Saving YouTube video to iPhone

Save a YouTube video to iPhone
Have you wondered if you could be saving YouTube video to iPhone? It’s useful so you can watch it later while you’re outside and without using your mobile data. Unfortunately, streaming sites such as YouTube do not allow you to directly download content from its library. Still, you’re willing to watch your favorite YouTube shows or music videos on your iPhone anytime you want. Stay tuned to learn how can you save YouTube videos to your phone and also the best way to download YouTube audio to iPhone.

Is downloading YouTube audios or videos legal?

It is illegal to use third-party tools to download YouTube audios or video, it’s against YouTube’s terms of service. When downloading a YouTube video or audio you risk copyright infringement, unless you have permission from the entity the copyright holder, that content is in the public domain. Or, of course, if you are the one who owns the video. That said, YouTube Premium – a paid service – you can take advantage of its features without using third-party apps. One of those features is the ability to watch videos offline. Other than that, you’re probably doing an illegal download. Proceed with caution and remember whatever you do, you are fully responsible for your acts. For more information, read YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Can you save YouTube videos to your iPhone?

This might’ve been your first doubt before you opened this article. The answer is yes, you can save Youtube videos to your iPhone. As you’ve just read, downloading audio or video from YouTube might be illegal. Don’t forget that and act at your own risk. Throughout the rest of this article, you’ll learn how to download video or audio from YouTube to your iPhone.

How do you save a YouTube video to your iPhone

There are some online converters and apps that will let you save a YouTube video to iPhone. You can start with an application called “Documents 6” where you can browse your downloaded video from a specific website: There, you can adjust the desired YouTube save quality settings. Follow the steps below to learn how to save YouTube videos to iPhone:
  1. Open Safari or YouTube app. Find the video that you would want to watch offline. Copy the link through the share button located on the upper right part of your screen.
  2. Open the App Store and look for “Documents 6”. Install it on your iPhone.
  3. Open the Documents 6 app. It’s the Black D with yellow and green colors on its upper right corner.
  4. Go to Documents 6 browser and look for the compass sign on the bottom-right corner. If you can’t open the browser successfully, swipe right on the icon and it should redirect you to the address bar.
  5. Type in and hit “go” on your keypad.
  6. Remember the YouTube video which you have copied the link earlier? Tap the box and paste the link there.
  7. A Blue Start Button then appears below the text box.
Now, you will be given options to choose both YouTube save quality settings and the resolution of the video. You can download it with your preferred video quality and save it on your iPhone using the blue box on the right side of your screen. So, those are the steps on how you can download YouTube videos to iPhone. Keep reading to find the best YouTube audio downloader out there.

How to download music from YouTube?

If you enjoy listening to music but you don’t want to download entire videos, you can download a YouTube playlist on many websites. The good news is that you can do this using an excellent YouTube converter online and you can enjoy high-quality audio on your iPhone. Some online platforms will let you download an entire playlist and subtitles. You can even extract YouTube subtitles to text by using converters. Just type converters in your iPhone’s browser and a wide range of options will be available for you. There are smart mode features where you can apply the settings that will make you download videos quicker. Also, there are proxy setups that can bypass geo-restrictions so that you can still access videos that are blocked in your country or region. You can even set up the connection through a proxy server and you can then download YouTube videos to iPhone for free.

How to convert YouTube to MP3?

You can check other websites like YouTube converter to rip YouTube videos to MP3 files. These are free, and you are just a few clicks away from listening to your favorite soundtracks offline. Using the web converters, you can convert YouTube to MP3 files from over a thousand sites. Simply paste the video URL on the large address bar that is generally located at the homepage and you are good to go. To download a YouTube playlist to MP3 is also very simple and there are plenty of websites alloying you to do so.

How to find the best YouTube audio downloader?

You can download YouTube videos as well as its audio content for free as long as you are in the right website. Get a YouTube to MP3 extractor that lets you open large files and playlists in minutes. Remember to only check the legitimate websites, and don’t forget to read previous reviews about each one to make sure that you are on the safe side. Here are three good options:

Rip YouTube videos to MP3 using online converters

On the website where you want to download a YouTube playlist to MP3, you just need to paste the YouTube link on the suitable text box. Most websites are free, but they are supported by advertisements. Follow the instructions and whenever the download is complete, the file will be stored into the download folder on your iPhone.

Wrap Up on how to save YouTube videos to my iPhone

I hope you now know how to how do you save YouTube videos to your iPhone. Having the chance to save a YouTube video to iPhone, you can then watch it in any place and whenever you want to, without wasting mobile data, even when you don’t access a Wi-Fi signal. When saving YouTube video to iPhone, make sure to go only to legitimate websites and follow the step by step procedure on how to download music from YouTube. Generally, it is very simple and straightforward and you can do it with no hassle. Also, check out the Best YouTube downloaders for Android and How to download a video from YouTube to a computer.