How to make a table in Minecraft

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As you progress in any game the difficulty level increases and so the tools you have at your disposal to achieve tougher objectives. Minecraft is not different, learning how to make a table in Minecraft is a must as you advance. It’s fun and you can create incredible items by placing few blocks on the crafting table.

But what if you need a table but don’t have one? Well, to craft any table in the Minecraft game, you’ll require some ingredients. After that, the task is pretty simple. You’ll need to head to the inventory, place the ingredients on the crafting grid in the correct sequence, and the table will magically appear.

How to make a table in Minecraft

Knowing how to craft tables in Minecraft will help you in enchanting objects and upgrading weapons. Besides, it will help you in building Netherite gear and other complex items.

Here’s how you can make the different tables in the Minecraft game.

How to make a Crafting table

To make a crafting table in Minecraft, open the crating menu and then place ingredients on it. However, to open the crafting menu, you’ll need to press certain buttons based on the Minecraft edition you are playing on.

If you are playing on the Minecraft pocket edition, press the three dots to open the menu. In Java Edition, tap E to start the crafting menu, while in Nintendo edition; use the Y key to open the menu. The Minecraft id number for the crafting table is 58 in all editions.

On the crafting tab, you will see a 2×2 crafting grid. Take four oak wood planks and place them in the crafting area. Once you fill the box with planks, the crafting table will appear in the box right beside the arrow. You can use any wooden plank like acacia, warped, spruce to craft the table.

Don’t have the planks? No problem. The players can get planks by collecting wood blocks from the villages.

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How to make an Enchantment table

After progressing further in the game, every player must need an enchantment table to meet the advanced gaming needs. For shaping this table, you’ll require four obsidian blocks, one book, and two diamonds.

After obtaining these materials, head over to the 3×3 crafting grid and arrange them in the following sequence:

  • Place three obsidian blocks in the last row and one in the center of the crafting grid;
  • Next, place the book in the middle of the first row;
  • Lastly, put two diamonds in the second row surrounding the obsidian blocks.

In this way, you can easily craft the enchanting table to enchant armor, tools, and other items. However, if you are playing on the Minecraft bedrock edition, you can obtain enchanted items by raiding and killing the enemies.

Moreover, if you get lucky enough, you can collect an enchanted item from killing zombies or searching skeletons in Minecraft dungeons.

Make sure to use a pickaxe to move the table because random clicks will destroy the table. Also, to get an enchanting table, the players must have a crafting table because the 2×2 grid will not support the required materials.

If you don’t find the required material in the inventory, you can use other materials to form the raw materials. The book can be obtained by combining leather and three papers. You can get leather by killing cows. For the paper, you will need some sugar cane. After collecting all the ingredients, place them on the crafting table to create the book.

Now, for collecting diamonds, mining is a wise and effortless option. The last ingredient is obsidian, which you can get by pouring a water container on lava.

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How to make a Smithing table

Smithing table is another popular table to make in Minecraft. To make this table, one must have a crafting table, or else the recipe will not work.

For this table, place two iron ingots in the first row of the crafting table, followed by two wood planks in the second and two in the third row. The table is now ready! You can use it to upgrade your tools with powerful Netherite ingots.

Since you already know how to make wood planks, making the table will not be a difficult process. However, you might need to know the secret recipe for creating iron ingots. To make an iron ingot, smelt iron ore with fuel in a blast furnace.

How to make a Cartography table

Like other tables, the crafting recipe of a Cartography table is quite simple. Find any four planks (crimson, spruce, birch, etc.) and two papers.

Open the crafting table, and arrange the paper in the first row, two planks in the second row, and the remaining two in the third row. As soon as you place the ingredients in the above sequence, the crafting table will appear in the end product box.

To see step-by-step images, click here.

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Wrap up

There are plenty of tables that you can design in Minecraft. If you are looking to decorate your new house, you can build decorative tables like scaffold tables, Eden tables, oak tables, and much more.

Besides, you can make other furniture like a chair and bed to complement the table. Furthermore, you can make a crafting table to repair your tools, fuel furnaces, and designing advanced weapons.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

A common doubt about Minecraft’s tables is what each of them can do. Let’s find out.

What does the Crafting table do in Minecraft?

A Crafting table can be used to create various blocks and items. At the same time, it can be used to repair armor, tools, or a weapon.

What does the Enchantment table do in Minecraft?

An Enchantment table allows you to enchant an item.

What does the Smithing table do in Minecraft?

Smithing tables are used to upgrade diamond gear into netherite gear.

What does the Cartography table do in Minecraft?

The Cartography table is meant for cloning, locking maps, and zooming out maps.