How to export Chrome tabs to another computer

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If you’ve been wondering how to export Chrome tabs to another computer to work seamlessly on multiple devices, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered in this article.

Google Chrome provides some excellent features that make it one of the best browsers around. For example, if you use multiple devices for work purposes, you can easily export and access tabs from one device to another.

Before introducing Google Sync services for Chrome, exporting and accessing tabs across multiple devices was a huge hassle.

We had to extract the website links and URLs from our browser manually and then access them on a different device.

Thankfully, we now have the sync feature that we can enable in our Chrome to access all browser history, recent tabs, bookmarks, search history, and passwords from any device.

Once you open a Google Account, turning the sync feature on will allow you to access everything in your computer’s Google Chrome browser, and you will be able to open tabs from other devices.

You can still also manually extract and export Chrome tabs from one system to another device through the use of third-party apps.

In this article, Turbo Gadget Reviews will teach you how to access your tabs from different devices both through Google Chrome Sync and external software.

Let’s dive into the details now.

Table of Contents

  1. How to export Chrome tabs to another computer
    1. Save and export tabs in Chrome using a third-party app – Tabox
    2. Export your tabs in Chrome using the sync feature
    3. Export Chrome bookmarks on one device and import bookmarks on another device
  2. Wrap up

How to export Chrome tabs to another computer

Save and export tabs in Chrome using a third-party app – Tabox

Tabox is a Chrome extension that lets you manage your tabs. While this particular app offers many features, it stands out for allowing you to save only the selected tabs in your browser.

In addition, by using Tabox, you can export tabs from your Chrome browser to your computer. After exporting the tabs, you can import them easily on other devices.

The important thing to note here is that Tabox exports tabs in a text file, and you need to have Tabox installed on your other device’s Chrome browser to read the exported text file accurately.

Once you have imported the tabs, you can open them in Chrome on another device without any interruptions.

Export your tabs in Chrome using the sync feature

Google Chrome allows the use of the sync feature through which you can view tabs on your other devices with the Google Chrome app installed.

Once you sync your Chrome browser, all your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, etc. will be available on all your devices, be it an iOS or an Android device; provided you are using the same Google Account for syncing the data.

Then you will be able to open tabs from other devices as soon as you want to.

  • First, check if sync is turned on for your Chrome browser;
  • To do that, please open Chrome on your computer. A set of tabs or some website will open, depending on your browser settings;

How to export Chrome tabs to another computer

  • Next, click on the icon next to the three vertical dots on the top right of your browser window. If you have signed in to your Google Account, you will be able to see it once you click the icon;

  • Now, you can see in the image above that we are signed in, and sync is on for our browser in our Chrome window;
  • Then, to open the tabs that you’re working on another device, we will open the Chrome app on that device. In our example, we are using an iPad to demonstrate exporting tabs in Chrome;
  • The next step is to open Chrome on your other device. Again, you would see either a single empty tab or some website on the Chrome launch, depending on your settings;

  • Now, tap the icon below the three horizontal dots to check if you are signed in with your Google Account. You will also be able to check if sync is on or off for Chrome;

  • Next, check your browsing history on this device. You can do that by tapping the three horizontal dots to reveal some options. Navigate to “History” to open your browsing history;

  • A new tab will open, revealing our browsing history for this Google Account. We accessed these pages from our desktop earlier, and they are now appearing in the Chrome browser app for iPad;

  • You can also access the recently closed tabs in your Chrome browser using the same three horizontal dots. However, this time, navigate to “Recent Tabs“;
  • The “Recent Tabs” tab will open in your Chrome browser app. You can view your recently open tabs from there;

  • To view your complete browsing history, tap the “Show Full History” button. We can now see our entire browsing history in the newly opened tab.

Export Chrome bookmarks on one device and import bookmarks on another device

You can also export saved tabs using the Chrome bookmarks manager from your Chrome profile. Once you save bookmarks, you can access them across multiple devices by using your Google Account’s Chrome sync feature.

  • Add a webpage as a bookmark in Chrome by clicking the star icon at the top right side of the address bar;
  • Once you do that, Chrome will ask you which folder you would like to use for that. For this example, we will add it to the bookmarks bar. Please note that you can also add multiple tabs through the bookmark manager. Furthermore, you can also bookmark all tabs in a Chrome session;

  • We have saved the following page as a bookmark.

  • To open the recently saved bookmark in our iPad, launch the Chrome app for iPad and then press the Chrome Menu button (three horizontal dots) to reveal some options and then tap “Bookmarks“.
  • When you open the Bookmark Manager, Chrome will ask which folder you would like access. We saved the webpage in our bookmarks bar, so we will tap that folder.

  • We can now see that our bookmark is appearing in our Chrome app for iPad. This way, we can export Google Chrome tabs from one device to another.

Wrap up

Google Chrome is a fantastic web browser that allows exporting your browsing history and saved tabs through the sync feature.

You can open tabs in one device, and if you move to a second one, you can open Chrome tabs seamlessly through the sync feature provided by Google.

By using some third-party apps and Chrome extensions, you can also export your browsing sessions and import them into other devices to experience uninterrupted workflow.

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