Best Android Car Navigation App

Best Android Car Navigation App

In this article, we are walking you through a few of the best Android car navigation app, each with its essential elements so you may decide which works best for you.

From navigating different locations to exploring new routes, GPS navigation has been one of the most sought and most-used features of mobile devices.

Although the feature is built-in in phones and tablets, there are applications designed specifically to utilize this cool capability most efficiently and effectively.

Best Android Car Navigation App

Google Maps is known to be one of the most used car navigation apps for Android as it is built-in in to most Android devices. However, there are many other great applications available on the Google Play Store with exciting and additional features to fulfill your navigation needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Android Car Navigation App
    1. Google Maps
    2. Waze
    3. Sygic
    4. Here We Go
    5. TomTom
    7. Map Factor
    8. OsmAnd
  2. Wrap Up

Google Maps

Known to be the mother of all navigation apps in the GPS world, Google Maps app is the go-to option for all people using an Android phone. The application renders voice-guided navigation services with live traffic information. Google Maps was once famous for its ability to download navigation maps for offline usage.

However, it must be kept in mind that you can download maps of sizes up to 2GB only which roughly makes 200×120 miles. Google Maps automatically deletes these maps after 30 days. Download Google Maps and try it now. It’s free!

Key Features:

  • Free of cost since the first day;
  • Map details include real-time traffic information and street view photography;
  • Recommends public and private transit mediums with routes, estimated time, and fares;
  • High accuracy in maps be either narrow alleys or small buildings;
  • Ideal for the countryside and unprecedented locations;
  • Mapping of approximately 220 countries and territories;
  • Millions of points of interest ranging from restaurants to hospitals around your location;
  • Satellite and terrain views of locations;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian and bicycle mediums;
  • Allows to report and update real-time information for directions, locations, and maps.


Waze app proves to be a breakthrough in the realm of how Android car navigation apps work. The distinguishing attribute of this application is to provide real-time information based on its user-based data collection. Waze allows its user community to report any road hazards they may find.

This feature helps Waze not only to garner real-time road information, like traffic jams, accidents, and construction blockades. You also have the advantage that it propagates this information all across its user community.

Waze also allows you to edit maps of any location based on your real-time experiences. For instance, you can update or add roads, routes, or places to give accuracy and aid all its user community.

Key Features:

  • Free of cost:
  • Highly accurate real-time traffic and road information;
  • Ideal for daily commutes;
  • Exciting voice search features for navigation dictations;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Works best online.


Another famous name in the universe of Android car navigation apps is Sygic. Sygic Gps features high-quality and detailed 3D maps on the navigation screen. Sygic downloads the map of any country of your choice so you may use it anytime anywhere. It offers the essential features of a navigation GPS app ranging from voice navigation to real-time traffic information.

However, there are also some advanced features. These include speed limits, junction views, voice-guided junction assists, real-view navigation, cock-pit, dash-cam, and a head-up display. These advanced features make Sygic one of its kind in the world of navigation.

For instance, the dash-cam feature records the road ahead while you are navigating and automatically saves the video in case of an accident. Sygic uses the TomTom map app to download Gps maps for offline usage.

Key Features:

  • Free for primary navigation features and lane suggestions;
  • Premium version for advanced features;
  • Free updates of maps;
  • Millions of POIs (points of interest);
  • Navigation routes for pedestrians with tourist attractions;
  • User-friendly 3D interface;
  • Notifies with fuel prices;

Here We Go

As the name suggests, this application is an easy-breezy addition to auto navigation apps for Android. From interface design to offline maps feature, it would not be wrong to refer to this application as a reliable substitute for Google Maps.

Here We Go is an excellent choice if you have frequent offline usage. Moreover, another branch of this app “Here Map Creator” allows you to edit and alter location maps based on your findings.

Key Features:

  • Free of cost;
  • Ad-supported;
  • Map details include real-time traffic info;
  • Ideal for offline navigation;
  • Recommends public and private transit mediums with routes, estimated time, and fares;
  • Allows booking private transit cabs;
  • Available for both Android & iOS;
  • Mapping of approximately 100 countries;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian and bicycle mediums;
  • Requires less storage space than Google Maps;
  • No size and time restraints for downloading maps.


Want to know the fastest way to your destination? TomTom maps are your savior. While offering all the basic and advanced features of a typical navigation app, TomTom intends to make your journey faster and quicker with a great car mode. Advanced features of TomTom include speed cameras, safety cameras, parking, and fuel stations.

Key Features:

  • Free 75 km every month with all basic and advanced features;
  • Subscriptions for unlimited km with basic and advanced features;
  • Map details include gas stations, safety cameras, and parking suggestions;
  • Real-time traffic and road information;
  • Mapping of approximately 150 countries;
  • User-friendly 2D & 3D interface;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian and bicycle mediums;
  • No size and time restraints for downloading maps;
  • Requires a postal address or road name to find locations.

Another powerful substitute for Google Maps in the It is a fairly popular navigation system with all map details being offered by other travel apps. Free of cost and a full-featured search bar in offline mode makes a good choice for travelers.

Key Features:

  • Free of cost;
  • Ad-supported;
  • Allows planning trips;
  • Ideal for travelers and offline usage;
  • Features voice-guided navigation and search bar for offline usage;
  • Millions of POIs;
  • Enables to book a hotel and private transit cabs;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian and bicycle mediums.

Map Factor

Another low-key contestant in the best Android car navigation app is MapFactor. This app functions only by downloading maps. Therefore, you may use these maps in offline mode also.

Densely populated regions have sub-maps. MapFactor renders navigation service with basic features of turn-by-turn navigation, speed limits, and camera warnings. Advanced features include voice directions, a head-up display, alternative routes, and real-time traffic information.

Key Features:

  • Free for basic navigation;
  • Premium version for advanced features;
  • Mapping of approximately 200 countries;
  • Points of interest;
  • Ideal for offline usage;
  • Free updates of maps;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian and bicycle mediums.


OsmAnd is another reliable source for offline GPS navigation. However, the nav app performs best when connected to mobile data.

Key Features:

  • GPS Map details include hill shade and contour lines;
  • Allows editing maps & locations;
  • Navigation routes for pedestrian & bicycle mediums;
  • Constraints on the number of map downloads;
  • Premium version for additional downloads;
  • Features on-the-fly driving courses for wrong takes.

Wrap Up

Navigation applications have majorly influenced and transformed the experience of GPS navigation. From real-time traffic information to alternate routes, and parking suggestions to points of interest, it can be asserted that GPS apps master the trades of commute and travel.

It would be unfair not to mention that navigation apps have alleviated our daily commutes and traveling journeys in many unprecedented manners. They not only help you in reaching exotic locations but there’s also more to it.  Like allowing you to share your current location with your friends and family, something which could be very difficult a few years ago.

They say maps get old, but map apps are ageless. Regular updates of maps with the latest developments all around the globe make navigation apps your go-to personal travel directories.

From bookmarking our favorite restaurants to saving our frequently visited places, from referring POIs to planning our trips, it can be said that navigation apps are our new best friends. As we have mentioned above, all these apps feature their distinctive features, so it is not essential to stick to just one.

You can befriend as many as you want and make customized combinations pertaining to your personal needs and requirements. However, it must be remembered that these navigation apps come at a cost.

A mutual price that needs to be paid by all users is battery drainage. Any navigation application is notorious for drinking battery life. Therefore, it is advised to never keep them open and running in the background.

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