Is the Tesla Model S Android Auto and CarPlay capable? What about the Model X?

tesla model s android auto

Is it possible to have a Tesla Model X or a Tesla Model S Android Auto capable? Breaking grounds by electrification of an automobile, Tesla is the car of the 21st century. With cutting-edge technology, electric powertrain, and the most extended range, numerous features make Tesla one of its kind.

While the exterior design catches everybody’s attention, the in-car features of a Tesla vehicle are no less impressive. One of the highlights of its in-car features is the large infotainment unit. Tesla’s dashboard is built around a 17-inch touchscreen head unit that embodies a tablet device in all prospects.

A bunch of tech is also included. Features like adaptive cruise control, regenerative braking, electric and heated passenger and driver’s seat, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, blind spot monitoring, an advanced climate control, and the Model-X even offers motorized and sensor operated “Falcon wing rear doors” each one featuring more than one electric motor.

Tesla automaker is famous among car manufacturers for gifting easter eggs to its user community by burying specific software and hardware features. It would help if you dug deeper to enjoy features ranging from disco lights to ludicrous mode.

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

The pictures shown throughout the article are actually from the more modern Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model S and X don’t feature Android Auto or CarPlay

While there are many unique features Tesla has to offer, there are some setbacks. One of the biggest is the non-integration of smartphone devices.

Yes, you read it right. Be it either an Apple or an Android device, Tesla’s high-tech infotainment does not support any smartphone or tablet device. That’s right, there are no Tesla Model S Android Auto features or Apple CarPlay integration to pair your Android phone or iPhone.

So if you own either Model S or Model X electric vehicle, you cannot integrate your device into your infotainment system as both have similar head units.

The primary motive behind Apple’s CarPlay app and Google’s Android Auto was to enable users for devices used in a driving-friendly manner. By keeping certain features restricted, these apps make sure that you enjoy your device and drive safely and with fewer distractions.

Tesla has tried to match its infotainment experience to what a smartphone offers, by adding features ranging from GPS navigation to games and video apps. However, Tesla has undoubtedly undermined the fact that countless third-party apps within each segment make smart devices a consumer’s best friend today.

If you still wish for a miracle to magically connect your phone with your Tesla Model S or X, then we have got you covered.

In this article, we are walking you through one miraculous way to enjoy your device on your Tesla vehicles.

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Table of Contents

  1. Tesla Model S and X don’t feature Android Auto or CarPlay
  2. Smartphone mirroring kit for Teslas Model S and X
    1. What is a smartphone mirroring kit?
    2. Installation
    3. How does it work?
  3. Smartphone mirroring kit for iPhone
  4. Smart Phone Mirroring Kit for Android
  5. Wrap Up

Smartphone mirroring kit for Teslas Model S and X

A Smartphone mirroring kit is the magic pill you all have been waiting for. A Smartphone mirroring kit is by far the sole solution to connect your device to your Tesla electric car. However, this kit is not a Tesla software substitute for Car Play or Android Auto.

What is a smartphone mirroring kit?

A Smartphone mirroring kit is a set of hardware tools and instruments. The kit consists of an HDMI interface, CAN bus decoder, and a set of cables. The smartphone mirroring kit needs to be installed within your car’s dashboard manually.


The installation of a smartphone mirroring kit in your Tesla car requires little effort. First, you need to prepare both tools, i.e. HDMI interface and CAN bus decoder by fitting matching connectors.

After that, you need to locate the OBD2 connector and backup camera harness within your car’s dashboard. The final step is to join tools to your panel and voila! You are all set to enjoy your device within your car’s infotainment system.

Key Features:

A Smartphone mirroring kit enables you to mirror your device’s screen onto your infotainment screen. The key features of the smartphone mirroring kit are:

  • Neither restrict nor customize any of your device’s features or apps;
  • Allows enjoying all device features and apps at the ease of a more prominent display;
  • Enables to mirror third-party apps supported neither by Car Play nor Android Auto;
  • 1080p Full-HD video definition;
  • Improved customization by featuring a movable window within the built-in user interface;
  • Plug and play installation requiring no built-in modifications;
  • Compatible with all Tesla S and X models;
  • Video and audio through your Tesla’s infotainment screen and sound system;
  • Full reversible if needed to be removed.

How does it work?

A Smartphone mirroring kit as the name suggests mirrors your phone’s screen to your car’s infotainment screen by displaying your phone’s screen in a camera window on your infotainment system.

Is Tesla Model 3 Apple CarPlay a thing

Smartphone mirroring kit for iPhone

  • Tap ^ on the bottom menu bar of your infotainment system;
  • Select CAMERA from the pulled-up menu;
  • The backup camera image window is opened;
  • To display the phone image, press and hold the MENU button on the steering wheel control;
  • The phone image is mirrored within the camera window on your infotainment screen.

Smart Phone Mirroring Kit for Android

To mirror the phone screen on your Android, you can either opt for traditional cable options, or you can use wireless devices.

To operate or perform any function, you need to access your phone device. Remember that the smartphone mirroring kit does not support any voice guidance or factory controls like joysticks or touchscreens.

The smartphone mirroring kits are offered by two brands in the market today. One is the Beat Sonic USA, and the other is Extreme Autowerks. Click to learn more about their particular features.

Does Tesla Model 3 have Apple CarPlay

Wrap Up

While Tesla is much more advanced and a step ahead of its competitors in the infotainment segment, the absence of a phone integration feature proves to be a significant drawback.

Tesla’s competitor carmakers have already opened their doors for phone integration during the last decade. It is high time for Tesla to realize that in today’s age, any system isn’t charming enough to substitute our personal cell phones. After all, a smartphone is a consumer’s first personal go-to choice.

But fortunately, now you know how to make a Tesla Model X or a Tesla Model S Android Auto capable of your convenience and improved security while driving.

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