My Tinder match disappeared after a message

Tinder match disappeared after message

Let’s say you’ve been chatting with someone, and that potential Tinder match disappeared after a message.

Why did that happen? We’ll get into that in today’s article.

Tinder was launched on a college campus far back in 2012. It is a popular dating app, and today it is the most used online dating service.

It has now been downloaded more than 340 million times, and it is available in almost 200 countries and in more than 40 languages.

There are other famous dating platforms like the Bumble app and Coffee Meets Bagel. However, Tinder is still preferred.

One of the keys to its success is simplicity. If you’re interested in someone you swipe right, or you swipe left if you don’t.

When both swipe right in each other’s profile there is a match and the chatting is allowed to begin.

What are Tinder Top Picks

You can use Tinder on your mobile device (Android or iPhone), as well as on your computer through the app’s web version that you can access by going to

The Tinder application is free and it can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google’s Play Store.

There’s no credit card information needed in order to create an account.

Single users can simply sign up and start swiping within moments.

Although, it offers a bunch of great extra features you have to pay for to use. Those features are offered with Tinder’s paid plans: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

Table of Contents

  1. My Tinder match disappeared after a message
    1. Tinder is bugging
    2. You’ve accidentally unmatched them
    3. You’ve been unmatched
    4. Your match deleted their account
    5. Your match has been deleted by Tinder
    6. That person was a bot
  2. How to get your Tinder match back?
    1. Soft reset
    2. Hard reset
    3. 3-month reset
  3. Wrap Up

My Tinder match disappeared after a message

One of the most unpleasant things that you may experience on Tinder is when you’ve been chatting with a nice potential match and all of the sudden, when you open the app to carry on with the Tinder chats, that nice guy or girl is no longer there.

You do not know what happened neither you can recall doing something wrong. We’ll go through the top reasons that may have triggered that situation.

What is Tinder Top Picks

Tinder is bugging

It is most likely a technical glitch with the app if you are unable to see any of your matches on your match queue, as it is fairly unlikely that all of them got banned or were deleted at once.

You can also tell that there is a temporary Tinder bug when you see a match disappearing but then they reappear shortly after.

These situations are far from uncommon.

Don’t mess with the app settings. Whenever this happens, try logging off and on again and rebooting Tinder.

You’ve accidentally unmatched them

You may have been careless and unconsciously unmatched them from the match list.

It’s easy to unmatch with someone by simply swiping left over the person’s name, and an unmatched feature will pop up.

This can be done by accident, especially if you’re clearing out an old Tinder message.

You’ve been unmatched

Unmatching on dating sites is more common than you may think. It can be a hard pill to swallow, but let’s face it, this is the most likely reason why your match is gone.

An interesting conversation isn’t everything. There’s a great chance the person on the other end isn’t feeling it the same way you do.

Also, there is a possibility he/she found a new match they’re more interested in. Or maybe you just messed up.

Different values

Maybe your potential partner realized you both share different values and interests.

He/she may also have noticed something in your character that does not go with their personality.

You may have different views in life, and different goals. Whatever the reason, you’re not on the same wavelength and the other one isn’t feeling the same as you.

Lack of attraction

Perhaps it may have been a matter of physical attraction or the lack of it. That kind of attraction is the first step when it comes to establishing a romantic relationship with someone.

Most of us may not be aware of that, but attractiveness tends to be a more dominant factor in our dating decisions than other attributes like personality, education, or intelligence.

You messed up

Maybe you turned the Tinder conversation with your potential match into something more sexual.

You might’ve tried a joke that didn’t go down well with the other person.

There is the possibility that you may have said something that didn’t go well with the other person’s expectations, thus the unmatch.

Does Tinder have read receipts

Your match deleted their account

The person you’ve been talking with may have deleted their account for some reason. This is also possible, though less likely.

Your potential partner may have been talking with you along with other people and found their special one.

It can also be the case the person got tired of the dating way of life and decided to quit the app for a while.

Your match has been deleted by Tinder

If your match uploaded a photo that goes against Tinder’s guidelines (like a naked pic), they’re banned.

Also, if they made another Tinder user feel uncomfortable and got reported, or if they created multiple profiles, chances are that your match has been banned from the platform.

That person was a bot

Bots are still successfully hiding amongst the real Tinder users, despite the developer’s efforts. Those bots always swipe right on you and will eventually turn into a match and start a chat.

The aim is always to convince you to click suspicious links.

Robots are typically represented with half-naked photos of hot guys and girls and will approach you with catchy standard sentences. If it looks too good to be true, yeah, it probably is.

Can you rematch with someone on Tinder?

Unfortunately, no. Tinder app doesn’t provide an option to rematch. You will only see a profile again if you or the other profile deleted and restarted their Tinder account.

What is Tinder Top Picks

How to get your Tinder match back?

The best course of action when someone unmatches you is in reality to let it go. It’s their choice and the person did it for whichever reason.

But if for some strong (and hopefully, valid) reason you really want to give your luck a second try, there is a drastic way to attain it.

There are 3 available options that will let you (eventually) get your lost match back. We’ll dive into those methods below.

Soft reset

It consists of creating a new Tinder account using the same email address and phone number.

Despite being the easiest and quickest, this method is a bit dangerous, as it is used by a lot of people with the same purpose as you.

Having that said, this modus operandi is already flagged by the Tinder crew and can result in having your account blocked if you’re uncovered.

If you’re lazy this is the one to go for – at your own risk. You can have your Tinder account banned trying to recover your lost Tinder match.

Note: You should wait at least 24h after deleting your account before creating a new one to avoid being flagged by Tinder as a bot or a spammer.

Hard reset

Although more tedious, this is the most secure and efficient method. It will prevent you from being banned or suspended by Tinder and allows you a fresh start.

Bear in mind you need to provide a new email and phone number to register your account.

3-month reset

This method consists in deleting your account and creating a new one after a 3-month period.

You won’t have to use a new email or a new phone number, but it requires you to wait for 3 months, which by itself is a big drawback.

But there’s more. If uploading the same Tinder profile photo with the same metadata, Tinder can restore your ELO score and you will not benefit from that initial boost you would get with an entirely new profile.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Wrap Up

Seeing our favorite match disappear is frustrating. There may have been a variety of causes for that to happen, from an application error to an unpleasant unmatch – and that can happen for a variety of reasons too.

If you’re really enjoying someone on Tinder, get your match to give you some type of social media contact as soon as possible.

Ask for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or their mobile phone number so you can establish contact outside of Tinder.

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