How to contact someone on YouTube

How to contact someone on YouTube

How to contact someone on YouTube might well be a doubt on your mind as it’s not that obvious how you can contact other users. Let us step in and give you a helping hand.

As YouTube is getting more and more popular in recent years (especially among younger users, but not only), the content creators on the platform are increasingly getting famous as well. Many YouTubers have a ton of fans and they are constantly approached by brands for business deals and other purposes.

This has led to the creation of “internet celebrities” that are much more connected to their fans than traditional movie celebrities. As such, it is expected for people to want to contact these content creators on YouTube.

Fans like to send them messages about their content, maybe praising them for it or even providing feedback. Businesses and brands may want to strike a deal to promote their products and services on the YouTuber’s videos.

Also, YouTubers like to contact each other for collaborative videos. And there can be so many other reasons to contact someone on YouTube.

More than two years ago, there was a messaging system on the platform where you could send someone a text. Now, it has been removed.

However, there is still a way to contact the person. So, let’s take a look at the steps to do that.

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How to contact someone on YouTube

  • The first thing that you’d want to do is to access a YouTuber’s channel. This can be done in many ways. If you are subscribed to them, you can get to their channel from your “Subscriptions” list. Also, you could just click on their channel’s name wherever you find it.

However, the most common way to do it is from the video you’re watching. So, when you’re watching a video, you can click on the channel’s name that is directly below the title of the video;

How to contact someone on YouTube

  • The channel’s page will open where you will find “Home”, “Videos”, “Playlists”, “Community”, etc;
How to contact someone on YouTube

  • Click on “About”;
  • Here, you will see the stats of the channel. You will also see the description, details, and other social media links of the channels (provided the user has set up this information);
How to contact someone on YouTube

  • Under the “Details” section, you will find “For business inquiries”, and next to it, you will see “View Email Address”. However, if the channel has not set this information, you won’t find it there;
  • Click on “View Email Address”;
  • After clicking it, you will be presented with a Captcha. You must already be common with this. It is basically just to show that you are a human being and not a bot. Click on the checkbox and then on “Submit”;
How to contact someone on YouTube

  • If you’re prompted to solve a puzzle of some kind, you can solve it before clicking on “Submit”;
  • Next, you will be shown the email address of the channel. You can then send an email about whatever you wish to contact them for. For this, you can use your usual email service (for most this is Gmail or Outlook).
How to contact someone on YouTube

Wrap Up

It is quite easy to contact someone on YouTube. However, unlike before you can’t do it directly. You will have to use the channel’s business email to send them a message.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the channel owner might not always reply back to you if he gets a ton of emails every day.

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