How to customize a YouTube channel

How to customize YouTube channel

This article will explain everything you need if you want to learn how to customize a YouTube channel. YouTube is a fantastic resource with a gigantic database. After Google, YouTube has the highest number of users. More than 2 billion visit the platform monthly, which is equivalent to one-third of the Internet. Millions of people … Read more

File sizes explained and its conversions (Bytes, kB, MB, GB, TB)

In this article, you’ll get the file sizes explained and its conversions. Understanding file sizes is not always that simple. There are a bunch of different units regarding computer storage and that can lead to a lot of confusion. The “kilo-“, “mega-“, “giga-” and “tera-” prefixes are similar to their use in any other unit … Read more

How to remove Recycle Bin from Desktop (hide the Recycle Bin icon)

How to remove Recycle Bin from Desktop (hide the Recycle Bin icon)

In this article, you’ll learn how to remove Recycle Bin from desktop. The Recycle Bin icon is available on the desktop by default. It is one of the most recognizable icons on your Windows computer during the last decades. It holds all your deleted files and folders and gives you a chance to restore them … Read more

Problem ejecting USB mass storage device: common fixes

Problem ejecting USB mass storage device

If you have a problem ejecting USB mass storage device, you came to the right place. Throughout this article, we’ll cover the most common fixes. USB mass storage devices are one of the most common ways people backup their data or transfer files to colleagues or friends. There are many different types of USB devices … Read more