How to block Windows 10 Update Assistant

How to block Windows 10 Update Assistant

How to block Windows 10 Update Assistant? To keep your Windows 10 with the best operating performance, it needs to be regularly updated. Microsoft has designed it in a way that it updates itself and most of its applications automatically from time to time thanks to the Windows 10 Update Assistant.

However, not everyone desires these automatic updates for varying reasons, and may want to disable this feature. Although, this is not something we advise you to do as it may affect the general performance of your PC when you miss important updates.

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But, if you still want to block Windows 10 Update Assistant, this article highlights the steps to do that.

How to block Windows 10 Update Assistant permanently

There are two approaches to it. Check them out below.

METHOD 1: Use installed Features and Programs

You can block Windows 10 Update Assistant with some Windows 10 Features and Programs. Follow these steps:

STEP 1: From the taskbar, click on the search icon and type “Run”;

STEP 2: From the search result, click on the “Run app”;

STEP 3: A dialogue box pops up where you can type in a text box. Type “appwiz.cpl” into the text field and press Enter;

STEP 4: Windows Control Panel opens in a new window to display the list of all the apps you have installed on your computer;

STEP 5: Find “Windows 10 Update Assistant”. Right-click it to access a menu of options;

STEP 6: From the menu, select “Uninstall”.

STEP 7: Go to “This PC” and click on “Local Disc”. Then, in the search box, enter “Windows10Upgrade”.

STEP 8: You will find a folder named “Windows10 Upgrade”. Delete the folder and clear it from the recycle bin. Then, restart your computer.

METHOD 2: Using Services Application

You can block Windows 10 update assistant with the Services application. Check out the steps below:

STEP 1: Navigate to the “search bar” and type in “Services.msc”.

STEP 2: Click on the search results, and the services window will open;

STEP 3: Click on “Update Orchestrator Service”;

STEP 4:  Select “Stop the Service” and Windows 10 Update Assistant will be disabled permanently.

METHOD 3: Set Network Connection as Metered Connection

As mentioned earlier, blocking Windows 10 Update Assistant permanently is not advised. Instead, you can turn it off temporarily and leave it that way until anytime you want to update your operating system. Steps to do this are highlighted below:

STEP 1: Click on the network icon from the taskbar;

STEP 2: Beneath the network you are connected to, click on “Properties”.

STEP 3: A new window will open where you can make changes to your network settings. Turn on the toggle switch next to “Set as metered connection”.

After completing STEP 3, next time you connect your PC to the internet on that particular network, Windows 10 Update Assistant will not update unless you turn it on. The only disadvantage of this method is that every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, you must repeat the mentioned steps.

METHOD 4: Turn off Windows 10 Update Assistant from Task Scheduler

The Windows 10 Update Assistant is a scheduled task on Microsoft, and this is why from time to time, the process runs repeatedly. Thus, if you want to stop the process, you need to stop the service that schedules these tasks. To block Windows 10 Update Assistant in Task Scheduler, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Launch “Cortana” and type “Task Scheduler” in the search box;

STEP 2: Click on the “Search result”;

STEP 3: Select “Microsoft”, then “Windows”, and then “UpdateOrchestrator”;

STEP 4: Hover around “UpdateOrchestrator” and in the right pane, click and disable the following one after the other:

  • UpdateAssistant;
  • UpdateAssistantCalenderRun;
  • UpdateAssistantWakeupRun.

METHOD 5: Turn on Group Policy Editor

Group Policy Editor notifies you about new updates but does not automatically install them. Although security updates still install automatically. This method only works for Windows 10 Enterprise, Education, and Pro. If you are using Windows 10 Home, it will not work for you. The steps are highlighted below:

STEP 1: Press Windows Key + R and type “gpedit.msc”;

STEP 2: Go to “Computer Configuration” and click on “Administrative Templates”;

STEP 3: Click on “Windows Components” and then “Windows Update”;

STEP 4: Change the “Configure Automatic Updates” settings to Notify before download and installation;

STEP 5: Return to “Settings” or press Windows key + “I” and then click on “Update and Security”;

STEP 6: Click on “Check for updates” to apply the new configuration setting;

STEP 7: Restart your computer.

Wrap Up

Any of these methods can be used to block Windows 10 Update Assistant. You can either disable it permanently or temporarily.

If you choose to disable it permanently, make sure that action will not affect your operating system negatively. Try out these methods and let us know if any of them worked for you.

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