How to unmatch on Tinder

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

If you’ve matched with some profile but don’t want to keep the connection any further, stay with us and learn how to unmatch on Tinder without effort.

Tinder was revolutionary in the world of dating platforms. It swapped the way people date online with a completely new approach.

Instead of browsing profiles for hours searching for someone you may like, with this app you just need to swipe right on those you like and swipe left on the ones you don’t.

The dating app shows you profile cards based on your preferences. When two “daters” have swiped right, each other’s profiles are deemed to match and both can begin a conversation.

You can download the Tinder app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, whether you’re using an Android device or if you’re an iOS user. The app’s basic plan is free.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Despite the base option, you can subscribe to some Tinder paid plans to access a lot of other hidden and useful features.

You have Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum at your disposal, depending on which features you require.

Statistics revealed that there are 50 million active users on the app, and they check their Tinder account 11 times per day, spending on average 90 daily minutes with the application.

Table of Contents

  1. How to unmatch on Tinder
    1. How to unmatch?
  2. Why unmatch someone?
  3. Reporting someone on Tinder
  4. Wrap Up

How to unmatch on Tinder

Tinder is used by millions, and every single one has a unique approach and a motivation to be using the app.

Many users are there just looking for a one-night-stand partner, others are seeking true love, a long-term relationship, while some are using Tinder just to make friends and share common interests.

Swiping right and matching with a new person is exciting. And when the Tinder user is pleasing to our eyes, we start to anticipate a wonderful opportunity with this potential date.

Unfortunately, not everything is as good as it looks, and the expectations often fall along with the progress of conversations.

How to unmatch?

Keep in mind that whether you have an Android phone or an iOS, the steps remain the same for each.

From now on, the unmatched profile will not be able to contact you on Tinder ever again.

Since unmatching is considered the equivalent of blocking someone, then make sure you really do not want to hear from someone before unmatching them on Tinder.

Unmatching is easy. In Tinder, when you come into contact with someone you no longer want to be connected with, the way to go is to unmatch with them.

  • Start by launching the Tinder app;
How to unmatch on Tinder

  • Search for the messages icon on the bottom bar and click it;

  • Find the profile you’re willing to unmatch and select it;

  • The chat window with the conversation you’re having with that person will open;
  • In the upper right corner, tap the shield icon;

  • The “Safety Toolkit” menu will pop up;

  • Select “Unmatch Only”;

  • If the person has been rude or if you suspect anything is not right with the profile, you may opt for “Report & Unmatch”;

  • Then you have to confirm your action, taping on “Yes, Unmatch” when the prompt appears;

  • It’s all done! The selected user is now unmatched and you can’t contact each other anymore.

Note: Tapping the unmatch option means the person will be gone forever, and there’s no possible way of reversing the lost matches. If you feel 100% sure that you no longer want to talk to this match, then unmatch them all the way.

Why unmatch someone?

There may be a bunch of reasons to unmatch with someone.

Most people on Tinder are probably just like you: educated, respectful, and genuinely trying to find a good match.

But there may be a minority that is disrespectful, and rude.

  • Inappropriate behavior

You only know the other person when you get to chat with them. And conversations may take a turn for the worse. If the person is acting rude and unpleasant, it uses abusive language, unmatching is the way to go.

  • Lack of empathy

Also, it is quite common to find out that there is no connection with that potential partner you’ve been talking with. You don’t share the same interests, the same values, and goals in life. You feel like you’ve reached a dead, end and that’s a great reason to let it go.

  • Different goals

If both have different motivations, i.e. one of you is after an emotional connection, a relationship, and the other is just seeking sex. There is no point in keeping the link.

  • Match by mistake

You might also have mistakenly done a right swipe on a person’s profile without checking it out first. So, unmatching the profile will undo your action and tidy up your match queue.

  • Ghosting

Another common motive is when the one who you matched with is not responding to your Tinder messages. If there isn’t any interest on their side, it’s pointless to keep the match.

  • Catfishing

Unfortunately, there are many fake profiles on Tinder. When someone only has one photo, especially if there is no other information in their biography, that is suspicious. Usually, fake profiles have photos of a really cute girl or guy, often models, and look professionally done – not natural.

  • They ask for money

Isn’t it a coincidence that their mother had a driving accident and needs YOUR financial aid right after you matched with them?

Asking for personal information, phone numbers, or money right away is the biggest red flag that there is in online dating. We won’t be going into detail here.

If they ask for money, just hit that unmatch button right away, and don’t forget to report them as well.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Reporting someone on Tinder

Much like every other notable social media platform, Tinder has taken proper steps to live up to its name and provide its users with a safe and secure place where they may hook up, make friends, date, or just spend a good time.

Tinder has also added security features to ensure people who disrupt this order are banned permanently.

However, troublemakers can still disguise themselves and trap other users on the platform.

If you believe the person you want to unmatch is someone dangerous, it’s best to report them instead of just unmatching them.

To do that, simply choose the “Report and Unmatch” button.

Wrap Up

The Tinder application is different from other online dating platforms even in the way it lets the user get rid of other unwanted profiles.

There is no blocking ability, however, when unmatching with someone, that person won’t be able to be texting you anymore.

Also, your profile will not appear to them ever again.

There are many reasons that may lead you to use the unmatch feature.

Don’t be afraid of using it whenever you feel it’s appropriate. After all, you’re using the app for your own good, not to fulfill each other’s egos or to get you down.

And more, it is good to have our match list tidied up from time to time.

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