Meeting someone from Tinder in person – What to do?

Meeting someone from Tinder in person

If you have been thinking about meeting someone from Tinder in person but you carry a lot of doubts and concerns, don’t miss this article.

We’ll be covering a lot of helpful tips and tricks in that matter.

Tinder is the world’s most popular and well-known dating platform. It was also a pioneering app in the online dating service.

Launched on a college campus far back in 2012, it has now been downloaded more than 340 million times and is available in almost 200 countries and in more than 40 languages.

Tinder functions in a pretty simple and straightforward approach: you swipe right to indicate you’re interested, or you swipe left if you don’t.

If another person does a right swipe on you, both are matched and you can begin chatting with one another. Easy!

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

The dating app is accessible through a mobile app for iPhone and Android and also through a web browser on a computer.

Bear in mind that you first need to install the hookup app on your mobile device to register your account and start using the dating platform.

Anyone can sign up and use the basic Tinder for free. You also have the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

Table of Contents

  1. Meeting someone from Tinder in person – What to do?
    1. Come clear about your expectations
    2. Get to know your Tinder match first
    3. Check their social media
    4. Get ready for the date
    5. Don’t accept the invitation to carpool
    6. Meet in a public place
    7. Be polite and focus on the other person
    8. Avoid mentioning politics or religion
    9. Make eye contact
    10. Smile
    11. Be yourself
  2. What if things don’t work out well?

Meeting someone from Tinder in person – What to do?

When you are finally having your first meeting with someone you’ve been chatting with on Tinder, it’s expected to experience some insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

Especially if you are a recent online dater. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to those uncomfortable feelings.

What if the potential match doesn’t look like what is shown in the photos?

What if the person is completely different from what is expected?

What if the connection both of you had over Tinder isn’t there offline?

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Come clear about your expectations

Be clear about your true intentions when you’re meeting someone. Whether you’re after a one-night-stand with casual sex, a long-term relationship, or just friendship.

Telling what you’re up to and knowing what to expect will make the whole process less confusing for both.

Get to know your Tinder match first

Meeting with someone you just had a 5-minute chat with may be a little rash. Do not hurry too much.

Having extensive conversations is a fine way to assess compatibility.

Acknowledge what they are like, where they are in life, if you have common interests, and if it’s worth your time to go on a date with the new person.

It’s astonishingly frustrating to go meet someone and almost instantly get the picture that the person is “not for you”.

Despite all that has been said, don’t judge someone’s personality just by their texting etiquette.

Use it to get some clues and to take a general idea of your match.

Check their social media

Unfortunately, fake profiles are a well-known reality in dating apps like Tinder.

Before meeting someone, check for their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles.

Most Tinder users will have nothing against sharing their social media as that will add a layer of credibility.

Unless they’re behind a fake Tinder profile or with a fake profile picture.

You may suggest video chat too via Facetime or through other messaging apps.

Also, it will help you learn a little bit more about your potential partner – showing other sides of her / him.

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Get ready for the date

Choose an appropriate outfit, depending on your age and personal taste. Be elegant and don’t forget your clothes shouldn’t stand out more than you – less is more.

Put on some cologne and fix your hair. The first impression is the one that tends to persist.

Don’t accept the invitation to carpool

Don’t trust someone you are still about to meet. If possible, drive yourself or take public transportation to the meeting place.

If your date picks you up at home, he would find out where you live and will also have control over where you two are going.

It can put you in an uncomfortable ore even in a potentially dangerous situation.

Meet in a public place

As a safeguard measure, it is a clever idea to meet in a public place. You may suggest a coffee shop or a park you’re familiar with.

Having other people around can be helpful if you feel unsafe or fear something may go wrong during your date. This way you’ll experience more comfort and less nervousness.

Go with something simple! A cappuccino at Starbucks or an ice cream at a local ice cream parlor sounds like a good starting point.

Also, choosing something simple for your first meeting will allow you to raise standards on future dates.

It’s ok to give up if your virtual date is trying insistently to get you to meet them somewhere you don’t feel safe.

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Be polite and focus on the other person

Get your attention focused on your Tinder date and be as present as possible. Mute your phone and keep from using it. Being on your phone during a date is rude.

Ask for their personal likings – that will not only show how interested you are but will also help you know your potential date a lot better.

Make sure to bring up conversations that you had beforehand.

This way you’ll collect conversation starters so that you can be glowing with confidence and have subjects to talk about throughout the meeting.

Be a good listener, don’t monopolize the conversation. Try to be true when talking about yourself. Remember: lies are short-lived.

Avoid mentioning politics or religion

Politics and religion are sensible matters. Everyone has different political opinions and religious points of view. It is best to bring these subjects up at a later point.

Make eye contact

It is very important when you’re first meeting someone. One period of eye contact may be enough to know whether both you and your possible future partner have an emotional or physical connection, or not.

Avoiding eye contact is a sign that you may want to avoid connection and you may not be up to a second date.


Smiling is contagious. It can easily lift the mood and lower stress levels. It will definitely get your first date started on the right note.

Be yourself

Act naturally. Don’t try to behave too differently than how you would usually do with another person. Using your sense of humor may be catchy – love thrives with laughter – but don’t overplay it.

The same can be said about teasing. To some extent, it can be very attractive and can really boost your flirting process.

But there is a huge difference between light, flirtatious teasing, and negging. Negging someone on a first date will likely cut off all your chances with that person.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

What if things don’t work out well?

It is perfectly fine if things don’t “click” with your Tinder date when you finally met personally. Maybe the person is not up to what you were expecting for some reason.

The meeting was boring and empty, the person revealed a character or values opposed to yours. Or there was no physical attractiveness.

If that happens, you don’t have to try to make it work and stick with the person for whatever reason.

Be honest and tell your date your true feelings. The worst you can do is to give false expectations.

Wrap Up

Online dating can be wondrous, and Tinder is one of the best choices you can opt for to meet the girl, the woman, or the man of your dreams.

Knowing how to behave when you’re finally going to meet the potential partner in person, is a key ingredient.

Be clear about your intentions, whether you’re after a casual hookup or a relationship.

Get to know well the single person you’re about to meet, be careful, do the right moves, and don’t fake anything, just be yourself.

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