How to use the Android auto dialer

How to use the Android auto dialer

Throughout this article, you’ll get to know how to use the Android auto dialer and acquire some useful information about it.

Have you ever tried calling your local radio station during a call-in contest and not gotten through? And what about reaching a company call center?

Trying to get your call through can be an extremely challenging ordeal, and the possibility of it happening, is extremely low.

And if you’re driving your car at the same time, it can even be dangerous as you should always look at the road ahead.

Are you an Android user? If so, this article is for you!

Table of Contents

  1. Why have an autodialer?
  2. What is an autodialer for?
  3. 5 Best Android Auto Dialers
    1. Auto Dialer Expert
    2. Auto Redial Call
    3. Auto Redial
    4. GoDial Automatic Call Dialer, CRM and Bulk Messenger
    5. Auto Call Redial
  4. Wrap Up

Why have an autodialer?

Coming across a busy line when you are already overwhelmed with work can be enormously frustrating. When there are a lot of people trying to reach a certain number, it may be a pain to successfully get the call to be answered.

The built-in phone app (default dialer) on Android takes you back to the home screen after a call. In case you want to redial, you have to tap the green call button after a call is over to bring up the last called number again and tap it again to call it.

It is a lot of taps, and it can take up precious time, leading to a lot of annoyance. However, there are apps out there that will automatically dial a number for you, to help you break through the busy lines.

These apps are called “auto-redial” apps, and they do exactly what the name suggests: it dials a number, and if it is busy or the call disconnects, it redials it on its own, saving you the effort of doing it yourself.

The app will continue redialing for you until you get successfully connected to the other end of the line.

What is an autodialer for?

Auto redial or auto-dial apps are a great way to call numbers that receive a large volume of calls every day, whether it is your local radio contest or a government official or even a friend who you’ve been unable to reach.

Each app has an almost similar user interface, and in this article, we will be talking about the best Android Auto Dialers and how they work, to help you choose the right Android auto dialer application.

5 Best Android Auto Dialers

Above, there are some of the best Android auto dialer and re-dialer apps with availability in the Google Play Store:

Auto Dialer Expert

Auto Dialer Expert is an Android dialer app that allows you to keep dialing a contact until the call is successfully established. Once the person on the other end lifts the phone, the dialing will end.

Like most apps, you can add the number, the extension, the interval between calls, and the number of calls to be made. There is no limit to the number of calls you can make with this app, but you can limit the number of calls you want the app to make.

You can also limit the call duration. This app allows you to import phone book contacts from CSV lists to save you the trouble of manually entering them. You can also customize the settings for each number, a feature that a lot of apps do not have.

This is one of the best Android mobile apps for dialer software.

Auto Redial Call

You can use Auto Redial Call if a number that you are calling has been busy. Auto Redial is an Android auto redial app that will call again and again even if the call drops or comes up as engaged.

All you have to do is download the app, put in the cell phone number, add an extension if required, choose the number of calls, and the interval in between the redials. You can also use this app if you have dual sim cards.

Besides, it has support for loop redial mode, which can be used to dial through a list of numbers, one after the other. And, you can add contact lists for easier access. Also, you can choose to have the speaker on/off, mute the mic and even select between keeping the phone screen awake while dialing or letting it turn off.

Auto Redial

Auto Redial is an autodialer that supports two sim cards and allows you to schedule your phone calls on your Android phone. You can specify a schedule to automatically redial with different options.

In the schedule options, you can choose between calling once at a specified time and date, calling daily, or on certain days of a week at a certain time. Or even to just call after a custom period, specified by you.

This app was designed for automatic dialing to local, long-distance, and international numbers. Once the app is installed, you provide a number, and an extension number, and choose the duration of the call, the number of attempts to be made, and the interval between each call.

GoDial Automatic Call Dialer, CRM and Bulk Messenger

GoDial Automatic Call Dialer, CRM, and Bulk Messenger is an app that is targeted toward marketers. GoDial is easy to use once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is add a contact or import your calling list and click on start dialing.

After a call is done, you can also add a note below it or schedule a callback. You can import any CSV sheet and also export your list with all the data present in it. The app is going to store your data on your phone securely.

You can also get detailed reports about the response to your calls. This app allows you to send bulk messages to contact groups. With all the features provided by this app, you can turn your phone into a call center.

Auto Call Redial

Auto Call Redial is used to automatically redial a particular contact. The simplest way to use this is to enter your number to make a call and click start. However, you can also set the number, the interval between the calls, the number of call attempts to be made, and the duration of each one.

If an unknown problem causes it to hang up to fail, the app will trigger a vibration that lasts for three seconds to alert you. You then will have to manually hang up.

This Android auto-redial does have reports of not working properly on certain phone models, so the app publishers ask you to do a quick test before you decide to use it.

If the contact has more than one number, you can go to settings and choose which number to prioritize. You also have the option to choose to double-tap to continue talking and ensure that the phone doesn’t hang up.

Wrap Up

To conclude, redial apps not only can save your time but also make your life easier when trying to reach some contact. Besides, they’re helpful for you to contact your favorite place or program show without putting any extra effort into redialing.

We hope this article was helpful if you’re on the search for a great automatized phone dialer for your Android device.

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