How to remove audio from YouTube video

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There are many people asking how to remove audio from YouTube video for a variety of reasons. But why you may want to do it? It may be that you’re willing to use the video from YouTube in a project, and you don’t want the audio used in there.

Instead, you have your own preferred audio that you would like to be using. You can do it whether we’re talking about removing the background music in music videos or background noise in a video clip.

In other instances, you just may want to upload a video to YouTube without sound. Whichever one is your reason, there are ways to go about removing the audio track content, and they are free.

How to remove audio from YouTube video

METHOD 1: Remove sound from YouTube videos online

This method is for those who want to download a video from YouTube and use it for other purposes without having the original sound of the video in their project. This Online Converter is one of the recommended tools you can use to remove sound from a YouTube video.

Using this service does not require download or software installation. Simply click on the link, enter the video URL, and a new version of the video with no sound will be created. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the link and click on the YouTube logo;

How to remove sound from YouTube video

  • A box will pop up in which you can paste the URL to the YouTube video;

How to remove sound from YouTube video

  • Once you paste the URL, the video will be processed into a muted version;
  • The muted version of the video will be produced and made available for download;
  • Click on “Download” and the video will be saved to your local storage or Dropbox in any format of your choice.

Using this tool does not reduce the quality of the video, nor does it add any watermarks to the muted video files.

Mute video VLC before uploading to YouTube

Unlike apps like Instagram, YouTube does not have the option to mute videos before posting. Thus, before you post the video, you can remove the sound using VLC media player. VLC is a popular program that is used to play videos and other media. It can also be used to convert videos, remove audio from files, amongst other features.

Follow these steps to remove sound from a video using VLC:

  • Launch the VLC Media player app;
  • From VLC interface, click on “Media,” and then on “Convert/Save;
  • You will see another window pop up; click on “Add”;

How to remove sound from YouTube video

  • Clicking on “Add” will open the file manager on your computer so you can select the video file you want to process;
  • Select the video and click on “Convert/Save”;

How to remove sound from YouTube video

  • Another window named “Convert” will pop up. Click on the drop-down next to “Profile” and select the format that YouTube supports (the part circled in red in the image below). Then click on the spanner icon (the part circled green in the image below) to edit the selected profile;
  • A new window named “Profile Edition” pops up. Click on the “Audio Codec” tab and untick the box beside “Audio.” Click on “Save” to confirm all changes;

How to remove sound from YouTube video

  • Under “Destination,” select the storage path you would like to save the video. Click “Start,” and VLC media player will begin processing the file and remove any sound from it. It will be saved in the storage file you selected as a video with no sound.

Remove a Track Using YouTube Studio

In some instances, you may get hit with a copyright claim for sound or music in your YouTube video. If the video is uploaded already, there is a way you can remove the sound.

  • Log in to YouTube Studio;
  • From the menu options on the left click on “Videos”;
  • Find the video you want to edit and locate “Restrictions”;
  • Navigate to “Copyright claim” and click on “See Details”;
  • Click on “Select Action”;
  • Click on “Mute Song”;
  • Select the kind of mute you want between muting all sound when a song plays (which allows you to mute the part of your video that has the claimed sound/audio) or muting only the song while keeping the background audio;
  • Preview the edited video in the player and click “Continue”. The video will then be processed for review.

Wrap Up

Knowing how to discard the sound from YouTube videos is a big question for many. We have attempted to provide the right answers. Hope this helps. If you need further help, do not hesitate to inform us.