How to sanitize a phone

How to Sanitize a Phone

In this article, we will cover the sanitizing subject in more depth. Stay tuned to properly learn how to sanitize a phone. Your phone is a device you use regularly, wether to answer a call, text a message, check the latest news or even your Instagram or Facebook feed. It is with you all day … Read more

How does Android Beam work?

How Does Android Beam Work

In this article, you’ll be learning how does Android Beam work so you can take advantage of it when you want to exchange information between two phones. What is Android Beam Android Beam was introduced back in Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It is a feature that uses NFC technology to wirelessly transfer data between … Read more

What is a Google Cardboard?

what is a google cardboard

If you came here you’re probably wondering what is a Google Cardboard. Read on and your doubts will be cleared. What is the Google Cardboard? The Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform and it’s named after it’s viewer, where you insert your smartphone. You can buy a pre-manufactured viewer which is quite affordable … Read more

iPhone order from oldest to newest

iPhone order from Oldest to Newest

In this article, we’re reviewing iPhone order from oldest to newest. Since Apple released the first iPhone they’ve been a gadget that many have loved. Compare all iPhone models If you aren’t sure which iPhone you should get, keep reading. We will help you choose by reviewing each model so you can compare all iPhone … Read more

Low Priced iPhones For Sale

Low Priced iPhones For Sale

Today, you can get a whole bunch of not-so-new Low Priced iPhones for sale. Previous models are still very usable today, offering nice cameras, good all-round specs, and a premium overall quality and feel that Apple surely knows how to deliver. You can get one for a surprisingly affordable price. And, of course, the flawless … Read more