How to open a new tab in Chrome

How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome

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Google Chrome is one of the best and most established browsers around.

With its launch in late 2008, Chrome took the internet by storm and dethroned other popular browsers.

Earlier, there was Internet Explorer from Microsoft, and it was common on all computers.

Ever since Chrome’s launch, Google has been improving it, and adding new features to the browser to justify its place among the best browsers available today.

Table of Contents

  1. How to open a new tab in Chrome
    1. Open a new tab using your mouse
    2. Open a new tab in Chrome using a keyboard shortcut
    3. Open a link in a new tab in Chrome
  2. Wrap up

Akin to modern browsers, Chrome also supports the tab feature, which, admittedly, is one of the best and most convenient tools a browser provides.

The earlier versions of Internet Explorer did not have tabs; however, with Internet Explorer 6 in 2001, Microsoft also introduced some new features that included tabs.

What to do with old computers that still work

Imagine a life without tabs – it would be ferocious. Imagine having to open a new window each time you want to open a new link. That sounds pretty cumbersome and tough, right? If you use a browser that does not support tabs, it is a huge mess.

Without tabs, you will have to manage multiple windows. Many windows open on your computer will put a lot of load on the RAM. Not only that, managing so many windows instead of tabs is an uphill task. You will have to waste a lot of time navigating from one window to another. Furthermore, finding a particular window time and again during your work will also take plenty of time.

Lucky for us, we have Chrome along with other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. In addition, all these browsers support the tab feature which is a lifesaver.

All of us are guilty of opening multiple tabs while working, studying, or surfing the Internet. Tabs make our lives easier, and it is very convenient to move a tab rather than move to a separate window.

How to open a new tab in Chrome

Open a new tab using your mouse

Please follow the steps mentioned below to open  tab in Chrome using the mouse:

  • Open Chrome by either double-clicking the shortcut or searching for Google Chrome in the Windows search bar;
How to open a new tab in Chrome

  • You will find out that Chrome is now running in a new window, and depending on your Google Chrome settings, a web page is open;

  • You can also set your browser to manage your new tab page. You can set the settings in your Google Chrome to change the new tab from a blank page to any other URL of your choice;
  • For example, you can make it so that the new tab page will always open For our example, you can observe below that the new tab page is blank;
  • Now, to open a new tab in Chrome, notice that there is a small plus (+) symbol at the top of your browser, just above the address bar;

  • Move your mouse cursor to the + symbol, and voilá, you have successfully opened a new tab in your browser. Again, depending on your Chrome’s settings, the new tab could be a blank new tab page or some other web page. In our example, the new browser tab is an empty tab.

Open a new tab in Chrome using a keyboard shortcut

Chrome supports many keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts, in general, are handy as they provide more straightforward and quicker access to different commands.

Please perform the following steps to open a new tab in your Chrome browser using a keyboard shortcut:

  • Launch Chrome on your computer using your preferred method;

  • Once the browser is up and running, navigate to the browser window. You can quickly open a new tab using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl T, by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl key and the T keys on your keyboard;

  • Please note that if you do not own a Windows PC and you’re using a Mac, you can use the shortcut keys Command (⌘) + T. In addition, to close a new tab quickly, you can use the shortcut keys Ctrl + W. Similarly, to close a new tab on a Mac, use the shortcut keys Command (⌘) + W.

Once the opened tab is closed, you will see the same initial browser window when you launched Chrome.

While working with tabs, when you click a new link, sometimes Chrome opens the link in the same tab you were working on. This can be a great hassle when we do not want to move away from our current page in the tab.

There are three ways to open a link in a new tab in Chrome:

Using the right button of your mouse

Follow the steps below to open a link in a new tab:

  • Hover the mouse cursor you wish to open in a new tab rather than a new window or the same window or tab you are working on;
  • Next, right-click on the link and select “Open link in a new tab“;

  • You will now see that the new link is open in a new tab beside the current tab in your browser window.

Using the left button and Ctrl key

  • To open a link in a new tab, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and keep pressing it;
  • Next, use the left button of your mouse to click the link;
  • The link will open in a new tab next to the current one in your Chrome browser window

Using the middle mouse button (scrolling wheel)

All modern mouses come equipped with the scroll key or mouse wheel. But did you know that the mouse wheel can also act as a button?

How to open a new tab in Chrome

You can use the middle mouse button to open a link in a new tab option in Chrome. To do that, hover to the link and press the mouse wheel instead of scrolling it. You will observe that it also acts as a button. When you use the middle mouse button to click a link, it will open the link in a new tab instead of the same one in your browser window.

Some extensions are also available on the Chrome web store. You can customize your Google Chrome browser and efficiently manage your tabs using a different Chrome extension.

You can find plenty of good extensions for free, while some paid extensions are also available for purchase. In addition, there are extensions for Google Chrome that allow you to always open a new tab next to the current one. For more information about opening a tab next to the existing tab and the extensions check our article: How to open new tab next to current in Chrome.

Wrap up

Working with tabs makes our work more efficient. Google Chrome allows the use of tabs to surf the web. You can make use of separate tabs in chrome to work on multiple pages simultaneously.

Opening a new tab in Chrome is a straightforward task. After you launch the browser, you will see a web page in a new tab. Depending on your settings, it could be a blank tab or some website.

You can open a new tab in the current window. Furthermore, you can use different methods to avoid opening a link in the active tab or a new window. Some browser extensions also enable you to make tab groups and manage your tabs efficiently. Lastly, you can also control the browser settings to set your new tab page in Google Chrome.

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