This page is designed to help you navigate through the categories of in an easier way.

As time went by and new articles were published, so did the need for new categories. We hope these categories help you navigate our site better and turn it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Here are the current categories on our site:

Auto Tech

This category includes all of our car-related articles. Technological or not, if it’s supposed to be used in the car, you’ll find it here.

That includes subjects like Android Auto, Jump starters, car care, dash cams, and driving gloves, among others.


A technology site can’t go on without content on computers, even in our mobile-driven world.

Here you’ll find articles on Windows and MacBook but also several informational articles. Some apps are also covered, like Google Docs.

Home appliance

Here you’ll find the various appliances that help make your house feel like a comfortable and usable home.

The range of products mentioned includes surge protectors, paper shredders, weather stations, robot vacuums and charging stations.

How To

This is an area we treasure a lot. Here you’ll find how-to and informational articles.

You can find tips and guides on various topics like Android, Android Auto, car stuff, Macbooks, and Paper Shredders.


Next is the Mobile section. As you’re probably guessing, this category is pointed at gadgets that you carry with you.

Here you’ll find articles related to like Android, bluetooth devices, charging gadgets (including wireless charging, fast charging and charging stations), powerbanks, among others.

Office Gear

If you work at an office or have a home office, this section has valuable content for you.

Here you’ll find articles related to Macbooks, surge protectors, and Paper Shredders.

Portable Video

If it records video and it’s portable, it’s here.

In this section, you’ll find products like action cameras, dash cams and drones.

Sports and Outdoors

The last category includes varied topics.

They cover as wide a range as action cameras, drones, surge protectors for RVs, and travel mugs.