How to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

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If you’ve been researching information about how to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, look no further. Throughout this article, we’re getting a look at how you can do it properly.

WhatsApp was released in 2009. Today, it is the worldwide leader when it comes to instant messengers and the growth doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

A lot of people use it on their phones as their primary way to contact friends, relatives and colleagues. Big companies are using WhatsApp too as it is also a powerful work tool.

It runs on Android and iOS mobile devices. And more, it can also be accessed from a personal computer running Windows or Mac as long as it’s paired with a network connected phone.

But what if your smartphone stops working, if you lose it, or it gets stolen? What about all those hundreds of relevant conversations? Relax, as WhatsApp lets you schedule regular backups so you can recover all that useful information if the unexpected happens.

How to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to PC

WhatsApp backups are saved directly to your Google Drive account. It can be manually or automatically, depending upon the user’s choice. We strongly recommend automatized backups. Keep reading as we’ll get into that later on in this article.

Can I download chat backups to my PC?

If you’re trying to access your WhatsApp backups and you’re not being successful, that’s because they’re not being saved in a regular text file format to avoid others getting access.

Those files are hidden for security reasons, to secure them from being accessed and also to prevent their deletion. Even if you get to access those files, they would be useless as their content is totally encrypted and impossible to work with.

The only way you have to access your conversation backups is through WhatsApp’s built-in recovery capability. But how to do it?

  • To start, you need a fresh WhatsApp installation;
  • Then, link your WhatsApp with your Google account;
  • Register WhatsApp to the same phone number as you’re using before;
  • With that done, WhatsApp will automatically detect if there’s any backup present in your Google Drive and will ask you if you want to recover that data;
  • Just click “Restore” and you’re done! Now you have all your messages in your new WhatsApp installation.

How to backup all conversations

Now that you know how to restore chat backups, let us explain how you can backup all conversations and how to get that process automatized.

It’s important that you regularly back up your WhatsApp conversations so you’re able to restore all your important data later on in case of a misfortune.

To back up all of your conversations (group and individual) to a file, follow the procedure below:

  • Open WhatsApp messenger on your smart device;
  • Click the “three-dot menu” in the top-right corner and go to “Settings”;

How to download WhatsApp messages and chat history  How to download WhatsApp messages and chat history

  • Next, access “Chats” and choose “Chat backup”;

How to download WhatsApp messages and chat history  How to download WhatsApp messages and chat history

  • Tap “Backup”.

How to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

This will save a backup copy of all your WhatsApp messages in your Google Drive account. Later on, you can restore the file and load its contents, having all your conversations back again at the date you’ve backed it up.

Activating daily backups

The best way to ensure you don’t lose any information is to schedule regular backups. You can choose between daily, weekly and monthly backups, but we recommend you to activate the “Daily” option.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Follow the tutorial above until you get to the “Chat backup” menu (last step). Under “Google Drive settings” tap “Back up to Google Drive”;

How to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

  • Then chose “Daily”.

Now, WhatsApp will automatically back up all conversations to Google Drive. So, if you get to buy a new phone, or even if your old one was stolen or got out of use for any reason you just have to restore the latest backup.

Wrap Up

While downloading WhatsApp backups directly to your PC may not be possible, you can still use a clean WhatsApp installation and recover the last saved file.

That way, ensuring you have activated daily backups, you won’t lose any relevant information in case of a misfortune.