Is Minecraft 32 or 64 Bit?

Is Minecraft 32 or 64 Bit

Is Minecraft 32 or 64-bit? Is there a 64-bit version of Minecraft? All applications that you run within your computer are either language-dependent or operating system dependent.

Some are even both. Minecraft is written in Java language. As a result, you may say that Minecraft is a Java application.

So is Minecraft 64-bit better for playing? That is the actual determent. In this article, we are discussing which Java version is ideal for smoother Minecraft running performance.

Table of Contents

  1. Is Minecraft 32 or 64 bit?
  2. What is Java
  3. Java and its versions
  4. How do I know if my Minecraft is 64-bit?
  5. How to check the operating system and its version
    1. For Windows:
    2. For MAC OS:
    3. For Linux:
  6. Wrap Up

Is Minecraft 32 or 64 bit?

If you’re an avid Minecraft player and willing to improve your gaming performance, you must be wondering if is there a 64-bit Minecraft. It depends on your operating system and on the Java version you have installed.

The answer to that question is that the Java 64-bit Minecraft edition is majorly preferred for gaming. A 32-bit Java utilizes only up to 4 GB of your RAM.

However, the Minecraft 64-bit uses your RAM capacity to its maximum potential. The full usage of RAM results in better optimization of your processor and enhanced performance of applications within your system.

What is Java

Java is a programming language designed and launched by Oracle in 1995. It is software that is needed by your operating system to run Java-supported applications.

Java is required by a lot of applications within your computer, ranging from web browsers to video games. Most operating systems have built-in Java installed.

Java and its versions

Earlier, Java has been designed primarily with its 32-bit version to cater to 32-bit operating systems. However, with the up-gradation of operating systems to 64-bit, JAVA has been developed to a 64-bit version.

The 32-bit Java version has been precisely curated and crafted to attain maximum efficiency from the advancements of 64-bit operating systems.

Most computers have a 32-bit Java edition installed. It must be noted here that you cannot run a higher version of Java on a lower operating system.

Java 64-bit is only compatible with 64-bit operating systems.

How do I know if my Minecraft is 64-bit?

As it is entirely dependable on your Java, you can check the Java version installed on your computer by following this method:

  • Open the command prompt by opening the Start Menu > Scroll down and expand the “Windows System” > select “Command Prompt”;
  • Type “Java – version” without quotation marks;
  • Press ENTER.

If the information about the Java version is displayed, it means that Java is installed on your device. If the CMD (command prompt) does not recognize the command, then it indicates that Java is not installed on your computer.

You can download Java for free from its official website: For Linux users, we recommend getting Java from Linux’s software store.

How to check the operating system and its version

You can check whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system within your computer by following this method:

For Windows:

  • Right-click “This PC” icon on the desktop;
  • Click on “Properties”;
  • A new window opens displaying essential information about your computer;
  • Under the second heading of the system, you will find the system type with your operating system details.


  • Click “Apple Menu” from the upper left corner;
  • Click on About My Mac.

Versions 10.7 and subsequent are known to be 64-bit. Versions before 10.7 are mostly 32-bit. To get a more accurate insight, you may check your operating system using this link:

For Linux:

  • Type “Uname –r” without quotation marks;
  • The results will be either amd32 or amd64 for respective 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Wrap Up

Minecraft is written and developed in the Java language, therefore, it can adapt to both versions.

However, if you own a 64-bit operating system, it is always advised and recommended to update your Java to 64-bit Java Minecraft for the maximum efficiency and better performance of your game.

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