How to charge phone in car with USB

How To Charge Phone In Car With USB

Smartphones have become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. It’s hard to find someone spending a couple of hours without using a phone. However, the constant usage throughout the day, drains away their charge, putting you out of luck when you need a phone during an emergency. Your car can be an excellent remedy if you know how to charge a phone in a car with USB.

Table of Contents

  1. This is how to charge a phone in a car with USB
    1. Charging Using the Cigarette Lighter Socket
      1. Step 1 – Find the 12v socket
      2. Step 2 – Get a car charger to use on the cigarette lighter socket
      3. Step 3 – Plug the charger into the socket
      4. Step 4 – Connect your phone
    2. Use a USB port in your car
    3. Another alternative

This is how to charge a phone in a car with USB

So, how do you charge your device, be it an Android phone or an iPhone? Well, there are two main ways that you can choose:

  • You can charge it using the lighter socket;
  • Or you can use the car‘s USB port if you drive a vehicle that has such a feature.

Before that let me make it clear that not all USB ports provide the same power. What I mean is that some USB ports will charge your cell phone quite fast if your mobile device is capable of fast charging. Most will charge slowly. Like a regular USB port, especially on old laptops.

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Let’s go into a bit of detail about both of these options on how to charge your phone while in your car.

How To Charge Phone In Car with USB

Charging Using the Cigarette Lighter Socket

The cigarette lighter port doesn’t just light cigarettes. It provides a safe way to charge your phone using your car’s battery, similar to using a regular wall outlet. But you have to use a specific USB car charger.

Step 1 – Find the 12v socket

Locate its position if you haven’t already. Some vehicles have multiple outlets, but the most common one is on the center console. Sometimes it’s below the stereo. In some cars, you will find multiple outlets and one of them will be located inside the front armrest.

Step 2 – Get a car charger to use on the cigarette lighter socket

Once you have identified the phone charger location, you should buy an adapter that matches the specifications of your mobile or car model. The best way to find an ideal adapter is by contacting your original mobile phone seller or visiting their website. Also, check whether the original packaging of the phone provided a car adapter since some sell along with them.

Step 3 – Plug the charger into the socket

Plug the large end of your adapter into the cigarette lighter. Carefully remove the handle portion from the cigarette lighter, without pushing to avoid heating it. Put the handle portion in the ashtray to cool, before you put it in the gloves compartment.

Step 4 – Connect your phone

Plug your phone USB cable on one of the ports provided in the adapter and connect it to your phone. Wait for a few seconds and check whether it indicates if the phone’s battery is charging to determine if the adapter is functional. Do not forget to disconnect when full.

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Use a USB port in your car

When it comes to USB port charging, modern vehicles provide an even easier way to charge your phone. Modern cars have USB ports to be used with the multimedia interface. It can be used to charge your phone. Read on!

Vehicles have the port located in various places that are not limited to the stereo control interface, the glove compartment, or the center console.

You can use the charging cable to plug in and listen to your favorite playlist from your phone through the stereo if you use an interface cable. Check whether the phone is charging once you connect it to the stereo.

Charging using the adapter is quite reliable since it is compatible with many devices.

Beware that not all charging ports are equal. For more information on that, check out the articles we mentioned before.

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Another alternative

There’s another way which might be recommended to charge your phone in your car. If your USB charger or USB charging port provides a slow charge, you can have a power bank in your car.

When your phone is running out of juice, get the power bank recharging it.

When that’s done, use your car charger or USB socket to charge your power bank. That way, the power bank will be ready the next time you need power.

It’s not the most convenient option but it might just do the trick for you.