How to see who Super Liked you on Tinder

How to see who Super Liked you on Tinder

In this article, you’ll get all the information about Tinder’s Super Likes, and how to see who super liked you on the Tinder app.

Tinder is an online dating platform that matches people based on the mutual “profile attraction”. When both sides of the potential couple swipe right, there will be a match.

From there, both of them are able to start chatting with each other.

You set up some pre-requisites like age range, distance from your location, and the app lets you know whether you have any mutual friends you can try to match with.

No worries if you dislike the person and swipe left. The other part will never know or be notified about it.

You can get Tinder as a free app both for Android and iPhone. You just need to download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Despite being free, you can subscribe to some Tinder paid plans to access a lot of other hidden and useful features.

You have Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum at your disposal, depending on which features you require.

Regardless of the competition out there, Tinder remains the biggest dating application in the world and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anywhere soon.

Table of Contents

  1. How to see who Super Liked you on Tinder
    1. What is a Super Like
    2. How to see who Super Liked you
  2. How should I react to a Super Like?
  3. Is it possible to undo Super Likes?
  4. Wrap Up

How to see who Super Liked you on Tinder

Today we’re discussing Tinder’s Super Likes and describing that attribute in detail. What is that, what’s the purpose, and how to see who Super Liked you.

If you’re new to Tinder, is understandable that you may not be aware of this great feature.

For newbies, it can be confusing to distinguish between giving a Super Like to some profile to a normal right swipe.

Let’s get it clear first.

What is a Super Like

The Super Like new feature rolled out in 2015. You may consider a Super Like as something that is a step above a regular right swipe.

When you swipe right on some profile, the person won’t be notified of that. The only occasion you may get to come to a conversation with that potential partner is if she or he also swipes right on you and a match is formed.

But it can take hours or even days for your profile to be shown to the other one.

Using a Super Like eases things a lot! Tinder will directly send a notification to the other side, informing them that you liked their profile. That will get the other person to urge to check you and, eventually, swipe right on your card.

That action gives them the chance to match with you directly rather than having to randomly sort through thousands of other profiles until finding yours.

But there is more to that. A Tinder Super Like can be seen in both positive and negative ways depending upon the person who receives them.

Your potential future partner can see it as a sign of attention and importance, given the fact most Tinder users can only have one per day.

Although, it can also be seen as a desperate way to get their attention, and thus, work out as a turn-off. Be aware of that.

All and all, the application’s statistics show that Super Likes are three times more likely to receive a potential match.

And that’s even more: conversations that begin with a Super Like last 70 percent longer than others.

Note: Use this feature consciously and don’t waste Super Likes if you’re not 100% sure it is worth it. A Tinder user on the free plan doesn’t have unlimited likes. They are given just one Super Like per day. If you subscribe to any paid plan you’ll get five. Also, any user can buy extra Super Likes through the application’s store.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

How to see who Super Liked you

Now that you are conscious of how useful a Super Like can be, let’s learn something more about it, starting with what brought you here in the first place: learning how to see who Super Liked you. And it’s fairly easy.

Through pop-up notifications

If you have your Tinder notifications turned on, you’ll be automatically notified anytime someone gives you a Super Like.

Just tap the notification that pops up on your mobile device and it will tell you that there is a person that is interested in getting your attention.

Although, the profile won’t be directly revealed through the notification. It will just show that you received “someone’s” Super Like.

Once you tap the notification and enter the Tinder app, you’ll have to swipe through some profile cards.

Soon enough, a Tinder profile with a blue-colored star and a blue outline should pop up – and that’s the special one who Super Liked you!

Now, if you opt to swipe right on their profile – in case you liked it –  you’ll become an immediate match and a conversation box will pop up so you can start chatting.

If the profile doesn’t have any special appeal to you, just perform a left swipe as you’d do to any other uninteresting profile.

If you have your Tinder notifications disabled

No one wants to be fortuitously blowing up with dating app notifications when using the smartphone near friends or family – or even worse – on an actual, real-life date.

It is completely understandable why you may have your Tinder notifications muted.

It can save you from some embarrassment when showing pictures you have taken to your friends and family or even professional documents to your boss and work colleagues.

But there is no need for worries. Even if you don’t have Tinder’s notifications enabled, you’ll still be able to check your Super Likes.

Open Tinder and it will just take a few more swipes until the profile card with the blue colored star and the blue outline appears. And relax, it will show, we promise.

Do never underestimate this app. Tinder algorithm is pretty advanced and they’re going to put your Super Like near the top of the profiles that will be shown.

Tinder Gold membership and Platinum subscriptions

If you have subscribed to a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum plan, you can easily see a full list of everyone who has liked and Super Liked you, without having to swipe through profile cards until you find the profile.

Whether or not it is worth the investment is completely up to you and your bank account.

How should I react to a Super Like?

Just take it as a compliment. Most users aren’t subscribing to any paid plan, they’re just using a free Tinder account.

This means they can only choose to give one Super Like per day.

If your profile was chosen, you can feel confident that they’re interested! They liked your profile picture and your description.

But don’t be overly confident too. Assuming that you match, when chatting with your Super Like, beware of looking too desperate. You don’t even have to mention it.

Have a normal conversation and say things you’re comfortable with. Just be yourself.

Is it possible to undo Super Likes?

Everyone who is using the Tinder application has gone through that: an accidental swipe up on a disliked photo.

Doing so is very easy as swiping at the wrong angle can impulse the profile card to go up instead of left or right.

Unfortunately, we have bad news if you’re using the free Tinder plan.

You can only undo Super Likes if you’re subscribing to a paid plan like Tinder Plus, Gold subscription, or Platinum.

Swipe carefully is our only advice.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Wrap Up

Super Liking might seem complicated at first, but like everything new, as soon as you get used to the process, you’ll enjoy using the app with all the included features.

After having read this article, we hope you now understand what Super Likes are: their purpose, how you can use the feature, and how you can see the girl or guy who Super Liked you.

Super Likes are awesome and super easy to identify. Just keep an eye on the little blue star icon while swiping through a person’s profile cards.

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