Best blender under 100

Best blender under 100

Affordable blenders today can have a great range of uses and functions, making them an exceptionally handy kitchen appliance. That is why we’re reviewing the best blender under 100 dollars.

It’s hard not to find a person who doesn’t love a smoothie. This power-packed treat can be made to absolutely anybody’s tastes and it can give you a boost of nutrients and energy.

In a hurry? Here’s our best tip:

The WantJoint WZ-200D offers a great all-round package. It’s a combined smoothie blender and food processor.

If you’re after an affordable blender, go for the Ninja Nutri BL480D. It’s very simple to operate and offers everything most people will ever need in a device like this.

If you are looking for your first inexpensive blender or if you want to replace your old smoothie blender, we are going to look at 6 of the best blenders under $100.

Table of Contents

  1. Best blender under 100 dollars
    1. Ninja Professional BL610
    2. WantJoin WZ-200D
    3. Ninja Nutri BL480D
    4. Jusseion WBL-002C
    5. Ninja Foodi SS101
    6. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender
  2. Smoothie blender – Buying Guide
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    1. What is a smoothie blender?
    2. How important is a food processor?
    3. Why don’t more personal blenders come with a whisk attachment?
    4. What is an immersion blender?
    5. Is a Vitamix blender worth it?
    6. Why does my frozen fruit get clogged?
  4. Wrap Up

Best blender under 100 dollars

With hectic schedules, it is becoming harder to find the time to cook healthy meals from fresh ingredients. Buying a personal blender has 2 advantages. You can save a huge amount of time on food preparation. You can also prepare healthy smoothies and frozen drinks for all of your family.

The right countertop blender for you will also be able to crush ice, handle frozen fruit, and allow you to have a versatile, creative kitchen appliance.

Conventional blenders and food processors can cost a small fortune. Luckily, you don’t need to spend hundreds to be able to make delicious smoothies and other healthy treats. Here we have taken a closer look at the features of 6 of the best blenders under $100 on the market today.

In the table below you’ll find different branding and specifications. If you want to know the price of the product, just click on the images and find them on Amazon:

Best blender under $100PowerBlender Jar CapacitySmoothie Blender Settings

Ninja Professional BL610

1000w72oz (64oz liquid capacity)4 manual, 4 automatic

WantJoin WZ-200D

1800w74oz7 functions


Ninja Nutri BL480D

1000w18oz and 24oz2 automatic, 2 manual


Jusseion WBL-002C

1200w18oz and 35ozBlend and Ultra-blend


Ninja Foodi SS101

1200wX2 24oz and a 14oz bowl4 automatic, 2 manual


Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

700w40oz glass jar4 buttons, 3 functions for each

Ninja Professional BL610

Click the image to check current price on Amazon!

Key features

  • 1000W powerful motor
  • Unique blade design
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe

This Ninja BL610 blender is 9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches with a 72oz plastic jar. You can use the Ninja blender to make smoothies, frozen drinks, ice cream, snow cones, purees, sauces, and salsas. The combination of the powerful motor and unique blade assembly makes it easy to crush and blend frozen fruit and raw vegetables.

It is definitely one of the simpler countertop blenders to use. There is a power button and three buttons to select low, medium, or high blending. There is a pulse function too. As well to the manual settings, there are 4 automatic programs.

The unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth and the jar is dishwasher safe. To keep your kitchen surfaces cleaner, there is an easy-pour tab on the lid of the jar. We like how all parts are BPA-free, making it even better for our health. The 25-recipe booklet is an extra bonus with the Ninja blender.


  • The jar doesn’t discolor in the dishwasher
  • It is powerful enough to blend hard vegetables like beets
  • The materials and durability are definitely professional grades


  • Some of the parts are awkward to clean by hand

WantJoin WZ-200D

Click the image to check current price on Amazon!

Key features

  • Combined smoothie blender and food processor
  • Powerful blender at 30,000 RPM
  • Hardened stainless-steel blade
  • Timer controlling up to 5 minutes

The WantJoin WZ-200D is 9.06 x 7.87 x 19.86 inches, and the thickened PC jar has a 74oz capacity. The multi-function smoothie maker has 7 functions: juicer, coffee grinder, baby food, ice-cream machines, and meat grinder.

This is on top of the smoothie blender and food processor. This powerful blender can handle hot soup, smoothie recipes, frozen fruit, and even raw fish.

The jar is made of thickened plastic, so it is ideal for those who prefer anti-fall materials. It is also BPA-free, scratch-resistant, and at anti-high temperatures. This smoothie blender can’t be put in the dishwasher.

Instead, you can fill it with water and use the pulse function to auto-clean. There are two large on/off buttons for power and pulse as well as two dial knobs for the timer and speed.


  • It takes just seconds to crush ice and blend frozen fruit
  • An excellent auto-clean function that actually works
  • It makes lovely nut butter and kinds of seed butter


  • The speed control is not the most reliable

Ninja Nutri BL480D

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Key features

  • Auto-iQ settings
  • Pro extractor blades
  • Nutrient extraction
  • Includes 2 Ninja blender cups

As a personal blender, the design is more compact at 15.5 x 6 x 6 inches. This budget blender will make smoothies in the cup so all you need to do is twist on one of the spout lids to take your smoothie with you. It comes with an 18oz cup and a 24oz cup.

The pro extraction blade assembly takes seconds to crush ice, seeds, skins, and stems. Nutrient extraction is perfect for those who love green smoothies.

The controls are very simple with start/stop, pulse, blend, and ultra-blend. You can also use the 2 preset Auto-iQ to make consistently delicious smoothies with the press of one button. The digital countdown timer shows you just how long until your smoothie is ready.

The plastic cups and lids are BPA-free and you can safely wash them in the dishwasher. This is also the least expensive blender on our list.


  • No signs of jamming with frozen fruit and nut butter is perfectly smooth
  • You can set it and just walk away
  • Ice cubes are completely crushed with no chunks left in the smoothie
  • Affordable blender


  • It’s rather loud for its size and power rating

Jusseion WBL-002C

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Key features

  • 1200W powerful motor
  • Smart touch digital display
  • 6-tooth blade assembly
  • Dual protection for added security

The first thing we loved about this smoothie blender is that it has small suction cups. That makes it a perfect countertop blender. It measures 15.3 x 10.7 x 7.8 inches, and you have larger portable jars as cups. This smoothie blender comes with an 18oz and a 35oz BPA-free cup, a spill-proof lid, and a sealed lid. The cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

The digital touch screen has easy-to-use, one-touch buttons. There is a programmable digital count-down timer, a blend button, and an ultra-blend. The one thing you will either love or hate is the lack of a pulse button. This is because the blending settings are automatically pulsing.

This is likely to stop the smoothie blender from overheating and provide you with more nutritious green smoothies. Icy drinks are a breeze with the 1200W powerful blender and 6-tooth blade assembly.


  • It’s a quiet smoothie maker, quieter than the Ninja blenders
  • The control panel is very easy to use
  • It does a good job on leafy greens


  • The durability of this smoothie maker is questionable

Ninja Foodi SS101

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Key features

  • 1200W smartTorque powerful blender
  • 4 Auto-iQ settings
  • High-grade stainless-steel blade assembly
  • 2 BPA-free cups and a bowl included

While this smoothie maker might be a little chunkier, it does make up for it in style. Overall, it measures 15.31 x 14.45 x 6.45 inches, but the sleek silver design and one-touch buttons look rather modern.

What is special about this Ninja blender is that it has separate settings for drinkable smoothies and spoonable smoothies for those thicker treats. You can make nut butter that is either crunchy or creamy, yogurt, frozen drinks, and green smoothies.

It takes no time to crush ice into snow thanks to the hybrid, high-grade stainless steel blade assembly. As well to the manual settings, you can set 4 programs to create your preferred smoothie with one press of a button. It comes with 2 24oz jars that can be used as cups with the spot lids plus a blending smoothies bowl with a storage lid.

All parts can be placed in the dishwasher. Ninja blender Nutrient Extraction is a great way to extract the most from leafy greens for those green smoothies.


  • Blending smoothies is incredibly fast
  • Great range of jars for smoothies on the go and frozen drinks and desserts
  • The suction cups make it even easier to walk away from this smoothie blender


  • It is the most expensive smoothie blender on the list

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Click the image to check current price on Amazon!

Key features

  • Personal blender and food processor
  • Wave Action System
  • Includes glass jar, travel jar, and 3-cup bowl
  • Easy clean function

A stunning personal blender at just 7.8 x 6.8 x 15.2 inches, the Hamilton Beach smoothie maker doubles up as a portable blender.

There are various combo options. You can choose the blender and hand mixer combo. This comes with a whisk attachment and still comes in at under $100.

You can make lots of recipes, such as smoothies, milkshakes, salsas, and icy drinks. As a food processor, you can dice, chop, slice, grind, grate, and shred. Ice cubes are crushed in seconds.

It can handle a range of foods like nuts for nut butter, vegetables, and cheese. Wave Action System pulls your ingredients down to the blade assembly for smoother results.

You will receive plenty of extras including a large, 3-cup bowl, a chopping s-blade, and a shredding/slicing disc. The 40oz glass jar is perfect for pleasing a crowd with your favorite smoothie or cocktail.

The 20oz plastic travel jar is BPA-free and has a leak-proof lid. To keep things clean, there is a no-mess pouring spout and well as an easy clean function on the smoothie blender. What’s more, all parts can go in the dishwasher.


  • It has a vent at the top in case you want to blend hot soup
  • Extremely affordable blender with multi-function performance
  • It’s fun and easy to use


  • While it is quieter than others, it does take longer when blending smoothies

Smoothie blender – Buying Guide

Portable blenders and countertop blenders are generally smaller than conventional ones. This makes them ideal kitchen appliances for smaller spaces and for storage.

The size of the smoothie maker probably won’t make much of a difference in your buying decision but consider the attachments. A larger blending jar, as well as other attachments, requires more storage space.

Some of the things we feel are essential when choosing a smoothie blender are the type of plastic and the ability to use it in a dishwasher. Today, there are numerous concerns about plastic and our health, so we recommend that all parts are BPA-free. Dishwasher use is quite important, especially if you are going to use your smoothie maker on a daily basis.

You will probably read many reviews that say these kitchen appliances are loud. This is the same for Kitchenaid blenders and Oyster blenders. In fact, generally speaking, anything over a 1000W powerful motor is going to be loud – depending on your definition of loud.

For quieter smoothie blending, you need a less powerful blender, like the Hamilton Beach. This doesn’t mean the results aren’t as smooth, it just might not be as fast.

The size of the jug (or jar) will also play a large role in your decision. Remember that 40oz is approximately 8 glasses. The jug size will also impact the size of the food you can put in and the amount of prep work you need to do beforehand. Big jugs are good but as a countertop blender, think of your space too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a smoothie blender?

It sounds like an obvious question but there is more to a blender than just making smoothies. Many countertop blenders will have similar functions to conventional blenders. Those might include chopping, shredding, slicing food, making hot soup, and spreads like nut butter.

Essentially, these personal blenders will take larger foods and process them into smaller pieces.

How important is a food processor?

Having a food processor is a great extra with your smoothie maker. Smoothie blenders are designed to turn solids into lovely icy drinks.

The powerful motor will leave everything in a smoothie texture. If you have a food processor, you can prepare fruit, vegetables, and cheese for other recipes. If you feel your family would use a food processor, it is well worth getting a multi-function personal blender.

Why don’t more personal blenders come with a whisk attachment?

A whisk attachment has limited uses and isn’t necessary for smoothies. The main use for a whisk attachment would be for eggs and a powerful blender would be overkill. For this, you would need a hand blender.

What is an immersion blender?

An immersion blender is the same as a hand blender. They are designed to blend food in the pot that is being used for cooking. A hand blender or immersion blender is good for purees and turning cooked ingredients into hot soups.

Is a Vitamix blender worth it?

Many feel that Vitamix blenders are some of the best on the market. They are powerful and well-built for durability. You can make practically anything in it from smoothies to hot soups, cake batter, dips, and nut butter.

Vitamix blenders can also heat food by using friction and not high-frequency waves. All this comes with a price tag, 3 or 4 times the price of our smoothie makers and up to $1000!

Why does my frozen fruit get clogged?

It is probably because of the order you put your smoothie ingredients into the blender. Start with the liquid (water or yogurt), then add the smaller ingredients, and last, the frozen fruit and ice cubes.

Wrap Up

Our list of the best blenders under $100 certainly shows that affordable blenders can do an amazing job at creating smoothie recipes for individuals and larger crowds. A 74oz jug might seem a little too much for some but remember your smoothies will last for a day or two in the fridge.

Whether you choose to use fresh or frozen fruit, all of these smoothie blenders have a powerful motor that will crush ice into fluffy snow for a variety of frozen drinks. A food processor attachment removes the need for a hand blender so you can prepare vegetables for soups and salsas, dips, and garnishes.

Some of the blenders, particularly the Ninja blenders have automatic settings. This is ideal if you want to add your ingredients and the blender does its job. Considering these powerful blenders often take just a minute or two to prepare a smoothie, you might not find this an essential feature.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender was impressive. The powerful motor was effective yet quiet. It comes with a food processor a large jug and a travel jar. All parts can go in the dishwasher and the base wiped done with a damp cloth, and the parts are BPA-free.  It’s compact and looks nice, easy to use, and is definitely an inexpensive blender.

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