How to download WhatsApp status

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If you’re a WhatsApp user and you’ve been wondering how to download WhatsApp status, you’ve got to the right place as we’re getting into that all through this article.

The messaging platform was founded by former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum back in 2009 and later acquired by Facebook in February 2014.

WhatsApp was founded by former Yahoo employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton back in 2009 and became part of Facebook in February 2014. It just turned 12 years old and it is the most popular messaging platform in the world today.

A lot of other messaging apps tried hard to take on the likes of the WhatsApp app but given its ease of use and the friendly user-interface, no other succeeded yet to get it off the leadership. It has a user base of more than two billion monthly active users sending more than 100 billion messages.

Over time, WhatsApp has been improving its features and started offering voice calling support back in February 2015, video calling in 2016, and enabled group voice and video calling in 2018. In 2017, WhatsApp officialized the status feature. It lets users share texts, links, sketches, photos, videos, and GIFs that disappear automatically after 24 hours.

It is a replication of other competitor features such as Instagram and Snapchat and can be really useful to share anything with a group of contacts. Some people even call it a WhatsApp story. From day-to-day moments to interesting YouTube videos, the latest news or even to advertise a work-related business.

How to download WhatsApp status

You’re fiddling with your phone and you reply to a few messages on WhatsApp. Then you notice there’s a WhatsApp status update. A friend of yours just published an awesome WhatsApp status image and you want to download it.

Although this won’t work on WhatsApp Web, you can do it easily if you have an Android smartphone.

WhatsApp allows users to share videos, photos, and messages with other contacts via the WhatsApp Status feature which is extremely similar to Instagram stories. Most users just take screenshots in order to save the statuses uploaded by others on their contact list. Although, there are better ways to do it properly.

You can go more than one way to download and save WhatsApp statuses. Read on to find out everything about it.

Get them in the WhatsApp folder using a File Manager app

You can find the WhatsApp status photo inside the WhatsApp folder but there’s a caveat; the media file is stored in a hidden folder. You have to enter this folder to be able to do the WhatsApp status download.

WhatsApp saves the Status files locally on your smartphone memory. But do not forget these are erased after 24 hours of being published. So, what you can do is copy them out of their original folder and save them into another location so they won’t disappear.

Here’s the procedure:

  • Open WhatsApp and view the status you’re willing to save. This way, a temporary copy of it will be created on your phone’s storage;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Then open the file manager (usually Files) on your Android phone;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Tap the “three-bar” or “hamburger” icon to access settings. Then tap “Settings”;

How to download WhatsApp status  How to download WhatsApp status

  • Enable “Show hidden files” and get back to the Files app main menu;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Tap “Internal storage” to access your phone’s storage contents;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Navigate to WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses;

How to download WhatsApp status  How to download WhatsApp status

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Copy the Status you want to save by doing a long press on it and tap “Internal Storage”, under “Copy To”;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Chose any folder of your choice and tap “Copy here”.

How to download WhatsApp status

Using a WhatsApp Status downloader: Status saver app

What if you could use a WhatsApp status downloader app? Well, you can, try a WhatsApp status saver app to download status photos and video status.

There are many options in terms of a third party app that can save you the complexity of the method described above, using the file manager.

Google Play Store has plenty of status savers. As usual, this will only work on an Android device.

Here we’ll be focusing on Status Saver app. Follow the procedure below:

  • Access the Play Store on your phone;
  • Type “Status Saver” in the search box and tap “Install” to install the app;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Once installed, tap “Open”;
  • Allow the app to access media and files on your phone. That’s a requirement for the app to read the internal storage to collect WhatsApp Status images that are being temporarily saved under WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses. Click “Grant” and then “Allow”;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Now, you just have to select the content that you want to save and then tap on the “Save” icon;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • The chosen files will be stored in the internal memory of your device.

Using this app to save your WhatsApp statuses its easy as it can be!

Wrap Up

Now you know how to download WhatsApp status video and images the right way. If it seemed impossible for you to save other’s WhatsApp statuses without taking screenshots, now you’ve learned two simple methods that will help you save those photos and videos properly and without any fuss.

You can just stick to your phone’s file explorer or instead you may get a status saver app that will save you a lot of time. It’s your choice!

And remember, if you want to save someone else’s WhatsApp Status, you should ask for permission from the person before doing so.