Tinder says I have a message but I don’t

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Often Tinder says I have a message but I don’t – why does that happen and how to solve it? We’ll focus on that specific issue throughout this article.

So, you’ve decided that you are going to give dating apps a try. You download Tinder, set up your dating profile, and spend some time swiping and giving likes.

Then, you start a conversation with one of your matches and everything goes smooth.

You might be very happy when talking to a potential match, so you get excited when the app sends you a notification that says that you received a Tinder message.

You open the app to read it but… there’s nothing there!

Disappointed, you eventually start a conversation with another match but after a while, you have the same problem.

The app keeps telling you that there are new messages even if it seems like no one has sent anything. But why is this happening?

We know this situation might be frustrating, especially if dating apps are the main (or only) way for you to get to know new people and romantic interests, which is pretty common in today’s world.

It could be even worse if you spent your Super Like quota on the profile of a guy you liked or a beautiful woman, but you can’t even talk to them afterward.

There are a few things that might be happening, so go open the Tinder app and keep reading to fix the problem!

Table of Contents

  1. Tinder says I have a message but I don’t
    1. Make sure you know how Tinder works
    2. The other person unmatched you
    3. The other person’s profile has been deleted
    4. There’s a glitch
  2. What can I do to see my Tinder messages?
    1. Make sure that the person is still in your matches
    2. Force Tinder to close
    3. Check your connection and location services
    4. Try using a VPN
    5. Restart your device
    6. Delete and reinstall Tinder or update it if you haven’t
    7. Contact Tinder
  3. Wrap Up

Tinder says I have a message but I don’t

Make sure you know how Tinder works

If you have been using Tinder for a while, this section might not have any new information for you.

However, if you are new to this dating app, make sure you know how Tinder works. The issue might be that you don’t exactly know how the app works.

When you swipe right or left when exploring profiles on your Tinder account, you won’t be able to see who is liking your profile unless you pay for Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

But if someone likes you back, it will be a match!

When you have a match, you can go to the “Messages” tab, look for their profile and start a conversation.

Every time you receive a new text message or have a new match, a red dot will appear next to “Messages”.

So, having the red dot doesn’t necessarily mean you have a new message, it could be a new match or a liked message.

Scroll down and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

There’s another tab beside Messages called “Feed”. Information about your matches will be displayed here.

The red dot will appear in that tab when something is added or changed on a person’s profile, like when they modify their Tinder bio.

Make sure you are not mistaking new messages for a new match or feed notifications.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

The other person unmatched you

This might be disappointing but it is one of the most common reasons why a Tinder user can’t read their new messages.

When you are having a conversation with another user, and that person unmatches you, you won’t be able to read their messages anymore because the conversation will disappear.

However, the red dot and the notification will still pop up if you had an unread message.

Other people can unmatch you whenever they want if they aren’t feeling the conversation or aren’t interested anymore. This is also common when the other person takes too long to respond.

If you spend days or weeks without answering messages, people may eventually unmatch you even if they were actually interested at first.

So, if you had the notification waiting in your notification bar for a few days, nothing will appear when you click on it.

If this is the case, the red dot will disappear on its own, probably after opening and closing the app a few times.

It is important to not take this personally. Don’t stalk the other person on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to ask them why they unmatched you.

And definitely don’t start sending them text messages! Just move on and start chatting with another tinder match or keep swiping.

The other person’s profile has been deleted

There’s another possibility besides unmatching. Some people decide to delete their profiles after a while.

Maybe they have a new relationship and are done with casual sex or meeting new people. Or maybe they just got sick of online dating.

It may also be that Tinder deleted the profile of that user. If a Tinder profile violates the terms and conditions of the platform, the account will be banned and deleted.

This will also happen if the app finds out that it was a fake Tinder profile or it was related to some Tinder scam, like Tinder bot profiles.

When users delete their accounts, their matches will no longer be able to see their profiles and read the messages they had sent.

If you have unread messages from a deleted account, you won’t be able to see them.

As happened with the previous scenario, the notification will probably disappear after closing and opening the app a few times.

There’s a glitch

Many users have been reporting some issues with message notifications. Tinder is constantly updating the app and has to manage the activity of a huger amount of profiles.

That means sometimes glitches might interfere with the online dating experience.

If there’s a glitch, Tinder might send a notification when there are no messages or might not show you the messages even when there are.

Sometimes, this happens when you are chatting with multiple users at the same time or when you get a message, quickly respond, and then leave the app.

In this case, the notification may not disappear because the Tinder app has not updated or caught up to your last action.

Try closing and opening the app to see if it goes away.

If closing and opening the app doesn’t fix the issue, you should try a few other things.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

What can I do to see my Tinder messages?

If you already tried what we proposed above and didn’t work, then try the following steps:

Make sure that the person is still in your matches

Go to the search bar in the Messages tab and type the name of the guy or girl that sent you the message to look for their profile.

If nothing comes up, chances are they unmatched you or deleted their account.

Force Tinder to close

If simply opening and leaving the app doesn’t work, force the app to close.

On an Android device go to Settings > Apps, look for Tinder, and tap “Force close”. For iPhone, hold the home button, slide up, look for Tinder, and swipe it.

Check your connection and location services

When your connection is unstable, Tinder will have a hard time updating and showing the messages.

Check that your Wi-Fi is on and stable and try connecting and disconnecting your device from it.

You can also turn it off and use your mobile data to see if it works better.

Also, make sure that location services are activated. Tinder won’t work properly if location services are disabled since that’s what it uses to show you other profiles.

You might have turned them off without noticing it, like when you activate the battery-saving mode.

Try using a VPN

If your connection has no issues, maybe your internet provider is the one blocking Tinder.

Sometimes, apps and websites can be blocked for a variety of reasons, like being age-restricted.

You can download a VPN on your device for free. They are easy to use.

If you are using Tinder online, you can install a VPN extension on your browser.

Restart your device

Maybe your device is the one causing the issues, especially if you feel like it’s a little bit slow.

Try restarting to see if everything goes back to normal.

Delete and reinstall Tinder or update it if you haven’t

The reason why new messages don’t appear might be a temporary glitch or a pending update.

Delete the app and reinstall it or update it if there are any available updates.

This will correct temporary glitches and will force the app to look for new messages.

Many people have reported that this step solved all the notification issues.

Contact Tinder

If you tried every single step above and your messages are nowhere to be seen, your account might be having other issues.

Get in touch with the Tinder support team, explain what’s happening, and ask them for help. They will probably give you a permanent solution!

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Wrap Up

Online dating is really common nowadays and Tinder is one of the leading dating apps with over 50 active million users.

It’s really easy to use, but sometimes it may have small notification and message problems.

There could be multiple causes for these issues: a glitch, a slow or unstable, connectivity, restrictions from the internet provider, or the performance of the device.

Sometimes, it’s just that the person that sent the message deleted the account or unmatched you.

Fortunately, you just have to follow the steps above to solve the problem and continue swiping to find the perfect girl or guy for you!

And don’t forget to always stay safe and make sure you’re talking with a real person. Be aware of Tinder scammers and fake profiles.

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