It’s better than Tinder: Which app?

Grindr for girls does it exist

Is there any app that you can say it’s better than Tinder? Stay with us and keep on reading to find out the answer!

In this modern techy world, everything has come online and is on the brink of our fingertips.

Humans being socially gullible and requiring human interaction has led to dating going online as well in the 21st century.

Mobile Dating apps have been a thing for a decade now. Online dating has received a lot of attraction, the most popular of them all, and we’re sure everyone has heard of it is: Tinder.

Tinder received a lot of attention early on in its release in 2012. It made e-dating easier, and everyone seemed to find what they were looking for.

But with all the fuss around Tinder, it isn’t a “perfect” app. It has now turned into an easy hookup platform and is only good for one-night stands.

Table of Contents

  1. It’s better than Tinder: Which app?
    1. Bumble
    2. OkCupid
    3. Facebook Dating
    4. Coffee Meets Bagel
    5. PlentyofFish
    6. Hinge
    7. The League
    8. Happn
    9. Her
    10. Grindr
    11. Elite Singles
    12. Now
  2. Wrap Up

It’s better than Tinder: Which app?

If you’re tired of phishing, scammers, fake profiles, Tinder bots, and uninteresting daters, we’ll name some apps which we believe are better than Tinder.

Whether you are looking for a casual relationship, on the lookout to make new friends, going on a potential date, or just finding the love of your life, we’ve got you covered.


First on the list is Bumble, a Tinder alternative. In 2014, we have been introduced to a “female-oriented” dating platform called Bumble and it garnered a lot of attention.

At the time, it was the only application that catered toward women. It was also developed by one of the ex-employees at Tinder.

Bumble has a better male-to-female ratio than Tinder. Tinder is crowded with men while it has almost an equal ratio on Bumble.

As a female, if you’ve been on Tinder, then you must have had several DM’s from random guys spatting around random texts that are less charming and more creepy.

But on Bumble, only women can text first and there’s a time margin for one to reply at first i.e., 24 hours.

If you were a Tinder user, the swipe feature of Bumble will look similar to that introduced in Tinder. If you’re interested in an individual, you can proceed to “swipe right”. If an individual doesn’t interest you then you “swipe left”.

Unlike Tinder, however, there is no swipe limit for Bumble, meaning that you can get the benefits of the paid versions of the Tinder app for free here.

Bumble like its counterpart Tinder, is also free to use. You can sign up using your phone number or an email address.

Like Tinder, it is a location-based mobile app and there is a swipe and match system.

For added features, there are premium subscriptions that were introduced by Tinder, for example, Tinder Plus, Tinder gold, etc.

When you’re a Bumble user, you’ll be presented with two variants with added features, namely Bumble Boost at 14.99$ / month and Bumble Premium at 32.99$ / month.

Even though they are priced a little more than Tinder, hey, at least profiles on the app are real.

With a much better chatting system than Tinder, Bumble also provides us with its filters.

If you aren’t on the app looking for your real-life counterpart, you can find new friends using Bumble BFF or meet new professionals and network through Bumble Bizz.

The only downside is that you can only use one mode at a time.

Who knows whether you find your next client on Bumble Bizz or your new bestie for the rest of your life on Bumble BFF? So, have fun “Bumble-ing”. Available on iOS and Android.


OkCupid is also another online dating app. It has a much easier-to-use interface than Tinder.

With people being very selective these days, this app allows users to be more creative with their profiles.

There is a personality quiz to express more of yourself on OkCupid. Although the personality quiz is a lengthy one, completing the quiz should provide you with matches that have the highest potential of being your future partner.

Although OkCupid doesn’t have swiping features, it has a like-based system. Instead of swiping left or right, individuals get to like the profiles they are interested in.

The design, although similar to swiping, works well with OkCupid’s quiz-based assessment of individuals.

It's better than Tinder

You can still find matches and chat with them without filling out the large questionnaire entirely. You get unlimited likes and zero ads with OkCupid Premium which sells at 39.99$.

As some users have said, Ok Cupid has enhanced the ultimate dating experience.

Matching with other singles with similar interests has been made easier through this popular app. Available on Android and iOS.

Facebook Dating

Facebook, being one of the most popular apps in the world has also introduced Facebook dating in 20 countries.

A separate dating account is created for you which doesn’t notify your mutual friends on the main account, keeping anonymity.

There is also a secret crush matching feature in which you can add your “crush” friend in the section and if they add you too, voila it’s a match.

Facebook dating is being integrated into the free app and with more countries getting access to it, surely people will also hop on the bus.

Coffee Meets Bagel

With such a creatively amazing name as this, Coffee Meets Bagel is a culinary dating delight for the many people on the app.

Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t your Tinder-esk dating site, and most people on it are seeking a much more serious long-term relationship. If you’re doing the same, you must give this app a go.

Unlike Tinder, you don’t have to scroll down and swipe on hundreds of profiles waiting on a match instead you are presented with interesting matches called “Bagels” every day.

The app also caters to a much older audience than Tinder. It is very simple to use and is not at all overwhelming for new users as well.

Even though it is a free dating app, you can pay a small amount a month for added benefits. It is available on iOS and Android.


With a very large community of 150 Million people, PlentyofFish is a casual dating app for users seeking meaningful conversations.

It has a much more versatile community than that of Tinder and there’s always plenty of fish in the pool to communicate and conversate with.

It's better than Tinder

PlentyofFish gives its user an exquisite experience and you will find what you are looking for, whether it is someone to talk with, a casual hookup, date, relationship, finding new friends with similar mutual interests, or meeting new people in general.

The app is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple Store. As the name suggests there is plenty of fish to catch, so hop on the app, and enjoy your time.


Another app for individuals seeking meaningful relationships is Hinge. Its quirky tagline “designed to be deleted” means that this dating profile will not be required for long.

Unlike Tinder, Profiles aren’t only appearance-based and a bunch of pictures, there is a lot more personality.

Even though the personality quiz isn’t as in-depth as OkCupid’s, Hinge profiles are detailed and who knows whether you find the one on this app. So, be on the lookout!

10 potential matches every day which you are given a choice to like, chat, comment, etc. The pay-on premium version allows the user with more matches as well.

The League

The League markets itself around professionals and highly talented rich individuals. So, if you’re someone equal in caliber to yourself in life, you must try this app.

It's better than Tinder

The League is only for the upper-echelon and has filtered out everyone else. The League profiles are like one’s LinkedIn profile.

Your profile is then reviewed and if you’re in, you’re in and hopefully, you’ll find someone who’ll make your life better.


Happn is one of those geo-location-based apps. Happn helps users meet new individuals that happen to live or work closely. The nearby profiles are shown first and expand over to the radius of 55 miles.

Grindr app for straights does it exist

Happn also sells a premium version at 24.99$ a month and gives you a lot more control over your profile and status and many more. “When Tinder fails, Happn happens”.


Her is the most popular dating app among lesbian and queer individuals. With a community of over 4 million people, when Tinder fails you as a queer or lesbian, Her will be there to save the day.

This app is only available in a few countries but if you belong to them, you must give Her a go.


Grindr is the gay alternative to Tinder. It is the best dating app for gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals providing better matches than Tinder.

Many online dating apps exist for LGBTQ+ but Grindr is the most popular among those.

You can make a profile very easily and find matches quite early on. You won’t have to second guess everyone’s sexuality.

Finding your potential match and knowing them better has been made easier through Grindr.

It's better than Tinder

Grindr XTRA is the Tinder Gold version of Grindr. It makes your matchmaking more efficient and quicker. Available on iOS and Android.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles provides a very comfortable dating experience for individuals who are between 30 and 55.

This app was created for educated individuals and professionals who are looking for settling down with someone.

You will have no teenage hassle on this app and with millions of individuals on this app, you might find your perfect match.

Elite Singles offers its services in more than 20 countries and claims to create about 2000 new couples every month.

Black Tinder

It is one of the UK’s best online dating sites for older individuals looking for serious and long-term commitments.

It caters to both men and women and has personality quizzes and you are sure to get daily matches.


Now, as is suggested by its name, helps its users get to know and meet the individuals they are interested in very early on.

Now is made for people who are ready to date now. It encourages its users to get to meet the person in real life very early on.

Unlike some experiences on Tinder where you converse with an individual for months and never get to meet them.

Now has a 2-hour chat + invite out feature which allows you to set up a date mutually.

Now has helped ease up the process of getting your “relationship” to the first date.

Wrap Up

If you are fed up and tired of the Tinder community, there are always other dating applications out there that will fulfill your need.

Tinder was a front-running e-dating application for a while but has long lost its zest over time.

We’ve mentioned several Tinder alternatives which we deem provide better features and facilitate some other communities much better than Tinder.

The modern era of e-dating is never going to come to an end, and there are millions if not billions of people on the internet every day, who knows you might find the love of your life on the internet through one of these apps better than Tinder.

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