Why does Minecraft keep crashing (Java Edition, too)

Why does Minecraft keep crashing

Why does my Minecraft Java Edition keep crashing? We all love playing Minecraft. What we don’t like as much is when it keeps crashing. If you keep trying to play the game you love but an error continues popping up, most commonly the “Java Platform SE Binary has stopped working” then you’re not alone.

Some other players have also experienced Minecraft crashing with another error message: “An unexpected issue occurred and the game has crashed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience“.

This error has been showing up for users all around the world. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore! In this article, we’ll be discussing why your Minecraft keeps crashing and what you can do to easily fix the errors. These solutions are proven to work on the Windows 10 version of Minecraft.

Why does Minecraft keep crashing and most common solutions

There’s more than one way to solve the error you’re facing, as it can have many origins. Here are the most common causes for why this error occur:

  • Graphic driver issues;
  • Java updates;
  • Windows updates;
  • Launcher incompatibility.

Keep in mind that Java is the coding language that fuels Minecraft. Although the platform runs on devices all around the world, it is still facing such errors.

By taking a look at the causes, you can probably figure out already what you need to do to fix it. Here are some ways for you to do it:

Update your video card drivers

Game drivers are the most common cause of Minecraft crashing. The problem you’re facing is so widespread that even Oracle and Microsoft have acknowledged the fault, and have publicly suggested updating graphic drivers. The latest versions of Windows 10 let you automatically update your drivers through a built-in application.

If you don’t know how to run the driver updates, check out this article for Windows 10. You can still manually download and install the latest updates too! If the problem persists, you should try a third-party app known as “Display Driver Uninstaller”.

This program is certified and known to be efficient when it comes to completely cleaning out your drivers and installing them again. Replacing the drivers with the latest versions is quick and easy. All the instructions are shown when you run the app.

Update your computer’s Java

Although Java updates happen automatically whenever you launch an app that requires Java, it is possible that this setting could have been switched off. Just to be safe, you should access the Java website and check to see if you have the latest version running. If not, download and install it.

Update Windows 10

An update to your system software is very likely to stop Minecraft from crashing. As with Java updates, Windows 10 updates itself automatically. And it is recommended to keep the auto-update setting turned on in the future.

To check your settings, and also manually install the required updates, simply open up Settings on your PC. From there you should see the “Updates & Security” menu with an option to “Check for Updates”. Simply click it and make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Change your Minecraft launcher

Sometimes the problem is just in the launcher being used to run the game. The newer launcher of Minecraft has some bugs that Mojang is still working to fix for all devices.

But you don’t need to wait for them to do that! Easily download an older version of the launcher by following this link. Install one that is compatible with your device and you’re good to go!

Keep in mind that you don’t need to go through all these steps. The problem is usually with only one of the above issues. You should try to run Minecraft after doing any of the steps, and when it finally works, you’ll know exactly where the problem was for future issues!

However, if you’ve somehow come across the bad luck of trying all these steps and still experience Minecraft crashes, we still got your back.

Why does Minecraft Java keep crashing – additional solutions

Although we hope you won’t need to go through all the mentioned methods, as the ones given above should work for most people, here’s what else you can do to fix Minecraft Java edition crashing:

Clear the cache

You may have heard of this for clearing data stored in browsers. Well, now you’ll want to do the same for Java. Clear the Java cache by following these simple steps:

  • Open the Control Panel on your PC;
  • Find and select the Java application;
  • When the new menu pops up, go to Settings and find “Temporary Internet Files”;
  • Delete these files. Launch Minecraft and enjoy!

Reinstall Minecraft

The classic “turn it off and on again” method. It works more often than not!

Remove any MOD files

If you’re running a modified version of the game to improve your experience, chances are that these files are causing the crash. Try removing them and running the game then.

Turn off VBOs (Vertex Buffer Object)

Sometimes VBOs cause an issue if your system isn’t compatible. If you can manage to run the game before it crashes, then you can go to the Settings in Minecraft and disable VBOs from the “Video Settings” menu.

It is advisable to restart your PC after making these changes so that your system is refreshed.

Wrap Up

To conclude, these are all quick and simple fixes for Minecraft crashing issues. One of these methods is sure to work for you and you’ll stop Minecraft from crashing in the future as well.

If you still find yourself facing an error with Minecraft, your best bet is to install and run a PC repair tool. This is software that automatically scans your PC and fixes errors such as corrupt files and improper databases. There are plenty of verified applications that do this. Play your heart out once again.

How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall

How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall

If you’re looking to know how to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it, look no further. Minecraft has been a revolutionary game in modern times. The sheer potential that has existed in the game and caused worldwide acclaim is a huge milestone in the gaming community. Designing towns, cities, arenas, and even entire worlds have never been more engaging!

Whether your old PC is starting to give out, you’re switching computers, or you want to just take your Minecraft to your next PC, you will want to know how to reinstall Minecraft properly.

Throughout this article, we’re going to show you how to uninstall Minecraft Windows 10, and then reinstall it wherever you want it. If you just want a fresh start to the game, we’re going to explain how you can do that too.

How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall

For starters, you should know that there are many ways you can learn how to delete Minecraft, but in this article, we’re going to talk specifically about how we personally prefer to do it. A simple, easy, and effective way.

Note: In order to reinstall Minecraft smoothly, it’s important to not delete or remove the launcher file (with the “.exe” extension). This is the file you use to start the game. Your launcher doesn’t contain any data by itself, and we will need it later. If you’ve already or accidentally deleted the launcher, you can go to the official Minecraft website and download it again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how this works:

  • To start, we’re going to delete Minecraft. Open up your command runner in Windows by pressing the Windows key and the “R” button;
  • Type in “%appdata%” (you can just copy and paste this command without the speech marks). After you press the “Enter” key you will enter into what’s known as the “Roaming” folder;
  • In this folder, navigate to the file or the application you’re trying to reinstall. Since we’re looking to completely uninstall Minecraft for now, open up that folder;
  • Here’s where you can prevent your worlds from being deleted. Simply find the folder named “saves” and copy it anywhere out of “Roaming” (the “Desktop” is recommended so that it’s easier to find later). This will help us recover data once we reinstall Minecraft;
  • Return to the “Roaming” folder and delete the folder for Minecraft;
  • Run your Minecraft launcher. If you accidentally deleted it, you can download it again from the official Minecraft website as mentioned above;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and simply wait for the installation process to finish;
  • The game may launch automatically once it’s finished installing. Close the launcher. First, we are going to recover your previous worlds;
  • Copy and Paste the “Saves” folder into the Minecraft folder in the “Roaming” directory. If you’ve already closed this, you can open it up again. Refer to Step 2. You’ll be prompted by Windows for a confirmation asking if you want to overwrite the files. Say yes to everything;
  • Launch the game.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to uninstall Minecraft on Windows 10, and then reinstall it without losing any of your data! Of course, the process works differently if you’re looking to learn how to delete Minecraft on a Mac or another platform.

Does uninstalling Minecraft delete worlds?

You may be worried about that, but the answer is no! At least, not with the method we mentioned.

Other methods to reinstall Minecraft

We mentioned earlier that there are many ways you can learn how to reinstall Minecraft. If you don’t fancy our preferred method, here are some other ways you can accomplish the same task:

  • Completely uninstall Minecraft: If you’re looking for a fresh start then you don’t need the hassle of saving your files. You can access the control panel on Windows 10 and go to “Uninstall a program”. This menu can also be directly located and opened form the search bar. Once the pop-up menu is shown, simply find the app and double-click to uninstall Minecraft. You can then download and reinstall it from the official site or another source.
  • Uninstaller Apps: You can even use third-party applications to delete Minecraft from your PC. The most popular apps like CCleaner have their own navigation menus where you can find options to uninstall Minecraft. Even most anti-virus software has this feature so all you need to do is explore a little.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of ways to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft. No matter which one you choose, you’ll end up with a fresh app that’s ready for your creative talents to be explored.

Just to reiterate, now that you know how do you reinstall Minecraft, there’s no need to be worried about losing data if you follow the mentioned steps. Uninstalling Minecraft does not necessarily delete any of your progress in the game either. You can choose to create a copy of your saved data in the game at any point, and use it later to restore your data.

Minecraft PC requirements: Can my computer run Minecraft?

Can my computer run Minecraft? Minecraft PC requirements

Can my computer run Minecraft? This article discusses in detail the requirements for running Minecraft on PC. Minecraft has a growing player base and a well-developed gaming community. According to the statistics as of May 2020, there are 126 million active users on Minecraft every month.

The developers keep adding content with new quests, landscapes, and new monsters to battle. To complete the unique challenges and quests, old players also return to enjoy the game experience.

If you want to test your skills in Minecraft but are unsure if your machine will be able to run it, do not worry, we have got you covered in this article.

You may also be wondering about how to make Minecraft run faster, so do not fret in that case either, as this article will tell you everything you need to know.

While looking at the pixelated graphics and the 3-D cubes, it may appear that any computer can run Minecraft efficiently. However, that is not so clear. According to the official requirements released by Mojang Studios, the developers of Minecraft, you need at least 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of storage space.

If you want to know how to make Minecraft run faster on Windows 10 in terms of hardware, it would be best if you have a dedicated graphics card, as the game also requires at least a Core i3 processor.

Minecraft is a sandbox building game that lets you explore your imagination and creativity. You can explore the world to find rare materials, and you can also build structures to protect yourself from the horrors of the outer world.

Minecraft is like a vast pixelated canvas, on which you can draw any piece of artwork that comes to your creative mind. It also has some story elements to it that let you use your skills to defeat challenging bosses, such as the Ender Dragon.

Can my computer run Minecraft?

Minimum system requirements to run Minecraft

If you are wondering how much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft or about the Minecraft requirements for PC, we are providing all the details in this section. The minimum Minecraft system requirements, as stated on the official game’s help center are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent;
Storage: At least 1 GB of free space for game core, maps, and other files;
GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.4;
GPU (Discrete): NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series with OpenGL 4.4;
OS: Windows 7 or higher / Any 64-bit OS X using 10.9 Maverick or newer (macOS) / Any modern 64-bit distributions from 2014 onwards (Linux);
Screen Resolution: 1027 x 768 or better;
Network: Broadband Internet connection, offline play is also possible.

The recommended Minecraft system requirements are provided in detail below

CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 3.5 GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or higher;
Storage: 4 GB of free space (SSD also recommended);
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5;
OS: Windows 10 64-bit / macOS 10.12 Sierra / Any modern 64-bit distributions from 2014 onwards (Linux);
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or better;
Network: Broadband Internet connection.

Other software requirements for running Minecraft

You need to have Minecraft Release 1.6 or newer and the older versions need to be updated. Java 8 is also another requirement for playing Minecraft on your computer. For downloading the game files and connecting to the multiplayer servers, you also require a stable Internet connection.

How to check if my current computer can run Minecraft?

Can my computer run a Minecraft server? Most probably it can unless you have a computer that is over twelve or fifteen years old. However, to be entirely sure, you can test your computer to know if it’s suitable for running Minecraft. Check it out at game-debate.com.

Some optimal hardware suggestions to run Minecraft

If you can get your hands on a computer with 4 GB of RAM and a Core i3 processor, you will be able to run Minecraft at a reasonable and steady 30 FPS. A PC with a dedicated GPU akin to the NVIDIA GeForce 700 series will give you decent and stable performance.

A Core i5 processor with a dedicated GPU will comfortably go beyond 60 FPS even at higher screen resolution and graphic settings.

How to make Minecraft run faster with mods?

Upgrading the RAM and adding or updating your dedicated graphics card is the easiest and the most affordable ways to bump your Minecraft performance without a fuss.

Wrap Up

Minecraft is not a graphics-heavy game, and its hardware requirements are not too difficult to meet in today’s world. However, it does not mean that you can use your 20-year old Pentium 4 to run it properly. Any good computing or gaming system built in the last ten years should be enough to run Minecraft smoothly.

It’s quite common to see computers having more than 4 GB of RAM these days, as even modern smartphones are offering the same (or more) amount of RAM.

If your computer meets those requirements, then you’re good to go!

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How to use 64 bit Java for Minecraft

How to use 64 bit Java for Minecraft

How to use 64 bit Java for Minecraft? This article will teach you how to make Minecraft 64 bit and everything you need to know about running it on Windows 10.

Gaming is fun, and we cannot deny the excitement of running a game smoothly and lag-free on our computer. Lagging or crashes ruin the experience, and as with all other video games, the same is the case with Minecraft. Running the 64-bit version is a better option, as explained in our article: Minecraft – Is it 32 or 64-bit?. You’ll find a link to that article at the bottom of the current article.

There are several benefits of running the Minecraft 64-bit version over the 32-bit version on your computer. The most important ones include lesser crashes, smoother gameplay experience, and faster rendering. Minecraft runs on the Java platform, and by default, the Java version installed is the 32-bit one.

Hence, 64-bit Java for Minecraft is a prerequisite you need to fulfill. This article will teach you in detail steps on how to get 64 bit Minecraft for your computer.

System requirements for running 64 bit Minecraft

To get started with the 64-bit version of Minecraft, it is better first to identify the system requirements to run the program. The minimum system requirements for running the 64-bit version of Minecraft are:

CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 / AMD A8 7600 APU or equivalent;
Storage: 180 MB to 1 GB of free space;
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series / NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series;
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher;
Screen Resolution: 1027 x 768 or better;
Network: Broadband Internet connection.

The recommended system requirements to the 64-bit version of Minecraft are:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 / AMD A10 7800 or higher;
Storage: 4 GB of free space;
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 700 series;
OS: 64-bit Windows 10;
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or better;
Network: Broadband Internet connection.

Software prerequisites for installing Minecraft 64 bit

Minecraft runs on Java, which is a programming language and platform. Oracle released the initial version of Java in 1995. The program has significantly grown since its initial launch, and now billions of computers and websites rely on Java worldwide.

Java is the framework that Minecraft uses to run, and by default, players have the 32-bit version of Java. Therefore, you must install and run 64-bit Java for Minecraft 64-bit edition.

How to download Minecraft 64 bit in Windows 10

How to get 64 bit Java for Minecraft? To proceed with the Minecraft 64 bit Java download is straightforward. Please ensure that you have a 64-bit version of Windows 10 installed on your computer.

To check it, right-click “This PC”, and click Properties. There you will be able to identify the version of Windows 10 in a similar image:

How to use 64 bit Java for Minecraft

Follow the above steps to install 64-bit Java in your computer:

  • Access the Start Menu and open your web browser;
  • Go to www.java.com;
  • Click on the red button that says “Java Download”;
  • Follow the prompts to complete the installation;
  • You may need to restart your browser for the changes to take place.

How to run 64 bit Minecraft in Windows 10?

Now you know how to get Minecraft 64 bit. To run the 64 bit Minecraft in Windows 10, carry out the following steps:

  • After installing 64-bit Java, run Minecraft on your computer. Make sure it was not running before when you were installing the 64-bit Java;
  • Go to “Launch options” in your game to set the Minecraft launcher 64 bit;
  • After that, select the version of Minecraft you want to play;
  • Go to JVM arguments next;
  • Add “-d64” at the end;
  • Now click Save and launch the game;
  • To check if you are running the Minecraft Java 64 bit, click on Options>Video Settings;
  • Set the Render Distance to “Far”;
  • If no warning is showing, it means your computer is using 64 bit Java for Minecraft;
  • If any warning appears, it means that Minecraft is not using the 64-bit Java. The “Far” render distance is not designed for the 32-bit version of Minecraft;
  • Enjoy your Minecraft in Windows 10 in 64-bit!

Wrap Up

Minecraft is a fantastic entertaining app and is widely considered as one of the best and most popular games in the world.

To get the best performance out of your Minecraft, you may need to install the 64-bit Minecraft in your Windows, and how to use 64 bit Java for Minecraft was what all our article was about.

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How long is a Minecraft day and how to change time

How long is a Minecraft day

How long is a Minecraft day? Does it last 24 hours like our real-world day? Whether you’re a Minecraft player or not, please keep on learning to find out.

This might seem strange to a kid but usually, there is no direct correspondence between our 24 hour days and the equivalent day on a game.

Solar time is known to be the epicenter in the universe of Minecraft. The spawn and reaction of mobs, zombies, and skeletons, all revolve around the day/night cycle of the Minecraft world. In this article, we are solving the mystery of how long is a day in Minecraft.

How many minutes in a Minecraft day

If you’re wondering how many minutes there are in a Minecraft day, Minecraft day corresponds to 20 minutes in real-time. To learn more please read further below.

Real day vs Minecraft day

The solar day of the real-world is 24 hours. There are 1440 minutes (86400 seconds) in one sidereal day. However, it’s not the same when daylight comes into the world of Minecraft.

The daylight cycle of Minecraft is known to be 20 minutes (1200 seconds) of real-time.

The following table shows the approximate conversions of real-time to Minecraft-time using the data above:

Real-time to Minecraft-time conversion:

Real-Time Minecraft-Time
1 second 1 minute and 12 seconds (72 seconds)
1 minute 1 hour and 12 minutes (72 minutes, 4320 seconds)
1 hour 3 solar days (72 hours)
1 day 2.4 months (72 days)

How many Minecraft days are in 24 hours?

It can be easily inferred from the table above that Minecraft day passes 72 times faster than a real day. So, there are 72 Minecraft days in 24 (real-time) hours.

Minecraft-time to Real-time conversion

Every game simulation uses a game loop to perform any action, be it either movement of objects or growth of crops. Minecraft uses ticks per second TPS as its game loop. The majority of activities in Minecraft are synchronized to tick counts.

How many ticks in a Minecraft day?

Minecraft has a constant rate of 20 ticks per Minecraft second. This means that there are 24000 ticks in one Minecraft day.

Below is the conversion table of Minecraft clock time to Real clock time:

Minecraft-Time Minecraft Ticks Real-Time
1 second 0.27 0.013 seconds
1 minute 16.6 0.83 seconds
1 hour 1,000 50 seconds
1 day 24,000 20 minutes

How long is a Minecraft day?

The Minecraft day length just like a real day is 24 hours of Minecraft time. A Minecraft day begins with 0 ticks and ends at 24000 ticks. Similar to a solar day of the real-world, one Minecraft day also has successive meridian transits of the sun.

If you’re a game player you’ve probably realized that a full hour of playing you’ll go through 3 full Minecraft days, which means 3 periods of daylight hours.

How long is a night in Minecraft?

You might also be wondering how long is the nighttime in Minecraft. If so, please read on to learn.

How long is a Minecraft full day: the four phases

One Minecraft day has four phases:


How long is one Minecraft day? The daytime in Minecraft begins at 6:00:00 (0 ticks) and ends at 18:00:00 (12000 ticks). The daytime lasts for 12 Minecraft hours and makes 10 minutes of real-time.

During the daytime, the sun is seen in the light blue sky and radiates a level 15 light. Daytime is considered to be an ideal time for players as the sun shines on the surface and any hostile mob is unable to spawn.


The dusk/sunset phase begins at 18:00:00 (12000 ticks) and ends at 19:00:00 (13000 ticks). The dusk time lasts for one Minecraft hour and makes 1 and a half minutes (90 seconds) of real-time. The sky color grades from bright blue to rustic orange before turning dark blue. At dusk time, the light level begins to drop from 15 to 4.


When the sunlight disappears everything changes. That’s when a hostile mob or creeper will spawn. Nighttime is without a doubt the time of day where you have to be most careful.

How long does night last in Minecraft? The night-time begins at 19:00:00 (13000 ticks) and ends at 5:00:00 (23000 ticks). The night lasts for 10 Minecraft hours which makes eight and a half minutes of real-time.


The dawn/sunset phase begins at 5:00:00 (23,000 ticks) and ends at 6:00:00 (24,000 ticks). The dawn/sunset time lasts for one Minecraft hour and makes 1 and a half minutes (90 seconds) of real-time. The sky color around the sun changes to orange and transforms into light blue at the end of sunset. Any mob can spawn depending on the intensity of light.

How to change the time in Minecraft

It is possible to change the time in Minecraft, for example, changing to the day when it is night-time, or vice-versa. It may be very useful as, during the day, you can break and place blocks in new locations to build your structures, while at night, mobs appear for you to battle.

To use the Minecraft change time feature, you first need to turn cheats on in your world. Then you’ll use the appropriate command to set time.

How to enter the commands

To enter a command in Minecraft, you have to open the chat window and it is where you’re going to type it down. Whenever you’re typing, you’ll see the command appearing in-game, in the lower-left corner of the window.

The command you’re entering to change the time starts with /time set, followed by “day“, or “night“.

For example, if you want to change to daytime, you’ll have to open the chat window and there you’ll type /time set day.

You can also set the time for a desired our of the day, by using the command /time set, followed by the number that corresponds to the desired time of the day. Check the following table.

Minecraft change time of day command:

Command Time of the Day Command Time of the Day
/time set 0 6 am /time set 12000 6 pm (sunset/dusk)
/time set 1000 7 am (day time) /time set 13000 7 pm (night)
/time set 2000 8 am /time set 14000 8 pm
/time set 3000 9 am /time set 15000 9 pm
/time set 4000 10 am /time set 16000 10 pm
/time set 5000 11 am /time set 17000 11 pm
/time set 6000 12 pm (noon/midday) /time set 18000 12 am (midnight)
/time set 7000 1 pm /time set 19000 1 am
/time set 8000 2 pm /time set 20000 2 am
/time set 9000 3 pm /time set 21000 3 am
/time set 10000 4 pm /time set 22000 4 am
/time set 11000 5 pm /time set 23000 5 am (sunrise/down)

Now that you know how to change time, things get a lot easier for you to progress in the game.

Wrap Up

Although daytime is the longest phase in one Minecraft day, some users still complain about its short span. It is a common observation by players as you advance in-game levels; the productivity time of daytime tends to decrease.

The logical reason behind this found to be the burning of night-time hostile mobs. This action tends to take up a chunk of daytime, thus leading to a decrease in the productive period of daytime for players.

Throughout this article you got to know how long is a Minecraft night, how long is the day night cycle in Minecraft, how long are Minecraft days, how to change time in Minecraft, and some other relevant info. We hope it has been useful!