Best Windows 10 version for gaming

Best Windows 10 version for gaming

If you are a gamer who has just started to set up a gaming PC, choosing the best Windows 10 version for gaming can be a critical decision. Did you know there are various versions of Windows 10 to pick from?

In this article, we will help you choose the best one for your gaming device after discussing and comparing the features of different versions of Windows 10.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Windows 10 version for gaming
    1. Minimum requirements for gaming
    2. Why Windows 10 is the best operating system for gaming
    3. Different versions of Windows 10
    4. What about Windows XP?
  2. Windows versions you should avoid
    1. Windows 8/8.1
    2. Windows 7
  3. Wrap Up

Best Windows 10 version for gaming

Minimum requirements for gaming

Before exploring different operating systems, it’s essential to know that specs play a huge role in deciding the overall performance of your computer. You just can’t rely on the operating system to do the entire job by magic.

Therefore, to ensure the best gaming experience, your device must comply with the following specs requirements:

  • Processor

A six-core processor is ideal for playing modern games. You can also stick with a quad-core processor if you don’t want to spend lavishly on your new system. Either way, avoid buying a two-core processor as it doesn’t provide enough processing power for a lot of games.

  • RAM

You’ll need 8 GB at the very least. 12 GB is advisable, and most games will run pretty well on 16 GB RAM.

  • SSD

Getting your hands on the right SSD can save you from a lot of loading problems. For running games, consider buying a system with a 500 GB drive. It will significantly speed up your gaming while fitting into your budget.

  • GPU

The best advice we can give you is to avoid loading your gaming device with multiple graphics cards. You can choose any GPU based on the functionality you are looking for. Today, Nvidia and AMD GPUs are performing exceptionally well in the gaming market. Either one can make a good option.

Also, bear in mind that if you’re after a machine targeted for gaming, a desktop computer is always a better choice compared to a laptop.

Best Windows 10 version for gaming

Why Windows 10 is the best operating system for gaming

Since its launch, Windows 10 has gone through numerous updates and fixes to enhance its gaming potential. New and useful features are constantly being added to the OS, making it more and more apt for gaming.

Here’s a brief outline of why Windows 10 outperforms any other OS in the gaming niche:

1) Playing games on low fps can significantly ruin your gaming experience. Window 10 offers impressive frame rates as compared to the older versions. On top of that, Microsoft has added amazing software that will let you control the frame rates with a single click. In this way, you’re able to track your computer’s performance and detect and fix minor issues;

2) Windows 10 features an in-built tool known as the Game bar (Windows+G). This tool allows you to screenshot, adjust audio, and record videos. Moreover, you can also broadcast your gameplay with this outstanding Windows 10 Game bar feature;

3) Windows 10 provides excellent integration with the Xbox app, which means you can stream your favorite Xbox game on your Windows 10 PC. If you are an avid gamer who swears by the idea of PC gaming, then this feature might not interest you. However, Xbox gamers will be surprised to see how easily they can incorporate these games into their PC;

4) Another feature that will leave every PC gamer in love with Windows 10 is its ability to support windowed gaming. Yes, you heard that right! The players can go from full-screen mode to windowed mode by pressing Alt +Tab while in the game;

5) The biggest reason why any gamer should bother getting Windows 10 is that it supports DirectX 12. In fact, Microsoft released this powerful programming interface with the launch of Windows 10. DirectX can effortlessly upgrade your gaming experience by creating and supporting high-quality graphics on your system. Therefore, to enjoy some outstanding visuals on your gaming PC, you will need this amazing tool.

Microsoft knew their idea of an improved version was successful when many graphics card manufacturers set the Windows 10 OS as a benchmark to design the graphics drivers. That means, that every graphics driver is developed for Windows operating system, and later they are adjusted to the older versions.

Furthermore, to simplify things more, Nvidia itself has published an article stating the extraordinary features of Windows 10, which makes it best for gaming. You can access it here.

Besides, you can also optimize Windows for better performance. Optimizing Windows will speed up your computer within minutes. To do so, you can enable the balanced option in the power settings (Control Panel).

In this way, your PC will keep a balance between high-quality performance and power saving. Furthermore, disabling tips and tricks from system settings and removing bloatware from your PC will significantly improve its working.

Best Windows 10 version for gaming

Different versions of Windows 10

Once you have got the right specs, it’s time to find out the best Windows 10 version for gaming.

But before you dive in to compare their features, it’s essential to know which type of processor your PC is running on. For this, click on the “start button” and open “Settings”.

From there, tap on the system and visit the about tab. If your system type shows x-64 based processor, it will require a 64-bit OS version to run. However, if your system has an x86-based processor, you can get the 32-bit Windows 10.

Choosing between Windows Home and Windows 10 Pro can be a nail-biting decision for many gamers. To help you with this stressful situation, we’ve reviewed the three best Windows 10 versions. Read below to find out more about these versions.

Windows 10 Home

If you have been using Windows operating systems for a while, you may be used to Windows 10 Home. It comes pre-installed on new laptops, tablets, and PCs, and to date, it is the best version of Windows 10 for gaming.

It is loaded with plenty of features specially designed for gaming like a game bar, game mode, Windows mixed reality, DirectX, and remarkable syncing capabilities. Besides, other add-ons like an unmatched security system and a well-organized action center make it the perfect OS to ever exist for gaming.

It includes an amazing feature. It lets you open your Xbox account on your computer. Hence, if you own an Xbox one, you can run its games on your PC.

Moreover, the in-built Game mode improves your gaming performance while also allowing you to broadcast your gaming session. That is, with this mode, you can live stream to other video platforms without any additional software.

Although, like every operating system, this Microsoft Windows version also poses numerous technical issues like:

  • Forced Windows update;
  • Slowed boot time;
  • Low battery life;
  • Connectivity issues.

However, all these issues have quick fixes, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to resolve them. With that being said, Windows 10 Home should be your best bet to meet your advanced gaming needs.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro offers the same Windows 10 Home functionalities with some additional business updates. So, this OS is fundamentally designed for professionals.

It houses a “bit locker” tool that ensures maximum security for your hard drive and other business details. Alongside the added security, Windows 10 Pro also includes a trusted boot to protect your device against malware.

While talking about safety, it would be unfair not to mention the Sandbox feature. It allows you to stay anonymous when making perilous downloads. Hence, secures your device from getting corrupt.

Unlike the Home version of the Windows 10 Pro offers an enormous 2 TB RAM support, which is enough to play plenty of games.

Unfortunately, you will be surprised to know the chances you will require this much RAM for any game are close to none. Therefore, this massive memory will not affect the game performance.

Similarly, the Pro iteration also promises an excellent remote desktop functionality for data-sharing between two networks. Although great for business professionals, this feature isn’t necessary for gaming.

However, there are some features in the Windows 10 Pro version, like Hyper-V, which makes it highly compatible with older PC games. So, if you are fond of playing old classics, getting the Pro version will pay off.

Windows 10 Enterprise

In terms of advanced virtualization and management apps, Windows 10 Enterprise outperforms its counterparts. On the other hand, it doesn’t fit well for gaming purposes.

Ideally designed for offices, the enterprise version serves multiple users and large networks. Moreover, it doesn’t come pre-installed on your device like the previously discussed versions and requires volume licensing.

Coming to the question of concern: Does Windows 10 Enterprise support games? Yes, you can play games on it, but you need to have the owner’s permission to do so. Otherwise, you cannot install games on your own.

All in all, the enterprise edition doesn’t host any favorable features for gamers; instead, it targets security and CEM. Therefore, it might be the right choice for small organizations and IT professionals. However, for gamers, it is a big no.

Best Windows 10 version for gaming

What about Windows XP?

The version we’re talking about is Windows XP. But not just the standard Windows XP. If you want a good gaming experience, there’s hope in the latest modified version of Windows XP. A release that some would say is just a relic that people are clinging on to for the sake of memories.

Actually, a modified Windows XP gives you a great set of features to enhance your gaming experience!

Here are the key features you can get from a modified Windows XP:

  • DirectX 12 support. Yes, you read that right! The best graphics enhancement can be used on this OS;
  • Minimal heat generation. As is the nature of Windows XP, the transmitter does not generate as much excess heat as its successors. So you can enjoy hours of endless gaming on the latest titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the Far Cry series, and even Battlefield;
  • Minimal consumption of RAM and page file (PF);
  • Smooth sound quality to capture every moment of your gaming experience.

Despite these features, it makes more sense to conclude that Windows 10 is the best version for the best gaming experience. The continuous support from Microsoft only helps to ensure the future of this operating system.

Windows versions you should avoid

To end our article, let’s talk about which Windows versions you should not consider.

Windows 8/8.1

The least popular Windows by far has been Windows 8. For good reason too. From drops in frame rate to an unfriendly user interface and RAM usage statistics that nobody wants to see.

Even if you’re not gaming, you’re better off not getting Windows 8. Users have reported issues with drivers, which are essential for the desired gaming experience. System crashes and bugs in software are really not what you need to focus on when you’re blasting enemies or living a story.

Windows 7

On the other hand, we have the most popular Windows version of the last decade: Windows 7. To this day, the standout feature of this OS is the ease with which you can switch between tabs on your desktop. No other version of Windows lets you switch out of a game as fast as Windows 7.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of cons to consider too. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that Windows 7 shouldn’t be considered because there’s another version that’s just better for gaming.

You may be aware that Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7. What this means is that drivers and updates won’t be as good as the systems where support is still available. Not even mentioning the security and safety features you’d be missing out on by getting Windows 7 now.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best Windows 10 version is inarguably a crucial step in creating a lit gaming setup. If you are running games on a dedicated PC, then Windows 10 Home should be your priority. With every feature to boost your game, this is effective, yet affordable version for playing games.

Windows 10 Pro, like the Home version, covers all the necessary features for playing games. Since it requires huge investments, you can enjoy more premium security benefits as compared to its counterparts. So, if you are a business professional who is also fond of gaming, the Pro will make an excellent choice for you.

In the end, whatever OS you choose, never overlook the importance of getting the right hardware. Running games on substandard hardware will ruin your gaming experience. So, make sure to opt for the best specs before installing any OS.

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