How to fix Netflix not working on Amazon Fire TV

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How to fix Netflix not working on Amazon Fire TV? Setting entertainment at home these days has become a lot easier with streaming services like Netflix and streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV.

For less than $10, anybody can enjoy all the movies on Netflix, and for about $40, Amazon FireStick is available to be picked up for entertainment purposes.

A combination of these two with a strong internet connection gives you access to a large database of movies, TV shows, stand-up comedy, documentaries, and a host of other original content.

Like any streaming service, sometimes issues arise, and you may be unable to stream movies on Netflix using Amazon Fire TV. The most common error that people experience is a message display that says, “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service”.

However, this can be fixed, and we have highlighted some methods below to teach you how to fix the Netflix service not working on Amazon Fire TV.

Table of Contents

  1. How to fix Netflix not working on Amazon Fire TV
    1. Check your internet connection
    2. Power on and off your Fire Stick
    3. Watch another show on Netflix
    4. Clear the data on your Fire TV Stick
    5. Update your Netflix App
    6. Update your FireStick firmware
    7. Reinstall Netflix
  2. Wrap Up

How to fix Netflix not working on Amazon Fire TV

You should try out the methods below after you have confirmed that Netflix is down for only you. If it is down for everyone, you can simply wait it out till the problem is sorted out.

You can find out by searching on a social media site like Twitter to see if anyone is talking about Netflix. If not, you can proceed with the following methods.

Check your internet connection

This is the first thing you have to check after confirming that the problem is not from Netflix. Connect another device to your internet provider and see if the device works successfully and is able to load websites or applications.

If the network is running fine, then it is not the source of the problem. It could be the Fire TV Stick’s connection to the network that has some issue.

Power on and off your Fire Stick

Turn off your Fire Stick and turn it back on. This is about the commonest fix for many problems in most devices. A power cycle seems to be the quickest fix, and for your Fire TV Stick, it just might work.

Unplug your Fire TV Stick for at least 30 seconds and plug it back in. Its network connection should (hopefully) return and get resolved.

Watch another show on Netflix

If the “Error 0013” is what you are getting when you try to stream a particular show on Netflix, it could be that the show has a glitch. Try another show, and if the problem persists, you can report the problem to Netflix using the Viewing Activity link.

Clear the data on your Fire TV Stick

If you are still unable to stream at this point, the next method to try is to clear the application and application cache data in your Fire TV Stick. Sometimes it could be the amount of data stored for Netflix that is causing a glitch. Easing the data and the cache can help you get things back to normal.

Follow these steps to clear data on your Fire TV Stick:

  • Hit the home button and go to “Settings”;
  • Click on “Applications”, and then “Manage Installed Applications”;
  • Choose the Netflix app and navigate to “Clear Data”;
  • Click on it twice to clear the data;
  • Navigate to “Clear cache” and click on it;
  • Unplug your FireStick for 30 seconds. Plug it back and try to stream on Netflix.

Update your Netflix App

Your Netflix may be refusing to if the app is outdated and unable to communicate with Netflix servers. The application may need an update, and the steps to do that are quite simple:

  • Hit the home button and navigate to “Apps”;
  • Find the Netflix app and click on it. If the app is outdated, you will see the update option next to it;
  • Click on “Update” and wait for the process to finish. Restart the app and try streaming to see if the problem is resolved.

Update your FireStick firmware

In some cases, the problem might not get fixed after updating the Netflix app. Your entire FireStick system may need to be updated too. Check if your FireStick is due for updates by following the steps below:

  • Head to “Settings” and click on “System”;
  • Click on “About” and check out the firmware;
  • Check “System Update”, and the new firmware will download automatically;
  • Click on “System update”, and the downloaded update will install automatically.

Reinstall Netflix

  • If the issue is still not resolved, uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app can fix the problem. This may take a little bit more time than the other methods, but it will probably work;
  • Go to “Settings” and select “Manage Installed Applications”;
  • Click on the Netflix app and select “Uninstall”;
  • After a successful uninstalling, return to the main menu and search for Netflix using the search bar;
  • Choose “Netflix” from the search results and select “Install”;
  • Once it has downloaded, sign in to your account and try streaming a movie;
  • Reset your Fire TV Stick.

This option is a last resort but a necessary one if all the above fixes do not work. A reset of your Fire TV stick will clear all your sing-in information, applications, personal preferences, and data. It will return your Fire TV Stick to a new state. Below are the steps:

  • Open “Menu”; and then “Settings”;
  • Scroll to the right to “System Menu”
  • Find the “Reset” option;
  • Click on “Reset to Factory Settings”;
  • If you have a pin set up, you will be asked to enter it.

Wrap Up

All these methods should normally fix the problem, but sometimes it may be beyond just simple fixes. Contacting Netflix through the Netflix Live Chat service may be your next option. And If the problem persists, then Amazon’s tech support should be able to help.

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