Android Auto Compatible Phone List

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You probably know about the Android Auto app and you might be looking for an Android Auto compatible phone list.

Android Auto is an application that mirrors your smartphone to your car’s dashboard display. The application allows you to conveniently use the screen and operate it hands-free using the Google Assistant.

It is essential to note that not all types of phones are compatible with this application. But read through this article to learn more.

Before we get down to the compatible phones, you should know that the Android Auto app only works with phones that have the Android operating system version 5.0 and above.

Therefore, if you happen to have an Android phone with a system version previous to 5.0, you can’t use Android Auto on that device.

Other than that, connectivity between Android Auto and smartphones requires a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

If your car doesn’t support Wi-Fi, then your only option is to use a USB cable. Make sure to use a cable that supports not only charging but also data transfer.

Android Auto Phone Compatibility

Which phones are compatible with Android Auto? Let us have a look at some of the phones that are compatible with the application.

Google Pixel

This marks the first generation of phones in the Pixel brands. The phone runs on Android 7.0, which is upgradable to 9.0. It might not be new in the market, but it offers excellent services when used for Android Auto.

Google Pixel XL

This is another version of the Pixel brand released in 2016. The phone boasts of features that are more or less similar to the Pixel brand.

However, it has a more prominent display and a bigger battery as well. The phone also works excellently with Android Auto.

Google Pixel 2

A successor of the Google Pixel, Pixel 2 features a slimmer design and a remarkable processor that is excellent, with wireless support.

Google Pixel 2XL

Released at the same time with the Pixel 2, this phone features a front-facing stereo, which marks its most significant aspect.

Also, it has a larger screen that can match the 18:9 ratio, offering the best Android Auto control.

Google Pixel 3

One of the most notable aspects of the phone is its high aspect ratio that maximizes the screen to its full capacity.

Google Pixel 3 XL

A better version of the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3XL features a larger screen (6.3″) and a larger battery that can last longer in a single charge.

Nexus 5X

Released in 2015, the Nexus 5X offers excellent compatibility with the Android Auto. It runs on Android 6.0, which can upgrade to 9.0 making it ideal for the compatibility.

Nexus 6P

Developed at the same time with Nexus 5X, the 6P offers an excellent thin design with an aluminum body. It has the Android 6.0 version making it compatible with the Android Auto as well.

Samsung brand

Out of the latest release of compatible phones from Android Auto, there is a series of Samsung phones that fall under this category. This includes the S8, Note 8, S8, S10, and Note 10.

These phones also have a wireless compatibility feature that works well, like other compatible phones listed above.

Do other Android phones work with Android Auto?

If your phone has Android 5.0 or more newer, yes, it works with Android Auto.

You should note that not all vehicle models support this app. So, find a list of vehicles compatible with the app and check whether yours fall under that list.

You can check our article to learn about some of the cars that use Android Auto. Beware though that there are new models coming out and receiving Android Auto every year and it may vary across the markets so it’s always best to check with a local dealer.

Also bear in mind that you can use the Android Auto app on your phone alone. You won’t have the advantages of a big display on your dashboard but this makes sure that you can still enjoy some of the benefits of Android Auto.