How to see comments on YouTube by other users

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How to see comments on YouTube by other users? YouTube makes it really easy to see your own comment history. But when it comes to viewing someone else’s comments, it’s not a straightforward process.

This is quite understandable. YouTube wants to ensure user privacy as much as possible and so, it only makes sense for them to not reveal someone’s entire comment history. However, there is also the fact that the comments made by some user are public.

So, it seems like YouTube has reached a middle ground. It has introduced a feature where you can see someone’s comment history but only for the channel whose video you are watching. Also, this feature is only available for Android phones at the moment (and that too only on the YouTube app). So, if you’re on iOS, you are out of luck for this one.

If you have an Android phone though, you can simply follow the below steps. They are quite easy as you can probably tell.

How to see comments on YouTube by other users

To be able to see the comments left by other users, just follow the procedure below:

  • First of all, start by opening your YouTube app on your Android phone;

How to see comments on YouTube by other users

  • Then tap on any video you want to watch. It is a good idea if the video is from a popular YouTuber. That’s because it will be more likely that other users have commented previously on one of their other videos. This is quite important because YouTube will only display a user’s comment history on that particular channel;

How to see comments on YouTube by other users

  • Now, you can pause the video or keep playing it (this doesn’t matter). So, the next thing you need to do is scroll down and take a look at the comments section. Expand it so that you can see more comments from more users;

How to see comments on YouTube by other users

  • Then, tap on the profile picture of someone who has written a comment. This could be anyone you like. After you click on their profile pic, a newly designed profile card will open up. It will have all the comments the user has made on the same channel before;

How to see comments on YouTube by other users

  • In fourth step, if the user hasn’t made comments previously on the same channel, it will not appear in the profile card. If that’s the case, then you need to choose a different commentator on the video. You can do this until you find someone whose previous comments appear on the profile card. Or you can choose a different video too.

Wrap Up

These are very simple steps that you can follow to check out the comment history of any YouTube user. However, this service is still only available on Android (after almost a year after its launch). And you can’t exactly see someone’s entire comment history (only the ones from a particular channel that you’re on).

It is unlikely that YouTube will ever launch the ability for anybody to check out anyone else’s history as you can do yours. It still has to respect user privacy and maintain a balance between what is private and what is public.