Samsung Galaxy S11 Official Price

Samsung Galaxy S11 Official Price

Samsung’s new flagship launch is closer and closer. We will soon be able to tell you the Samsung Galaxy S11 official price.

After the success of the previous S10, the S11 will be coming soon.

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And it’s not coming alone, it will be joined by the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus 2020 and S11 Ultra 2020.

Read on for more information on the price of Samsung Galaxy S11.

Actually, it’s S20… Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

Yes, you got that right, S20. It’s not a mistake.

Initially, this phone was referred to as the S11, following the S10. But eventually, it was made public that the replacement for the S10 will actually not be the S11 but the S20 instead, to be in pair with the new decade.

Yes, that will be the name that Samsung will be going with, for better or worse, and there is now at least one unofficial real-world photo that confirms that.

Unfortunately, prices haven’t been revealed yet but they should be out soon.

Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 Official Price
Photo source: XDA Developers

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

We hope to bring you our review of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 range soon. Before that, we will tell you what’s the Samsung Galaxy S20 price.

Meanwhile, we can unveil many details which are probably be featured on the new S20.

Photos show a device with even smaller bezels compared to its predecessor and a different arrangement for the rear cameras and also for the front camera.

A trio of Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are expected, with this being the S20+. The new S20 line-up will also include the S20 (standard) and S20 Ultra. All of the devices are expected to include 5G support.


The Galaxy S20 Ultra, the biggest and most expensive of the lot, will feature different camera hardware from the other two phones, with an impressive 108 MP main sensor, a 48 MP telephoto shooter, a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle shooter, a stunning 10x optical zoom and a ToF sensor. 8K recording at 30fps and 4K 60fps video is also to be expected from both the front and rear cameras.

The S20 and S20+ models will feature the 12 MP Sony IMX555 (1.8μm, 1/1.76″) as their main cameras. They will also utilize the 64 MP ISOCELL S5KGW2 as the telephoto sensor, and the 12 MP ISOCELL S5K2LA for the ultra-wide-angle shooter. The S20+ will include a ToF sensor.


This time around, Samsung has opted to use a Dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 2.5D glass rather than the usual curved glass, on the Galaxy S20 line. That means that the S20+ has less pronounced curves at either side of the display.

It’s also known from highly reliable sources that the upcoming flagship does feature a 120Hz refresh rate display. A higher refresh rate value allows the screen to refresh content more dynamically. That would mean a better user experience with much smoother animations and scrolling. Fast-paced games would also look fairly better on the display.

It’s likely that the Galaxy S20 will limit the resolution to 1080p  at 120 Hz to help save on battery life, as pushing the higher refresh rate and the higher resolution would increase battery drain.

The display sizes should be as follows:

  • S20: 6.2″
  • S20+: 6.7″
  • S20 Ultra: 6.9″


The phone will likely feature the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 865 chipset for the North American variant and the Exynos 990 for the rest of the world.


The S20 trio will be equipped with 12GB of RAM as standard. Galaxy S20 Ultra will have extreme specs, including as much as 16GB of RAM in its top spec. It’s undoubtedly overkill for most people, as it’s hard to imagine a real-world situation where 16GB of RAM on a handset would be necessary. But this is Samsung’s at its top level after all.


You could also expect up to 512MB of built-in storage and you can add more space thanks to a microSD slot supporting up to 1TB.


This new S20 line-up will also feature a huge 5,000mAh battery with 45W fast-charging for a charging time of 0 to 100% in about 74 min according to Weinbach.

Both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are expected to be available.

Soon, you can check our site again for the price of Samsung Galaxy S20 range and also our complete review.

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