated airer?

Yes, definitely. For thicker blankets, you can turn them over on the rack during the process.

Do you need to use special hangers with an electric airer?

No. You can use your usual wooden, plastic, or metal hangers in heated clothes airers.

Will heated airers damage clothes?

At these temperatures, clothes won’t be damaged or fade.

Wrap up

The best heated clothes airers will be those that are compact but still offer plenty of drying space. They will be efficient and have the right amount of heat to dry wet clothes without damaging them. Check out some of our other awesome articles: