Android Auto weather app

Android Auto weather app

Radio, music, podcasts, and the news keeps you connected with the contemporary world while using an Android Auto weather app that gets you informed of the weather you are going to face while traveling.

Having the weather forecast information on your car’s infotainment system screen can be extremely useful as you drive, whether it is on your daily commute or a cross-country road trip.

That is one of many advantages of being an Android user.

Table of Contents

  1. Why use a weather app
  2. Android Auto weather card and its limitations
  3. How to enable your Android Auto weather app
  4. Does Android Auto have weather radars?
  5. How to download weather apps
  6. What is Weatherology and how to download it
    1. Is Weatherology trustable?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
    1. What is the best weather app for Android Auto?
    2. My Android Auto weather app keeps crashing. How can I solve it?
    3. Can I get an Android Auto weather app on PC?
    4. Can I set my Android Auto weather app volume?
    5. Is there any weather radar app for Android Auto?
  8. Wrap Up

Bad weather can play havoc with your plans, especially when it is a surprise shower that had not been anticipated. It is safe to say that bad weather can be a dampener, both literally and figuratively.

Why use a weather app

Bad weather can be dangerous as it reduces the driver’s visibility and may cause vehicles to skid and potentially crash. This skidding creates a lot of safety issues and leads to a rise in weather-related accidents.

Having a weather channel app that displays the weather forecast while you drive helps you plan your trip around the weather to avoid any surprises.

This is especially useful for long road trips as you can see what the weather forecast is going to be; for all the locations you will be passing through, and take necessary precautions.

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Android Auto weather card and its limitations

When Android Auto app released its first major redesign, the weather card that was displayed on the screen along with the weather app disappeared.

Drivers weren’t able to access it or see the weather or temperature for the location that they were at.

However, Google took note of this, and soon, the temperature was displayed in the weather notifications near the connectivity and phone battery information.

So, Google Weather gives access to the outer temperature when you are on your way.

However, despite it being known as a weather app, it only displayed the temperature causing it to receive a lot of flak from disgruntled users.

Google then proceeded to add a weather update to it, following which the weather outside would be depicted pictorially by the app icon.

If it was sunny, there would be a sun weather icon and if it was cloudy, a cloud icon.

However, its utility is limited as it only shows you the current weather conditions.

How to enable your Android Auto weather app

You can enable the Android Auto Weather app by opening the app launcher in the car, tapping on the settings menu, and unlocking your phone to find the weather toggle.

You can then enable it or disable it based on your preference.

Alternatively, you can use Google Home to help you out with this, using voice command. All you need to do is activate Google Assistant and ask your question.

You can get real-time, detailed updates and also ask for follow-ups on the information you’ve been given.

Android Auto weather app

Does Android Auto have weather radars?

Unfortunately, Android Auto is not built to display weather radars and there is no Android Auto weather radar app. A weather radar is an instrument used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, intensity, and guess its type (rain, hail, snow).

While weather radars are popular among weather buffs and are available on your Android phone, you cannot find it on Android Auto.

Many speculate that this is because of its ability to cause significant distraction and increase the risk of an accident.

How to download weather apps

Given that Android Auto has an in-built weather app, there are almost no weather forecasting apps on the Google Play Store that are compatible with Android Auto.

Though, there are many Android apps for the weather info as a weather channel but not specifically for Android Auto. However, Weatherology is one of such compatible apps.

Except for Weatherology, there are some other weather apps that support Android. Which are Carrot Weather, Weather Widget, Yahoo Weather, Weather Underground, and Weather Wiz.

But the condition to have these Android weather apps is that you must have either a Samsung Android smartphone or any Android with an updated OS version. Also, you must also have weather maps or navigation apps on your phone.

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What is Weatherology and how to download it

Weatherology is the first weather app that fully integrates into your home through Alexa, and with your car, through Android Auto. It comes with a beautiful, easy to use interface. With accurate weather updates, it also features the latest emergency reports, including severe weather alerts, advisories, bulletins, and watches.

Their patent-pending technology also conveys audio weather reports wherever you are. Weatherology is voice-activated and can be used anywhere – your home, your car, or just on your phone.

The weather reports are delivered by real people. You can choose between your favorite weather talents, and they provide you with real-time weather updates.

Is Weatherology trustable?

Weatherology has amazing coverage and is accurate no matter where you are. It also includes features such as projected snowfall maps for outdoor enthusiasts, up-to-the-minute road conditions and warnings when the rods are wet, snow-covered or icy.

When using Android Auto, you can go hands-free and use voice controls to get the latest weather information. This Android app was specifically designed to run on an Android device. You can download it from Google Play Store.

This app also has an up-to-the-minute radar that zooms into your location with storm vectors to help, illustrate the movement of a storm and its location. It is quick loading, ensuring that there is no delay in passing information on. However, you cannot view the radar on the car display, you will have to access it by using your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the best weather app for Android Auto?

Weatherology is considered by many as the best weather app you can get for Android Auto. It is very accurate and has an amazing coverage but offers even more: it is compatible with voice commands, and you can use it in your home as well through Alexa personal assistant.

My Android Auto weather app keeps crashing. How can I solve it?

If any Android Auto application keeps crashing, then it might be due to files stored in cache memory getting corrupted. The best try to solve the problem is by clearing the application cache and data. If it doesn’t solve the issue, check for any new updates that might do it.

Can I get an Android Auto weather app on PC?

There are specific weather apps designed for computers, both for Windows and Mac. You can download awesome apps like MSN weather or MyRadar from Microsoft Store, as well as Radar Live or Carrot Weather for your Mac device.

Can I set my Android Auto weather app volume?

Yes. Taking Weatherology as an example, you can set the volume for the real-time audio weather reports and emergency weather notifications.

Is there any weather radar app for Android Auto?

Unfortunately no. A radar may be seen as a possible distraction when driving, so it is not allowed just the same way you can’t officially use video player applications with Android Auto.

Wrap Up

It isn’t safe to say that no one needs another weather app when they have Google’s built-in weather app. The Android weather app displays the temperature and the current weather constantly for you but doesn’t feature a future forecast.

There are more complete apps like Weatherology. Though there is no Android Auto weather radar. A weather app can help you minimize the risk of driving during bad weather, ensuring you get to your destination safely.

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