What is the CD meaning on Grindr?

Wondering what CD means on Grindr?

If you’re a Grindr user or if you’ve been using another online dating site or app, you’ve likely come across the “CD” term.

This article explains it all.

Dating apps are full of abbreviations, and with so many popular ones, it is easy to get lost when texting some other individual.

The “CD” acronym is very commonly found in gay men apps like Grindr, Scruff, etc.

But the question is: what does it stand for?

Table of Contents

  1. What is the CD meaning on Grindr?
    1. What is a crossdresser?
    2. Why do people crossdress?
    3. Differences between crossdressers and transgender
    4. Differences between crossdressers and dragqueen/king

What is the CD meaning on Grindr?

In Grindr as well as other dating apps, the “CD” acronym stands for “Crossdresser” or “Cross-dresser”. And what is a crossdresser – you may be wondering?

What is a crossdresser?

We can define a crossdresser as a person who dresses in outfits normally designated for the opposite sex. This can be seen in both women and men.

Some male crossdressers may just like to wear women’s panties or stockings under their male clothes while others will dress entirely with female clothing.

The same is valid for women crossdressers.

A man who dresses in women’s clothing is known as a male to female (MTF) crossdresser and a woman who dresses like a man usually does is known as a female to male (FTM) crossdresser.

The term crossdresser is also synonymous with the transvestite designation, however, crossdressing has replaced transvestism in common use as the last one is now regarded as outdated and disrespectful.

Being a “CD” does not make any comment on which gender the person acts as – not to be confused with transsexuality or transgenderism. It also should not be confused with drag queens or kings.

While crossdressers try to look natural, drag queens and kings strive for a more stereotypical masculine/feminine look.

What is the CD meaning on Grindr?

As most of us know, wearing clothes of different sex is part of the behavior of many transgender individuals, but that is not necessarily the same as crossdressing.

Crossdressers may be heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. The “movement” is as old as clothing itself.

History and mythology are full of cross-dressing reports and incidents, commonly of men dressing or acting as women.

There are a variety of cultures where cross-dressing and gender change have been found during the last decades.

Adopting the role and many of the customs of the opposite sex has been a common practice for years.

Why do people crossdress?

People do it for different reasons. Most men who are into crossdressing do it simply for the exploration of feminine self-expression or to express their feminine side.

Some might do it to have fun, and others may want to have a more fluid sexual identity.

For some male individuals it is a fetish and putting on other gender’s underwear is enough for them to get excited, others just put the effort to look more feminine and passable as women.

The spectrum of crossdressing is huge and the reason for crossdressing is different in everyone’s view.

Sometimes it’s all about politics, sometimes it’s only something very private.

You have all these different aspects of cross-dressing.

Differences between crossdressers and transgender

A crossdresser individual does not usually feel uncomfortable with the gender and body he/she was born with (gender/body dysphoria).

Most times they accept and are perfectly happy with their gender identity and have no desire to change it. They just like to dress as the opposite sex for the reasons explained above.

The main aspect of cross-dressing is the aspect, and the focus is on the clothes. It has no relation to gender identity.

What is the CD meaning on Grindr


Transgender people, on the contrary, feel that their gender identity is different from their biological sex.

Unlike crossdressers, those individuals don’t dress like the opposite sex for personal preferences, for fun, or sexual amusement.

They do it because they consider themselves as the gender they’re dressing in. If a trans woman is dressed like a girl, it is because she considers herself a woman.

Usually, transgender’s primary goal is to permanently change their bodies, by using hormones or going through surgery. The ones still going through the process are known as “in transition”.

Transsexual is an older word to designate a transgender person. Many people don’t like it, so the term is being abandoned.

Differences between crossdressers and dragqueen/king

A drag queen or king is in general terms, an artist. It is a performer that dresses as a feminine character (drag queen) or a masculine character (drag king) and often exaggerates for entertainment purposes.

They usually still identify as their true gender during the performance. Drags often appear at tv shows, gay parades, cabarets, and nightclubs.

Drag queens are generally gay males although the community does not exclude men who identify as heterosexual.

Grindr for girls does it exist

To summarize

  • Transvestite – An older term for a crossdresser, not used much these days. Is now regarded as outdated and disrespectful.
  • Transgender – Someone who identifies as a gender different from their biological gender.
  • Transsexual – An older term for transgender. Specifically, a trans person who medically transitions. Considered outdated by the trans community.
  • Drag queen – A guy who dresses like a woman and performs as an artist for the general public.
  • Drag king – A woman who dresses as a masculine character and performs as an artist for the general public.

Wrap Up

Regardless of sexual orientation or if you’re seeking casual sex or a relationship; if you are a newbie in online dating applications, all of those new terms may seem complicated to understand when you’re in a conversation with a potential partner.

Acronyms are used all over the web when texting with other people and in chat forums.

Now that you know the meaning of “CD” in queer dating apps, it is also important to understand its definition. This article summarizes the main differences between crossdressers, transgender, transsexuals, and drag queen or drag king.

We hope it has been useful and easy to comprehend.

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