Can you send pictures on Tinder?

Can you send pictures on Tinder? It is one of the most common questions among the app’s users.

Tinder is the place where your romance fantasies are brought to life as you swipe through potential matches for dating.

Once you match with someone, you’re free to take things further in the chat by talking to them or arranging a real-life date.

However, Tinder does not allow you to send images to your matches on personal chat.

Now, you’re not the type of person to back down easily, right? That’s what brought you here and we’ll make sure you don’t regret this time by showing you some of the easiest ways of sending Tinder pics.

Table of Contents

  1. Can you send pictures on Tinder?
    1. Why doesn’t Tinder approve image-sharing?
    2. Sharing images through links
    3. Sharing images through a Tinder profile picture
    4. Sending GIFs and Bitmojis
    5. Get them Off Tinder!
  2. Wrap Up

Can you send pictures on Tinder?

Why doesn’t Tinder approve image-sharing?

This might have been the first question that popped into your mind and well, there’s a fair reason behind it.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Tinder is for both dating and hookups.

When the word hookup comes into the frame, you can expect some NSFW activities to take place in those chat rooms.

The harassment complaints from the girls, in particular, pushed Tinder to get rid of media sharing.

Now the only images you’ll see in there would be personal approved photos users uploaded into their account.

As a matter of fact, Tinder is so strict on making itself a safe platform that it doesn’t even allow you to send links to each other.

Lucky for you, here we have brought you some efficient ways of getting those images sent to your partner.

You’ll have to be careful though since getting caught by Tinder may lead to a probable ban from the application.

Here are your best bets at getting an image across on Tinder:

Yes, Tinder has banned the sharing of links on chat. However, you can always sneak one out through the following method:

  • Save the picture you want to send in your phone’s gallery;
  • Launch your web browser and visit;
  • You’ll notice a blue button that says “Browse Images“, tap on it;
Can you send pictures on Tinder

  • Your browser will now direct you towards your gallery where you’ll be asked to upload photos;
  • Choose the image you want to share on Tinder;
  • The website will now give you a link for the image you just uploaded;

  • Copy the link to your clipboard;
  • Launch Tinder and paste the link into the chat window. Hit send!

Note: Tinder’s algorithm can detect links easily and that is why for your own safety, it’s recommended to add some spaces in the link before you hit send. This way you’ll be disguising the link as a normal text message. You can tell the other person to remove the spaces later on to access the link.

Sharing images through a Tinder profile picture

Although this might come off as a bizarre way to share images, it’s worth a shot and gets the job done.

We all know that Tinder allows you to upload multiple profile photos. One can use this feature to share images with another Tinder user.

All you have to do is upload that profile photo to your account through your gallery. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Open the Tinder app and access your dating profile;
  • Tap the “Add Media” button;

  • From your photo library, choose the pictures you want to be uploaded to your Tinder account by tapping the “Add Media” button.

Note: You’ll have to be quick in letting the other person know that you’ve uploaded a particular image for them. As soon as they view it, make sure to get rid of it if you don’t want other people to see it.

Moreover, Tinder only allows you to display a specific number of pictures at once. So, make sure you keep one slot empty for this method.

Once again, this way isn’t exactly the best one but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Sending GIFs and Bitmojis

Not everyone is a fan of GIFs and Bitmojis but they’re a good alternative to sending pictures on Tinder.

There’s no denying that keeping conversations engaging without the use of media and solely relying on texts is not a piece of cake. That is when GIFs and Bitmojis come into frame.

Tinder has partnered with Giphy and you’re allowed to pick and send out hundreds of thousands of GIFs.

Simply click on the “GIF” button right next to the chat panel whenever you’re chatting with another Tinder user and spice up that conversation.

You can also connect your Snapchat with Tinder and import your Bitmojis. Look for the smiley icon next to GIF in the chat and send those Bitmojis to your match.

Both GIFs and Bitmojis can revive a dying Tinder conversation and we highly recommend using them instead of sneaking images on Tinder.

However, if you’re hellbent on sharing them, you know how it’s done now.

Get them Off Tinder!

We’ve shown you guys some methods of sharing images but it’s apparent that they are both time-consuming and risky.

Since it’s best to abide by Tinder’s policies, we advise you to spice things up and take things beyond Tinder.

Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Ask for your partner’s number or social media (Instagram account or Facebook profile) from where you can truly let your internet personality shine by sending them the best memes.

Indeed, this is a great way of asking them for their number. Just let them know that you have to show them a hilarious meme and it cannot be done on Tinder.

Being humorous is one of the best ways of attracting people online.

If you can manage to crack even a single smile on your potential partner’s face, rest assured you’ve caught their interest.

Now we all know that only being able to express your sense of humor through text is a bit too much of a restriction, and that is why it’s advised to get their socials or number ASAP and hit them up there.

Wrap Up

You can also send them your selfies, snaps, or a post that might be of their interest.

The goal is to keep the guy or girl engaged and quickly pass through the awkward chatting stage which is a part of online dating.

We’ve given you plenty of tips to score on Tinder. Good luck swiping!

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