How to Customize Your Android Auto Home Screen

How to Customize Your Android Auto HomeScreen
Google has released the newest Android Auto 4.7. This version comes with a couple of exciting tweaks compared with the previous ones. Among the most significant aspects of this version is it’s easier to use interface. The article explains how to customize your Android Auto Home Screen. Be sure to read our great article on Android Auto if you don’t know what it is.

How can you personalize your Android Auto home screen?

The Android version 4.7 has a new app launcher that is personal, simple, and helpful. For instance, you don’t have to exit every application when you want to access a different one. Other detailed aspects that have changed are as follows:

Favorite apps are accessible with a single tap

You probably are familiar with the hassle of navigating through the whole app launcher to find your usual applications such as podcast, dialer, and Google Maps. Well, version 4.7 makes it easier to access familiar app icons laid down in the top row. With this interface, you can easily access your favorite podcast, send a text message and swipe through your playlist without any hassle. Use the home button located on the left corner to open the streamlined app launcher. From there, you can access your default map apps, dialer, and the music apps that you use most.

Google assistant in several applications

Applications such as Weather and Calendar have a google assistant which can help in their navigation. For instance, once you access your calendar, the google assistant will read out your next schedule. For the weather app, google assistant will remind you of the day’s weather report. You can also use the assistant to set a reminder.

Autoplay your music

If you are the kind of person who loves listening to a playlist, the new version has the feature that suits you. Users can be able to pick up their playlist from where they left off once they connect their phones with the Android Auto. However, you have to use a media app compatible with Android Auto.

Provide the fastest route during the traffic

A notable feature of the Android Auto is its Google Maps. If you have a queued direction on your phone, Android Auto will automatically display the route on your screen and begin routing you to your destination. Also, if there is any traffic along your way, Android Auto will suggest the fastest route to use.

You can manage multiple apps with the navigation bar

Users can access the navigation bar at the bottom of the display and toggle through different applications with ease. For instance, the new navigation bar allows you to pause your music, access your directions, and help you take a turn. If you are using the Map application, the navigator will help you locate your playlist to pause or skip a track.

Notification of unread messages and missed calls

In this version, Google Assistant will help you make calls, read out text messages, notifications all with a press of a button accessible on the steering wheel. Alternatively, you can say “Hey Google” and have the assistant on your service. Talking about Google Assistant, the new version features new improved commands. You do not have to mind about your safety when driving and trying to access your phone. It provides an array of general commands, for the music or podcast apps, and Google maps.


Although Android Auto features an interface that is easy to customize, there are a few setbacks that come along with the version. For instance, it is impossible to use a wallpaper of your choice. Therefore, you have to stick to the old interface for now. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to say that this version is quite a considerable step done by Google, which has improved a lot from the previous one.