Apps and websites similar to Grindr

There are a lot of apps and websites similar to Grindr, and in today’s article, we’ll be focusing on some of the better alternatives.

Grindr, as you’re probably aware, is the preferred gay dating app worldwide with 3.6 million daily active users in 196 countries. It is a crucial app for the LGBTQ community.

It was a pioneering application when it comes to the gay world, being available for more than a decade now: since March 2009.

It is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can get it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

While the ad-supported version is free to use and offers some great essential features in the free package, you can pay for premium versions, adding a lot of great pinpoints: Grindr XTRA and Grindr Unlimited.

Grindr works with GPS positioning and sorts other profiles from distance. Profiles will automatically load as you scroll down your cascade until you’ve reached the maximum number of profiles allowed for your plan.

There are also a lot of filters available if you’re a premium Grindr user.

Table of Contents

  1. Apps and websites similar to Grindr
    1. Tinder
    2. Scruff
    3. Hornet
    4. Grommr
    5. Facebook Dating
    6. Squirt
    7. Growlr
    8. Bumble
  2. Wrap Up

Apps and websites similar to Grindr

Dating can be a struggle for the LGBTQ community. If you’re a socializer, you can courageously strike up a conversation with a new person at a coffee shop, a bar, or anywhere else.

Although, for most people, the easiest and most comfortable way of dating someone is through an online dating app. Gay dating apps are now the primary way of engaging with the community.

That’s why new dating apps are constantly turning up and every single one tends to have a more specific focus.

Some are focalized on hookups, others are more oriented to long-term relationships, and some are more targeted to specific niches like transgender, bears and cubs, weight gaining, fetishes, and kinks, etc.

There are hundreds or even thousands of gay dating apps. In this article, we’re focusing on some of the most popular and best rated-ones.


Key features

  • Mostly oriented on romance and relationships rather than just sex
  • Target: generic
  • Available in Android and iOS app, and web version for computer use
  • Free with an optional premium subscription
Tinder says I have a message but I don't

Tinder is the best known dating app and the most used worldwide. It is an online dating platform that matches people based on the mutual “profile attraction”.

When both sides of the potential couple swipe right, there will be a match. From there, both of them are able to start chatting with each other.

This app is suitable both for the heterosexual and gay communities. It was initially targeted just at straight people (men and women), but it is now used by many gay individuals.

It was not designed for fun, and it doesn’t even let you exchange photos with potential dates. It is more oriented for romance, relationships, friendship, and not so much to one-night stands and sex hookups.

It’s the perfect choice if the purpose is to have a nice conversation with someone, go on a date, and let it happen naturally.

Tinder is a good Grindr alternative. It’s available for Android and iOS and offers a web service so you can also use it on your computer.

The app is free, but you can subscribe to a paid plan to access premium features.


Key features

  • More oriented to hookups
  • Target: guys with beards, +25, bears, cubs, hairy men
  • Available in Android and iOS app
  • Free with an optional premium subscription
Apps and websites similar to Grindr

Scruff is generally used more for hookups when compared to Tinder, but if you’re looking for a date, you’ll also find a lot of matches in this app.

This gay hookup app is more commonly used over the 25+ age. It is also more oriented to bearded men, bears, cubs, but you’ll find there all kinds of people and body types.

It allows users to upload profiles and photos, and search for other members by common interests and location.

Unlike Tinder, you can choose to directly message other users whose profiles you find attractive.

However, Scruff also has a matching algorithm that will help you exclude uninteresting candidates and create a list of your favorites instead.

There is a “woof” feature you can use to attract somebody’s attention. It’s a way to say you have interest, even without writing anything. There is also a “Stealth Mode”.

It makes use of GPS obfuscation to hide the location if a member chooses that option for their privacy or protection.

Scruff app is free to download and it’s available on the App Store and Google Play. You can subscribe to Scruff Pro to access additional features.


Key features

  • Oriented to casual dating, relationships, and friendship
  • Target: generic
  • Available in Android and iOS app, and web version for computer use
  • Free with an optional premium subscription

Hornet is much like Grindr in the way it targets pretty much all kinds of men. There you’ll find lots of people into a casual encounter, sex, but there are also Hornet users searching for romance and friendship.

This app was launched in 2011 and has more than 25 million users and exists all over the world. It is a saving grace in some countries where the Grindr app is banned or dangerous like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc..

Hornet keeps its users safe in many ways, from algorithms that learn to detect suspicious behavior to several different product features.

It’s highly travel-friendly as it features a travel guide with city guides and news targeted at the LGBTQ+ community.

On Hornet, you can find other guys nearby and you can instantly message them or “follow” in order to receive updates when your favorite ones make changes to their profiles.

You can also search for men in different locations worldwide.

You can use Hornet on your phone (Android or iOS), and also on your computer through Hornet’s web version.

The app can be downloaded for free with some limitations, however, it lets you access the most important features without having to pay.

You can also subscribe to the premium service for an inexpensive monthly fee.


Key features

  • Oriented to casual sex, relationships, and friendship
  • Target: gainer/encourager community
  • Available in Android and iOS app, and web version for computer use
  • Free with an optional premium subscription

Grommr is a more specific application than the ones we’ve analyzed before. It is mainly targeted at the gainer / encourager community.

Summing all up, it is a place for chubby guys, stocky, muscular, bears, cubs, and for the weight gainers in general – and for the admirers and supporters too.

It is open to everyone who likes big guys. If you appreciate gaining weight and building bellies and/or muscle then this is a gay app you should try out.

Grommr is a social network where you can interact with others in the community. You can search other profiles using a lot of filters like age, height, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), ethnicity, kinks, and a lot of other elements.

Via “Messages”, you can instantly chat and exchange photos with every other profile.

It also lets you search for people nearby, for the ones who’re online at the moment, for new members, and a lot more.

This network is a great place to make new friends, find potential sexual and romantic dates, and connect with the gainer/encourager community if that’s your cup of tea.

You can use the mobile application which is available both for iOS and Android, and you can also conveniently access Grommr through its website at

You can use it for free and access most of the features, which is great. If you pay for the premium subscription (GrommrXL), you’ll get to access a bunch of other advanced features and filters.

Facebook Dating

Key features

  • Oriented to romance, relationships, and friendship
  • Target: generic
  • Available in Android and iOS app, and web version for computer use
  • 100% free to use

Facebook recently unleashed this new dating service. It works similarly to Tinder. You go through profile cards swiping right on the ones you feel attracted to and left when on the uninteresting ones.

When there is a match, you and your potential match can message each other.

This dating platform tends to be more focused on romance and relationships. Although you may find a lot of guys there who are just into a casual hookup.

Users can filter their searches based on location, religion, age, or height, and can match with other profiles within a 100-km range.

Facebook dating is a 100% free app. You can access all the application’s functionalities without having to pay for a premium membership.

Despite being a part of Facebook, no one in the social networking community will find out you’re using the dating service.

It won’t suggest profile cards of anyone on your friend’s list. Also, it won’t publish anything related to your feed.

You can access Facebook dating directly on your computer through the web browser, and you can also use it through the mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android devices.


Key features

  • Oriented to casual sex
  • Target: generic
  • No mobile app. Available in a web version for computer and mobile use
  • Free with an optional premium subscription

Squirt is a Canadian gay dating website focused on hookups and exists for more than 20 years now. This platform is mainly centered on sex and instant hookups with no long-term commitment. It’s purely for fun.

It is completely uncensored, so you can see and post all kinds of photos expressing nudity. This is perhaps the most explicit and the most body-focused hookup site you can find.

You just need to specify your type of man, desire, age, and ethnicity, and you’re good to go. All you need to do is enter your criteria and Squirt’s search engine will get you the perfect match.

You can directly text, voice call, or video chat with any men that you’re interested in.

This gay dating site is also targeted at cruising. It helps you find out some of the best saunas, gyms, beaches, glory holes, parks, washrooms, and bathhouses at your place.

Squirt is designed to be used on your computer through the web browser. You can also use it easily on your phone, as the mobile version of the webpage is very user-friendly and easy to use.

There isn’t any specific app designed for Android or iPhone.

It is a free online dating site, and like many other sites and apps, it requires you to subscribe to a fan membership to get access to a lot of great extra features.


Key features

  • Oriented to casual hookups, relationships, and friendship
  • Target: Bears, cubs, dad bodies, and their admirers
  • Available in Android and iOS apps. No web version for computer use
  • Free with an optional premium subscription

Are you into bears? Growlr is a dating app specifically for bears, cubs, and all men who’re into ‘dad bodies’. It lets you search through profiles and send any messages, including 19 pre-programmed ones.

You can search by location, and filter the profiles you’re willing to see. The search criteria are immense. From body types to height, weight, HIV status, etc.

Want to find profiles anywhere in the world? Sure you can do it with Growlr!

This feature can come in handy if you are planning a trip in the future and you want to start meeting people and setting up potential dates.

Growlr features a “check-in” capability which that allows users to view a list of bear-friendly nearby venues. These primarily consist of gay bars and clubs.

It offers a powerful free version, offering a lot for no money, especially compared with other gay dating apps. You can upgrade to a Growlr Pro account to get rid of advertisements and get some neat extra features.

There is a specific app for both Android and iPhone devices.

Unfortunately, Growlr lacks a desktop version, so you won’t be able to use it on your computer, at least without a third-party Android emulator.


Key features

  • Mostly oriented on romance and relationships rather than just sex
  • Target: generic
  • Available in Android and iOS app
  • Free with an optional premium subscription

Bumble is a similar app to Tinder in the way it functions. It was founded by a former Tinder employee, which says it all.

You can swipe right to “Like” some profiles, or turn left if you’re not interested. You collect the ones you love and ignore the others.

Although there is a key difference to Tinder; once you’ve matched with someone, you only have 24 hours to start a conversation before your new friend disappears.

It may be annoying, as we’re not living for the sake of dating apps.

It is also more oriented to the ones who are after long-term relationships, friendships, and business relations rather than hookups.

This dating app offers three different modes to choose from: date eligible men with Bumble Date, meet new people with Bumble BFF, and network with potential entrepreneurs using Bumble Bizz.

Bumble is available both on Android and iPhone. You can register the app using your phone number, Facebook account, or Apple ID.

Bumble is completely free to download and use, although upgrading to the paid Bumble Boost feature or Bumble Premium subscription package gets you a bunch of nice extra features.

Wrap Up

Gay dating apps and hookup websites can help you a lot when searching for a perfect partner. They can also come in handy to find secret gay bars, LGBTQ parties, and other related events.

Grindr may be considered by most as the king of gay dating apps, but the truth is that there are a lot of great alternatives, some even better.

There are applications to fit all tastes and purposes. If you’re a gay guy and Grindr is not your cup of tea, just try out one of these dating apps similar to Grindr we mentioned in today’s article.

When using dating apps, be safe and aware of fake profiles.

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