Can CarPlay play video from YouTube and Netflix? Apple CarPlay hacks Inside


Can CarPlay play video? Some might ask what’s the point of having an infotainment system in your car if you can’t make the most of the entertainment side of things. It makes you wonder,  Is there such a thing as YouTube Carplay or Netflix CarPlay? The answer is yes. You can play video on Apple CarPlay … Read more

Saving YouTube video to iPhone

Save a YouTube video to iPhone

Have you wondered if you could be saving YouTube video to iPhone? It’s useful so you can watch it later while you’re outside and without using your mobile data. Unfortunately, streaming sites such as YouTube do not allow you to directly download content from its library. Still, you’re willing to watch your favorite YouTube shows … Read more

Android Auto Video Player Hack (watch Youtube in your car with CarStream)

Android Auto Video Player Hack

Almost a year go we published our Android Auto Video Player Hack guide in this article. Getting it for your Android device is exciting based on the features that it offers. Despite Android Auto being an awesome Android app, there is a big downside to the application: Android Auto doesn’t support video play for safety … Read more