What is the BB meaning on Grindr?

If you are a gay man and you have been using Grindr for some time, chances are that you’ve come across the “BB” acronym.

But what is the BB meaning on Grindr or on another gay dating app?

Regardless of sexual orientation, online dating apps were already popular long before the pandemic, however, multiple lockdowns caused them to boom.

These applications are turning into a primary method for dating in the modern era, and a lot of people are using them to establish long-term connections but also to have fun in an occasional hookup.

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  1. What is the BB meaning on Grindr?
    1. Why is bareback sex so popular?
    2. The risks of bareback sex
    3. In which circumstances you can practice bareback sex without risks?
      1. Taking PrEP
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You’ll find a lot of potential partners in those apps, and maybe you’ll discover the right one, regardless of whether you are looking for a date or just a casual encounter.

The world of online dating is full of abbreviations, and with so many popular ones, it is easy to get lost when receiving a text message.

The “BB” acronym is among the most commonly used.

What is the BB meaning on Grindr?

Be it on Grindr or in other dating apps, “BB” stands for “Bareback”.

Bareback sex is a common term used by the gay community and means having anal sex without using a condom deliberately.

The term bareback has its origins in equestrianism and represents the act of riding a horse without a saddle.

Likewise, if you ride a man or a woman bareback, it means you’re going to do it without a condom.

It gained popularity during the 1960s with the first appearance in print occurring in 1968.

Nowadays, the term is also often used by straight couples to describe vaginal penetration without protection.

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Lots of people say they hate the feeling of wearing condoms.

They argue that the act of penetration feels better and more enjoyable without condoms.

There are also people stating that it makes them feel emotionally and physically more connected to their partner – it makes sex more intense and pure.

Others just enjoy the fact that it is “taboo”, and going through the danger of getting STIs works like a fetish, a turn-on.

Nowadays, HIV is losing a lot of the negative perception the disease used to carry decades ago, which can be worrying. It has become less stigmatized.

The truth is there is a great offer of effective antiretroviral medication which is doing a lot to stop the side effects of the disease and also get rid of the stigma.

Not so long ago, during the 1980s, we came to believe that getting infected with HIV was the worst thing that could happen to any one of us – even worse than cancer.

What is the BB meaning on Grindr

The risks of bareback sex

1 in 7 individuals infected with HIV, don’t know they have the virus. Given that, not wearing a condom during anal sex can be particularly risky.

That type of sexual contact carries on a higher risk of transmission of STIs.

That’s easy to explain as the lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, which makes it more vulnerable to infection.

However, if you’re a straight couple, and you’re thinking about trying bareback vaginal sex, you have risks too.

You should be aware that you’ll potentially be exposing yourself to gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, and of course, HIV.

It’s worth being aware of the risks involved when trying bareback sex.

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In which circumstances you can practice bareback sex without risks?

When both individuals test negative for HIV and are used to regularly being tested for STIs and HIV, it is possible to enjoy bareback sex with minor risks.

Although, you should bear in mind that even if someone thinks they are HIV-negative, they may have gotten the disease since the last test depending on what has happened afterward.

You should always have this present when deciding to have bareback sex with a random partner.

When you and your partner are having a monogamous romantic relationship and want to start having anal sex without using a condom, you both should get tested for STIs and make sure you’re negative for all STIs.

And, most importantly, it is very important that you trust your sexual partner.

The practice of bareback sex has also become more acceptable since the introduction of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Taking PrEP

You may also consider taking PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). It is a medicine developed to drastically reduce the risk of getting HIV if you’re exposed to the virus.

PrEP is highly effective when taken as indicated. Studies have proven that taking it on a daily basis decreases the likelihood of acquiring HIV through sex by about 99%.

Despite being a safe medicine, some people experience mild side effects like nausea, headache, diarrhea, stomach pain, and general fatigue.

These side effects go away over time in most individuals. No significant health effects have been found in individuals who are HIV-negative and have taken PrEP for up to 5 years.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis works by preventing HIV infection during both anal and vaginal sex.

Although there are different recommendations for how to take it depending on your gender and the type of sexual contact you usually have.

Bear in mind that you will need to start taking PrEP for 7 days before you are effectively protected. And after that, every day for as long as you want this kind of protection.

What is the NSA meaning on Grindr

Wrap Up

Nowadays, slang and acronyms are used all over the web when texting with other people and in chat forums.

If you are new to online dating applications, all of those terms may seem complicated to understand when you’re in a conversation.

Whether you’re a male or a female, we hope this article got it clear to you what is the meaning of “BB” in Grindr and in other dating apps, or other online dating sites.

Also, what it represents, and the risks of practicing “Bareback”. Note that unsafe sex can be a form of self-destructive behavior.

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