How to number pages in Google Docs

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Wondering how to number pages in Google Docs? If so, stay with us as we’ll be focusing on that in this article. It sounds like something very simple but it’s a thing that may drive you crazy at a first glance.

Adding page numbers is something that should only take a couple of seconds. After reading this, it will! If you are new to Google Docs or want to learn a bit more about formatting, this article is the next in our series containing all your need to know about page numbers in Google Docs.

How to number pages in Google Docs?

When and where to place your page numbers in Google Docs will depend on the type of document you are creating. If you are writing a thesis or dissertation following the APA Style, you should begin on the title page.

The number 1 doesn’t actually appear on the title page but the second page of your document will start with 2. Numbers are placed in the top right-hand corner. Continue to number the pages, even with the appendices.

If you are formatting a book, there are two general rules. You can place your numbers in the outer margin at the top or bottom. Alternatively, they can be centered at the bottom of the page. For business plans, numbers should be in the bottom right-hand corner.

How to add page numbers on Google Docs

How to insert page numbers in Google Docs? From the Google Doc you are working up, navigate up to the “Insert” tab, and scroll down to “Page Numbers”

How to number pages in Google Docs

You will notice there are 4 quick options:

  • Starting on title page top right-hand corner;
  • Starting on title page bottom right-hand corner;
  • Starting on the second page with number 1, top right-hand side;
  • Starting on the second page with number 1, bottom right-hand side.

We have chosen the bottom right-hand side. The page number now comes up in a footer. As soon as you click off the footer, the text will disappear leaving just the number.

How to number pages in Google Docs

Alternative ways to number pages in Google Docs

When you click on the top of your Google Doc, a header tab will open.  The options button has a drop-down menu with Page numbers as a choice. When you click on “Page numbers”, a More Options window will open.

We will look at this window in the next section. If you click on the bottom of the page, a footer will appear with the same option.

How to number pages in Google Docs

The good thing about this option is that your page numbers will appear wherever you leave your cursor.

How do you change the starting page number in Google Docs?

Let’s say for some reason, you want to create part 2 of a Google Doc but you want to continue with the same page numbers as Part 1. You can choose any number for your title page. Go back to “Insert” and then “Page numbers”. Now click on “More options”.

How to number pages in Google Docs

The first thing you can change in “More options” is the position of your numbers, header, or footer. By ticking the box underneath, you can choose to show the number on the first page or not.

Finally, there is a box under Numbering. Type in the page number you wish to appear on the title page and click apply. We have chosen to start on page 3.

If you deselect the “Show on first page” box, the title page won’t have a number. Instead, the second page begins with page number 4.

Remember if you go back to insert page numbers and choose a different setting, you will end up with two sets of page numbers. So, you should remove the first set of numbers before adding the second.

How to delete page numbers in Google Docs

If you want to delete page numbers so that you can add others in a different position, start by double-clicking in the footer/header area. The number will appear highlighted in gray.

How to number pages in Google Docs

Press the delete button on your keyboard and the page numbers will be removed.

How to centralize page numbers in Google Docs

Centralizing page numbers in Google Docs is similar to deleting them. Double-click on the header/footer so that the page numbers are highlighted gray.

How to number pages in Google Docs

Select the alignment option and click on “Central”. All of your page numbers will move to the center of your document.

Wrap Up

Gone are the days of trying to add a separate number to each page in your document. With Google Docs, you can make your official documents look more professional in just a few clicks.

We would recommend checking where your Google Doc page number should go before choosing an option, only because it will save you a little time. If you don’t have to follow any guidelines, you can have a bit of fun choosing the best location for your document.