How to combine videos on YouTube

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How to combine videos on YouTube? Just a couple of years ago, the popular video-streaming platform that is YouTube had this awesome feature which allowed its users to combine multiple videos together right from the YouTube Studio.

With that being said, even though video editors still find YouTube Studio to be quite useful, this video-combining feature was removed, which upset a number of users as they had to look for an alternative.

If you also happen to be having trouble combining your videos without YouTube Studio, you need not worry as luck is on our side for sure. Accordingly, there are a plethora of free video editing applications out there that can help you easily combine your videos and then upload them to YouTube or any other platform.

Moreover, in this article, we’re going to be teaching you how to combine your videos on both your PCs and smartphones.

So, let’s cut to the chase and quickly get to know how to combine YouTube videos.

How to combine videos on YouTube

Using a Computer

If you like editing your videos using your computer, we’d like to suggest an application with which you can easily combine, trim, and add subtitles and music to your videos. We’re talking about Windows Movie Maker which we’re going to be using for today’s tutorial.

However, before we begin, you should know that the software has been discontinued by Microsoft, so finding any official download links would be difficult. With that being said, you can click this link to download the software from MiniTool Solutions which is still considered safe.

So, once you’ve installed Windows Movie Maker on your system, the next step is to get to editing. After opening the application, you’d have to add your videos that you want to combine into a single video.

You can do so by following the steps below:

  • Click the “Add videos and photos” button on the top-left side of the application or just click the area that says “Click here to browse for videos or photos”;

How to combine videos on YouTube

  • Then, a dialog box should open from which you’ll be able to select all your videos to be combined.

How to combine videos on YouTube

Once you’ve opened the videos, you’ll be able to see them in the timeline. However, as you’d notice, both the videos will play as if they’re one. Yes, what you’re thinking is right as Windows Movie Maker has combined your videos for you already.

Now, you have to click on the menu at the top-right side of the application and then “Save movie”. You will find a bunch of options for storing your videos. If you can’t figure them out, let Windows Movie Maker do that for you by clicking “Recommended for this project”.

How to combine videos on YouTube

The final step will be to name your video and save it after browsing to your desired location.

How to combine videos on YouTube

Using a Smartphone

If you don’t want the hassle of getting on your computer just to combine videos, you should definitely give a shot to Movavi Clips which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Then, follow the steps below:

  • After installing the app, the next move would be to open it and touch the “+” icon located at the bottom of the screen;

How to combine videos on YouTube

  • Next, you should be presented with two more icons. Then opt for the left one as it is for importing videos;

How to combine videos on YouTube

  • Now, select all the videos that you want to combine and touch the “Start editing” button;

How to combine videos on YouTube

  • Then, the app will ask you to choose the aspect ratio for your videos. As you can see in the screenshot below, we opted for the 16:9 widescreen video;

How to combine videos on YouTube

  • Once you’ve chosen the aspect ratio, the app will automatically combine all your selected videos. Lastly, you’d have to press the “Save” icon located at the top-right side of the app;

How to combine videos on YouTube

With this, you’ve combined all your selected videos and you can now easily upload them on your YouTube channel.

Wrap Up

Albeit the fact that you can no longer combine your videos using YouTube Studio, there are a bunch of free applications out there that allow you to do so with ease.

With that being said, other than the missing combining videos feature, YouTube Studio isn’t all that bad when it comes to basic video editing tasks.