Black Tinder: Dating Apps for Black People

In this article, we’ll be discussing all things black Tinder. If you are looking to find the best dating apps for black people right now, you have come to the right place.

As Aristotle once said, humans are “Social Animals”. Regardless of age, men and women are always looking to find new people and make new relationships.

These relationships can either be friendly or something more intimate.

But once they reach a certain age, it is the more intimate relationships people start to crave and they start falling in love.

The urge to socialize paved the way for websites such as Facebook. People realized how powerful Facebook was and it popped off. It became the go-to application for finding potential dates.

There were other dating sites in the market much before the time of Facebook, such as “”, but they never took off.

Since then though, a lot has changed. With the emergence of better dating sites and dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, etc, and other social media apps such as Instagram, people have looked towards these sites to find potential dates.

Hence, for both men and women, the online dating scene has completely changed in the past decade.

Does Tinder have read receipts

Especially, Tinder has proved to be a revolutionary app that made finding matches efficient. Just swiping left or right lands you a match, finding dates had never been easier.

Other really good dating apps came forward in response to Tinder, with different features to try and find a better match. A lot of them have had success and now there are hundreds of dating sites and apps like Tinder that people use for online dating.

Table of Contents

  1. Black Tinder: Dating Apps for Black People
    1. BLK
    2. Black Cupid
    3. BlackPeopleMeet
    4. Bae Chat
    5. Elite Singles
    6. eHarmony
    7. Zoosk
    8. Soul Swipe
  2. Wrap Up

Although Facebook, Tinder, and other similar sites never had glaring problems, there have been issues related to racial discrimination.

Black men and women found it difficult to get going on some sites and they were subject to online racial abuse as well. This prompted the need for new dating sites and apps specially catered toward black people.

Black Tinder: Dating Apps for Black People


BLK application was created for black professionals. The age demographic for BLK is in the mid-30s and 40s, so most of the people on BLK are looking for serious relationships.

The profiles on BLK can be made using our social media profiles, improving authenticity, so the chance of getting catfished is very low. There are some features offered for free on BLK such as the capability of users to create their online dating profiles for free, have unlimited matches and unlimited chats with their matches.

Black Tinder

Paid features include increasing the number of “swipe rights” and increasing your chances of getting potential matches. The number of black women and black men profiles on BLK is approximately equal as well. All in all, BLK is a very good dating app for black singles.

Black Cupid

Black Cupid is the answer for the famed dating app OkCupid. Black Cupid is an app that has a very large black singles community, increasing the chances of finding your romantic partner. What makes Black Cupid stand out is that the users have better free features they can use.

Black Tinder

For instance, you can go through a user’s profile, their pictures, their interests, their lifestyle, their preferences, etc, just like Facebook. Other dating apps don’t allow this. For people who like to thoroughly learn about someone before they start online dating, Black Cupid is the way to go.


A completely free-to-use app and dating site, Black People Meet is another online dating app specially made for the black community. It is very well-liked as suggested by its 4-star rating on the play store, it also has a large number of black single men and women thus increasing the chance of you finding the potential partner of your dreams.

Unlimited matches, unlimited messages, unlimited swipes, all of this for free? Sign me up!. Some might even say it is better than Tinder.

Bae Chat

The Bae in Bae Chat stands for “Before anyone else”. A black dating app developed by black people for black people, Bae Chat is the app where “people of color meet, chat and date”. The users of Bae Chat are usually the ones who are not looking for a serious relationship.


The majority of users are looking to have a casual meetup, nothing serious or about settling down. So, if you are a like-minded person, Bae Chat is the place to be. The geolocation feature of the app is free to use as well as sending messages to your match. Other features that come with the account upgrade are also worth the extra few bucks. The best app for casual black women and men.

Elite Singles

For the people who are conscious about the economical and educational background of their potential match, Elite Singles is the dating app where they can filter their matches according to such preferences.

Now, Elite Singles is not a black person only dating app, so for the people who want to date black women and men, there are filters in which you can select the race and ethnicity of your choice.

Black Tinder

More than 82% of the users on Elite Singles have graduated college. Over 90% are looking for serious relationships. The real utility of this app is in its filters. So, filter away to find the person of your choice. No need for endless swiping.


eHarmony is another popular dating app that is not exclusively made for black people, but its developers have taken considerable measures to ensure that black people on eHarmony feel accommodated and safe.

Black Tinder

The dating scene on eHarmony is distinctive from other dating apps because it uses a psychology-based matchmaking algorithm. The majority of users are looking for a serious and meaningful relationship, hence the psychology-based algorithm comes in to use to match with people who are on a similar psychological level as you.

The app tries to connect you with people of similar races and ethnicity.  A very useful app for individuals looking to settle down. Have fun falling in love.


One of the pioneers of online dating, Zoosk was launched back in 2007. Zoosk uses social media sites to create dating profiles and coupled with the fact that is more than 10 years old, the community size of Zoosk is very large.

Black Tinder

So, online daters using Zoosk should have increased chances of finding a black woman or a black man. It is also completely free to use, increasing its attraction even more. Zoosk is another app that is not black only, but it has provided filters that you can use to get matches based on race.

Soul Swipe

Soul Swipe is an app that is made exclusively for black people. Their motto is “Black dating, done right”.  As the name suggests, this app functions similarly to Tinder. You can either swipe left if you don’t like the match suggestion or swipe right if you do like the suggestion.

Soul Swipe is another app that is completely free to use. So, you can keep on swiping how many times you like to find your perfect black woman or man.

Wrap Up

These were the best black dating sites, designed specifically for black people or the ones seeking an interracial relationship. There are plenty of alternatives to Tinder and other big names in the dating app market. Dating and finding someone your type has never been easier. With the technology also continuously getting better, we can expect new and intriguing features coming out with new dating apps.

But before all of this, we need to make sure that there is no racial discrimination and that the dating apps develop measures that prevent any racial discrimination through their platform.

We all need to work on making our society and our world more inclusive, and we need to work towards spreading love. There is no space for racism in this world and this needs to be reflected in everything that we do. Black lives matter!

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