How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it again

How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall

If you’re looking to know how to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it, look no further. Minecraft has been a revolutionary game in modern times.

The sheer potential that has existed in the game and caused worldwide acclaim is a huge milestone in the gaming community. Designing towns, cities, arenas, and even entire worlds have never been more engaging!

Whether your old PC is starting to give out, you’re switching computers, or you want to just take your Minecraft to your next PC, you will want to know how to reinstall Minecraft properly.

Throughout this article, we’re going to show you how to uninstall Minecraft Windows 10, and then reinstall it wherever you want it. If you just want a fresh start to the game, we’re going to explain how you can do that too.

Table of Contents

  1. How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it again
    1. Does uninstalling Minecraft delete worlds?
    2. Other methods to reinstall Minecraft
  2. Wrap Up

How to uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it again

For starters, you should know that there are many ways you can learn how to delete Minecraft, but in this article, we’re going to talk specifically about how we personally prefer to do it. A simple, easy, and effective way.

Note: In order to reinstall Minecraft smoothly, it’s important to not delete or remove the launcher file (with the “.exe” extension). This is the file you use to start the game. Your launcher doesn’t contain any data by itself, and we will need it later. If you’ve already or accidentally deleted the launcher, you can go to the official Minecraft website and download it again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how this works:

  • To start, we’re going to delete Minecraft. Open up your command runner in Windows by pressing the Windows key and the “R” button;
  • Type in “%appdata%” (you can just copy and paste this command without the speech marks). After you press the “Enter” key you will enter into what’s known as the “Roaming” folder;
  • In this folder, navigate to the file or the application you’re trying to reinstall. Since we’re looking to completely uninstall Minecraft for now, open up that folder;
  • Here’s where you can prevent your worlds from being deleted. Simply find the folder named “saves” and copy it anywhere out of “Roaming” (the “Desktop” is recommended so that it’s easier to find later). This will help us recover data once we reinstall Minecraft;
  • Return to the “Roaming” folder and delete the folder for Minecraft;
  • Run your Minecraft launcher. If you accidentally deleted it, you can download it again from the official Minecraft website as mentioned above;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the installation process to finish;
  • The game may launch automatically once it’s finished installing. Close the launcher. First, we are going to recover your previous worlds;
  • Copy and Paste the “Saves” folder into the Minecraft folder in the “Roaming” directory. If you’ve already closed this, you can open it up again. Refer to Step 2. You’ll be prompted by Windows for a confirmation asking if you want to overwrite the files. Say yes to everything;
  • Launch the game.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to uninstall Minecraft on Windows 10, and then reinstall it without losing any of your data!

Of course, the process works differently if you’re looking to learn how to delete Minecraft on a Mac or another platform.

Does uninstalling Minecraft delete worlds?

You may be worried about that, but the answer is no! At least, not with the method we mentioned.

Other methods to reinstall Minecraft

We mentioned earlier that there are many ways you can learn how to reinstall Minecraft. If you don’t fancy our preferred method, here are some other ways you can accomplish the same task:

  • Completely uninstall Minecraft: If you’re looking for a fresh start then you don’t need the hassle of saving your files. You can access the control panel on Windows 10 and go to “Uninstall a program”. This menu can also be directly located and opened from the search bar. Once the pop-up menu is shown, find the app and double-click to uninstall Minecraft. You can then download and reinstall it from the official site or another source.
  • Uninstaller Apps: You can even use third-party applications to delete Minecraft from your PC. The most popular apps like CCleaner have their own navigation menus where you can find options to uninstall Minecraft. Even most anti-virus software has this feature so all you need to do is explore a little.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of ways to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft. No matter which one you choose, you’ll end up with a fresh app that’s ready for your creative talents to be explored.

Just to reiterate, now that you know how do you reinstall Minecraft, there’s no need to be worried about losing data if you follow the mentioned steps.

Uninstalling Minecraft does not necessarily delete any of your progress in the game either. You can choose to create a copy of your saved data in the game at any point, and use it later to restore your data.

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