How to open Chrome tabs from other devices

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In today’s article, Turbo Gadget Reviews will teach you how to open Chrome tabs from other devices.

Google Chrome is among the fastest and most popular browsers today.

To make it more accessible to everyone, Google has made the Chrome app for all platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you have to switch between different devices to perform your tasks?

Are you worried you will lose your tabs when you change between devices?

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Don’t worry! There is a way to seamlessly open any Chrome tab across multiple devices.

So, please put aside your worries; we’ve got you covered in this article.

You can now rest assured that you can continue your browsing across all devices by syncing the open tabs in your Chrome browser.

Table of Contents

  1. How to open Chrome tabs from other devices
    1. Setting up Chrome sync
    2. Syncing open tabs in Chrome for laptops and desktops
    3. Opening tabs in Chrome for iPad
    4. Opening tabs in Chrome from other devices
  2. Wrap up

The sync feature is also available for other popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

So, let’s get into the details without any delays, shall we?

How to open Chrome tabs from other devices

Setting up Chrome sync

First off, you need to set Chrome Sync up on all your devices. Once Chrome Sync is correctly set, you’ll be able to work with your open tabs on all your devices whenever you require.

To set up Chrome Sync for your Google Chrome browser, perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure that you have turned on sync for your Chrome browser. To do that, launch Chrome on your computer. A browser tab will open in your Chrome, depending on your settings;
How to open Chrome tabs from other device

  • Next, click on the person icon next to three vertical dots on the top-right of the screen. Google Chrome will tell if you have signed in or not. Please note that you require a Google Account to sync your tabs and other online activity on Google Chrome;
  • Next, click the blue button that says, “Turn on sync“. If you are not signed in, Chrome will ask you to sign in to your Google Account;

  • Now, sign in using your Google Account credentials;

  • Once you are signed in, the next tab will ask if you want to turn the sync on. Click the blue button that says “Yes, I’m in to turn on sync in your Chrome“;

  • To check if you have successfully turned on sync, click the button next to the three vertical dots again. Google Chrome will tell you that sync is on.

Syncing open tabs in Chrome for laptops and desktops

Now that we have turned on sync in our Chrome browser let’s sync open tabs across all our devices.

  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top-right of your Google Chrome near the address bar and navigate to the settings menu from the options;

  • A new tab will open, revealing some options. Now, navigate to “Sync and Google services“;

  • The current tab now will reveal some more options. This time, click “Manage what you sync” to expand more options;

  • Then, verify that you sync the tabs by ensuring the “Open tabs” switch is toggled on.

Opening tabs in Chrome for iPad

After setting up sync for tabs in your Chrome browser, you can now open tabs using other devices too. To do that, you need to log in to the Chrome app on those devices.

For example, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you need to download the latest Chrome app from the App store. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can follow similar steps (as mentioned above) to open Chrome tabs.

In our example, we have used an iPad to demonstrate how to open tabs in Chrome. Please follow the steps below to sync your tabs on an iPad:

  • Launch the Google Chrome app for iPad on your iPad. Depending on your Chrome settings, an empty tab or web page will open;

  • Now, tap the three horizontal dots on the top right side of the screen, near the address bar, to open the settings menu. Scroll down till you find the “Settings” button;

  • In the new set of options, tap “Turn on sync“, and then Chrome will take you to a page asking for your Google Account details;

  • Input your login information to enable syncing on your iPad;

  • Google Chrome will now ask if you would like to turn on sync; tap the blue button that states: “Yes, I’m In“;

  • You will now come across a new window that displays various settings for your Chrome app. Tap “Sync” to reveal more options;

  • Make sure that sync “Open Tabs” is turned on for your browser.

Now you can access the open tabs from your desktop on your iPad too.

Opening tabs in Chrome from other devices

Syncing tabs in other devices use the same method as described for desktops, laptops, and iPads. For Android devices, you will need to launch the Chrome app and confirm that:

  • Sync is turned on and
  • Tab sync is turned on

The steps will be the same for an Android device as mentioned in the article. However, to use Google Services, you require a Google Account.

Wrap up

Google Chrome browser is among the best modern browsers. In addition, it allows the ability to open multiple tabs to enable multitasking.

In addition, Chrome saves your browsing history, opened tabs, closed tabs, recent tabs, recently closed tabs, and synced tabs.

You can open tabs across multiple devices through Chrome’s sync feature. Be it an iOS device, a mobile device, an Android phone, you can access synced tabs through the Google Chrome app.

This article taught how to seamlessly open tabs for your different devices to ensure uninterrupted workflow. The methods for opening Chrome tabs for other devices are similar, though it all depends on using the sync feature for Google Chrome.

In order to utilize the sync feature, you require a Google Account. Having a Google Account will not only enable you to open tabs from other devices but will also save your passwords, browsing history, and favorites.

While the sync feature is outstanding in its own right, please note that it is not something that only Google Chrome offers. Other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox also enable sync.

We hope that now you will be able to browse and work seamlessly on all devices if you’re using Chrome. If you want to manage tabs in your Chrome browser efficiently, please check our article on “How to open tab group in Chrome”.

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