How to block someone on Tinder

How to block someone on Tinder

There are occasions where knowing how to block someone on Tinder is essential, and we’ll have gone through those situations.

Looking to move on from your ex? Perhaps the fear of seeing their face pop up on your phone screen on Tinder repels you from looking for a new partner?

Or you just don’t want a sibling/relative to catch you on the dating app? We’ve all blocked other people on social media before.

Sometimes you do not want to hear from them and other times you just don’t even want to see their name appear on your screen.

Whatever the reason is, Tinder brings you a blocking feature that allows you to completely cut off that certain user.

They will not be able to view your profile and they also won’t be able to message you after getting blocked.

Luckily for Tinder users, the app has made its aim to make the platform a trouble-free place where users can connect and date without coming across certain profiles that they do not want to see.

The best part is that you can choose from your iOS or Android phone’s synced numbers to block a specific Tinder user.

We’ll show you how.

Table of Contents

  1. How to block someone on Tinder
    1. Blocking through contacts
    2. Blocking without contacts
    3. How to stop syncing contacts
  2. Unblocking someone on Tinder
    1. Is blocking someone the same as unmatching?
    2. Swipe in Peace!

How to block someone on Tinder

Blocking through contacts

  • Launch the Tinder app and access your profile;
  • Now tap on “Settings“;
How to block someone on Tinder

  • Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the “Block Contacts option”. Tap it;
How to block someone on Tinder

  • Tap on the “Import Contacts” button to sync your contacts with Tinder;
How to block someone on Tinder

  • Here you’ll be asked to search for the number or name of the user(s) you want to be blocked;

  • Select the user(s) and confirm that you want to block contact. They will now be blocked from your Tinder account and added to the block list.
How to block someone on Tinder

Blocking without contacts

If you’re hesitant in syncing your personal contacts, then that’s not a problem either. Tinder allows you to block without syncing contacts as well.

Here’s how:

  • Tap on the profile icon and access the “Settings” once again;

  • Navigate towards “Block Contacts tab“;

  • This time you’ll have to tap on the “+” sign displayed at the top right;

  • Tinder will now ask you to input the person’s contact info of the user you want to be blocked. Enter their name, phone number, and email address. Note that you’ll have to put at least one of these, either the email address or phone number;

  • The application will now track the user through the given information and block them from your account. If the information you give is incorrect, no user will be blocked.

How to stop syncing contacts

If you want to stop giving Tinder constant access to your contacts, you can turn the sync off.

Of course, you’ll have to do this after you’re done blocking other users. Here’s how to disconnect sync:

  • Once you’re done adding contacts to your blocked list, tap the three dots “(…)” you see right next to the “+” sign;
How to block someone on Tinder

  • Choose the “Disconnect Contacts List” option from the drop-down menu;

  • Tinder will request confirmation. After you approve, your Tinder contact list will stop syncing. This will make no changes to your blocked contacts.

Note: Bear in mind though that the only reason Tinder access your contacts is so that you can block specific contacts. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about if you grant Tinder permission to access your phone numbers. The app does not compromise your personal information.

Unblocking someone on Tinder

If you want to unblock an already blocked user, that can be done as well. Allow us to show you how:

  • Launch Tinder;
  • Access your profile’s settings once again;

  • Tap on “Block Contacts“;

  • Here you’ll have to access the “Blocked” panel located on the right side. Tap on it;

  • Now Tinder will display a list of users that are blocked by you. You can unblock any of them through the “Unblock” button right next to their name.

Is blocking someone the same as unmatching?

This is a frequently asked question by Tinder users.

Most would consider blocking to be the ultimate cut-off. On the contrary, unmatching holds more weight.

To unmatch someone means that the user will not be able to contact you, view your profile, or even pop up in your Discover feed.

Now, with the blocked contact, it will happen the same, but it gives you a chance to reverse things through unblocking.

As for unmatching, there is no going back since there is no way to reverse it.

Swipe in Peace!

Note that you’re not the only one who needed the block contacts to feature on Tinder.

As a matter of fact, Tinder conducted a survey and found that 40% of the candidates answered positively when they were asked if they fear having their ex popping up on their screen randomly on Tinder.

So, it’s safe to say the blocking feature was indeed high in demand.

Now that you’ve learned how to block users on Tinder, you can swipe worry-free and enjoy your time on the dating site to the fullest.

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