How to reupload a YouTube video

How to reupload a YouTube video? YouTube is easily one of the greatest video streaming channels in the world. If you’re already uploading videos there, it’s great for your purpose.

However, sometimes you may run into difficulties with your video. Whether it is because of legal reasons, copyright claims, accidental uploads, or even just you wanting to change something in the video – maybe it didn’t turn out the way you were expecting, you need to reupload your video. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’re at the right place.

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In this article, we’ll be getting an insight into how to reupload a YouTube video. But more importantly, we’ll be talking about how you can solve the problem you’re facing. Read on for the full details.

How to reupload a YouTube video

Okay so, right off the bat: the first thing you need to know is that there is no way to “reupload” a YouTube video per se. There’s a slight technicality in terms that needs to be understood. What we’re trying to say is that whenever you “upload” a video, you get a completely new URL and identity for that video.

So if you’re looking to take down a video you already have on YouTube, and then upload it again with some changes and keep all the views, comments, and likes on it, well we’re sorry to tell you this: it doesn’t work that way. If you take down a video, you lose the metrics on it.

Note: When you delete a video, all associated data that affects your account overall, such as “Watch Time” will still be included in the overall statistics of your channel. However, this information, although retained, will no longer be linked to the video that you deleted.

Okay with what we’ve stated so far? Great! Let’s get started talking about the options that you can actually do.

Reupload the entire video

If you need to make major changes to your video and are fine with giving up the interactive data we just mentioned, then you’ve got a pretty easy path ahead of you.

Step 1: Delete the video. Follow the below instructions on how you can do this:

  • Go to YouTube Studio. This is where you have full control over your YouTube channel and the ability to manage everything;
  • Log into the account where you uploaded the video you want to reupload;
  • On the left side of your screen, you will see a vertical menu. Select “Videos” to display all of your uploaded videos;
  • Move your cursor to the burger icon (the three vertical dots) of the video you want to reupload. Select “More” from this option;
  • Choose “Delete Forever”.

Once you have selected this option, YouTube will almost immediately prevent your video from being located anywhere on the channel. The process of removing it completely may take a few more minutes, depending upon your Internet connection and the video length.

Step 2: Make the changes to the video. YouTube will not save a copy of the video for you, so it’s always a good idea to keep your original video in a place where you can easily access it, like Google Drive, for example. If you have already made the changes and have the newer version of your video ready to be uploaded, then disregard this step.

Step 3: Upload the newer version of your video. Simply follow your preferred method to upload – whether directly through YouTube or by using third-party software.

Your YouTube video should be uploaded as a new video!

Edit the current video

If you don’t want to lose your video’s performance and require minimal changes to be made, then your best bet is to edit the video directly. The option to do this is in YouTube Studio, by selecting the uploaded video that you want to edit. Another way is to simply go to “View More” directly after opening your own video.

How to reupload a YouTube video

Here’s the extent of what you can edit in an existing YouTube video without taking it down:

  • Cropping/trimming: You can easily cut out parts of your video that you don’t want in it, and not just from the beginning and ends. YouTube’s trimming tool lets you cut out parts even from the middle of your video and leave it uploaded with the same URL.
  • Adding/removing cards: Cards are the boxes that appear at the end of your video and can be used to link out to other videos, your own or those of your sponsor, for example.
  • Changing title and description: Correcting your video’s title is best done through editing your video. You can also make changes to the description and add or remove content this way.

Dealing with Copyright

One of the most common reasons for wanting to reupload a video to YouTube is because of copyright infringement. Ideally, you would want to remove the part of the video with a potential copyright claim, and then upload it again as your original content. Here are a few brief overviews on how this works:

  • If you want to upload a video that already belongs to somebody else, YouTube will let you do that. However, if the owner finds your video and submits a copyright claim, it would mean bad news for your channel, especially if you have prior strikes. You would be better off deleting the video altogether in this case.
  • If you are using music or partial copyright in a video, the same thing could happen to you. By default, YouTube will try to identify the copyright being used and may limit your video from being broadcasted in certain countries or areas with stricter copyright regulation. This will be shown to you, as seen below:

How to reupload a YouTube video

Wrap Up

So to conclude, the best way to avoid a copyright claim is to remove your uploaded video, edit out or replace the parts that are under copyright, and then upload it again. You will lose the fame the video has already accumulated, but it may well be worth it.

For smaller portions of the video affected by copyright, you may want to consider simply cropping out that particular part of it.