How to pin Chrome tab to the taskbar

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In this article, you’ll get to know how to pin Chrome tab to the taskbar. You can not only pin sites and tabs to the taskbar but to the Start Menu too.

So, if you want to learn how to pin Google Chrome favorite pages to the taskbar or to the Start Menu for easier access, just keep reading.

Google Chrome browser has cemented its position as one of the most popular browsers worldwide through constant progression.

Statistics reveal that around 2.65 billion users in the world rely on the Google Chrome app to carry out their daily internet-related tasks.

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This is a huge number, considering several top-notch browsers are available today, such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Chromium (based on an open-source browser by Google), Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Table of Contents

  1. How to pin Chrome tab to taskbar
    1. Pin a specific tab or website into the taskbar
    2. Pin a tab in Chrome or a website to the Start Menu
    3. Unpin a website from the Start Menu and taskbar
    4. How to pin a tab to the taskbar in Firefox and Opera?
  2. Wrap up

Be it any browser, we all love to work with tabs. Furthermore, there are certain pages that we visit daily. For example, maybe you like to check your social media now and then, or perhaps you want to check the news for regular updates.

What if we tell you that there is a way to access your favorite tabs a little faster? Yes, you got that right! Did you know that you could also pin specific tabs to the taskbar in your Windows 10 PC to access them quickly whenever you want?

Let’s get into it now!

How to pin Chrome tab to taskbar

Pin a specific tab or website into the taskbar

As discussed above, Chrome as well as other modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, allows users to pin websites and pin tabs to the taskbar or to the Start Menu.

To pin website to the taskbar, please perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Chrome from the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can also search for Chrome from the search bar on your taskbar;
How to pin Chrome tab to taskbar

  • Now, open the website you’d like to access directly from the taskbar;

  • Next, click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your Chrome browser window at the right of the address bar to open a menu, and then navigate to “More tools” to open a new menu and then move your cursor to “Create shortcut“;

  • You will now see the option to create a desktop shortcut for your favorite website. If you want to give the shortcut some special name, you can do that too. Afterward, click the blue “Create” button to create the shortcut.

By default, Chrome saves the shortcuts you create to the desktop. If you want to access your favorite page from your desktop, you can always double-click to open the website.

  • Please note that if you want to open the pinned site from the shortcut in a new window instead of a new tab, check the box that states “Open as window“;

  • To pin the website to your taskbar, right-click on this new shortcut on your desktop. Once you see some new options, move your mouse cursor to “Pin to taskbar” and click it to pin your favorite website to the Windows 10 taskbar on your computer;

  • You will now see that there is a new icon on your taskbar. Hover your mouse above the icon to reveal the name you gave the website shortcut earlier;

  • To access the website, click on the icon, and it will take you to your favorite website in an instant.

Pin a tab in Chrome or a website to the Start Menu

  • To pin this website shortcut to the Start Menu, right-click on the shortcut of the website on your desktop and select the option that says “Pin to Start“;

  • You have now successfully added the website to the Start Menu on your computer.

Unpin a website from the Start Menu and taskbar

  • To unpin tab or website in Chrome from the Start Menu, go to the desktop shortcut of the website and right-click it to see an options menu;
  • Next, move to the option that says “Unpin from Start” and click it to unpin the website;

  • We’ve now successfully unpinned the website tab from our Start Menu.

Note: To unpin the website tab from your taskbar, similarly, proceed to the desktop shortcut to the website and right-click to open a menu and select “Unpin from taskbar“.

We can now see that our pinned tab is missing from our Windows 10 taskbar.

How to pin a tab to the taskbar in Firefox and Opera?

Unfortunately, only Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser allow pinning tabs to the taskbar natively. Firefox and Opera, by default, do not allow to pin tab to the taskbar or Start Menu.

However, if you use the apps mentioned above for browsing, you can still create shortcuts and pin them to the taskbar or the Start Menu as per your liking by doing the following:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select New>Shortcut from the menu;

  • The Shortcut Wizard will start and ask you for the address of the shortcut. Now, provide the path of your Firefox/Opera browser’s executable file (in quotations) and add the URL of your favorite website after a space, as shown in the image below;

  • Once you click “Next“, the wizard will ask you to provide a name for the shortcut. For example, we’re naming the shortcut “Turbo Gadget Reviews“. Click “Finish” when you have finalized the name for the website shortcut.

  • You can observe that we have now a shortcut to Turbo Gadget Reviews on our desktop, showing the Mozilla Firefox icon.

You can either double-click the icon to access the website or pin it to the Windows taskbar or to the Start Menu as per your needs.

Please note that if you want to create a particular tab’s shortcut for your Chrome using this method, you can also do so by providing Chrome’s executable file’s location.

Using this method will create a Google Chrome icon on your desktop, and you’ll be able to pin it to your taskbar or to your Start Menu and access your favorite web page swiftly through Chrome.

Wrap up

Chrome, being one of the best browsers around, gives its users a lot of flexibility. We learned how to pin your favorite websites to the taskbar using Chrome in this article.

If you want to pin your favorite website(s) to the taskbar or Start Menu from your Chrome browser, you can do so by creating a shortcut.

In addition, Chrome allows you to make a shortcut to open your favorite website in a new window instead of a new tab.

You can also create shortcuts to your most visited websites in browsers other than Chrome, such as Firefox and Opera.

Using the methods mentioned above, you can create a shortcut to a website on your desktop and pin it to the taskbar.

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